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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Vegard Skjefstad about 5 hours ago

      It's been 7 months now since the game was released on Steam. How are you doing with the physical goods a lot of us were promised? I see in the comments below that you are (still) waiting for manufacturer, but maybe it's about time for some sort of official update on the status of things? I, for one, would really appreciate that, and I'm sure thousands of other backers waiting for physical goods would as well.

    2. Creator Kumquat 6 days ago

      What ever happened with the T-shirts?

    3. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on April 22

      @Santo - The team is always working to improve optimization with each release. If you're looking for ways to help improve performance, please join our Forum discussion here:

    4. Creator Santo Guevarra on April 21

      Is there going to be any options to reduce RAM consumption server-side, like reducing the resolution of the chronocam graph or periodically offloading part of it to the disk? The RAM requirements for PA servers are just insanely high, get higher as the game progresses and can be pretty hard to justify during group events such as LANs.

    5. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on April 16

      @Typhi - It's currently possible with private servers, but official support is still to come.

    6. Creator Typhi on April 15

      The realtime multiplayer (20vs20) has never been delivered. When can we expect it?

    7. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on April 14

      @Gary - Unfortunately, it's an item that all backing levels will receive which is why none of the rewards have been shipped yet.

    8. Creator Gary Riley, Tormented Grand Cipher of ∞ on April 14

      whats the one more item? it has been a while... I'm getting restless

    9. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on April 6

      Hi @David - There's still one more item we're waiting on from the manufacturer. Once it's received, we'll make sure to post an announcement for shipping. :)

    10. Creator David Hengstmann on April 3

      I still haven't recieved my game box...what is going on...

    11. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on March 12

      @Danimal13 - Not yet. Some items have come in, but there's still a few that we're waiting on.

    12. Creator Danimal13 on March 11

      any update on fulfillment since last month?

    13. Creator Mark on February 19

      @ Millet Simon

      Post by jables
      "For March and beyond? Well, we have a lot of stuff we still want to get in the game that we’ve mentioned before, as well as new things we’ve never talked about that we are still experimenting with (playing with Galactic War being one of them... AHH I’VE SAID TOO MUCH! ). I’ll get you all more info on it as we nail things down, or experiments prove themselves as adding fun to the game."

    14. Creator HunterQC on February 11

      Hi Uber Entertainment,
      Will you add more content in galactic war mode ? The gameplay is great, but I think galactic war mode needs more content. I'm a solo player.

      Thank you, I really appreciate your game :)

    15. Creator Millet Simon on February 5


      Can you tell me the link to download the game ?

    16. Creator Robert Footitt on January 30

      @Daryl lan multiplayer is in the game...

      Forget the launcher, all you need to do is load pa.exe directly (install folder is c:\games\uber entertainment on windows).

      Launch the game and don't bother logging in (that's only required for access to play fab for online multi player).

      The option for lan play should be available (note if you have a low spec machine it might be disabled by default, in that case go into setting, local server and set to 'on').

      To put game onto other machines for the lan match, copy and paste the game folder.

      You can set player names for the lan game by filing in the user name box (leave password blank and don't login. It just picks up the name from there).

      What I did find is some network setups are tricky. Connecting my laptop (on WiFi) To my desktop (wired) wouldn't work initially as they're on different sub nets by default, if that's a problem for you the community have a small mod available that allows you to force the server ip, which cures the issue. Hope that helps, Rob.

    17. Creator Daryl Putman on January 29

      When is there going to be the standalone client [ie, no stupid "downloader"] with LAN multiplayer?

    18. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on January 29

      We are currently working with production houses outside of the US to get all items finished, but as of now we are waiting for them to get back to us. As soon as we have more detailed information, we'll make sure to post an announcement.

    19. Creator Mark on January 29

      When are the physical rewards supposed to be shipped to the backers? Anyone know??

    20. Creator Colin Clausen on January 10

      @Dennis Brinkhuis:

      also lol @Omgaar: There is no DRM of any form. Even if you buy the game on steam it will give you an account with "playfab" which is uber's online service. With that you can download a steam free version of the game here:
      You as a KS backer should have been given that download a long time ago as well, steam is just an option for the masses that like to use steam.
      That version has everything you need to play offline. It has no copy protection and no online activation. Nothing at all. Once you downloaded it you can copy it to as many computers as you want and play a big lan party offline with it.

    21. Creator Dennis Brinkhuis on December 31

      Sorry to say, but did nobody get their T-shirts yet? It has been way back that I had to pick and verify my post address. If I'm correct I funded this project back in 2012. I understand that development takes longer than anticipated but it should have been released in 2013, Tomorrow it is 2015.
      The fact that it was already on discount at the Steam Winter Sale for $5.99 makes you think. As early backer I like to support games like these.
      I'm fine with taking the risk of investing in a game that still needs to be developed. I'm also fine with investing a year before I will get a product in return. Waiting from 2012 to 2015 on a game is taking a lot of patience. It would have been nice if the physical pledges would have been shipped.

    22. Creator Jonathan Kolodner on December 30

      Man, All the whiners in here... yikes. Well, fine, I'll get my own trollbox out and you can listen to me whine at you for a minute.

      I think people forgot that Kickstarter is a donation/pledging platform for *investment* in creative endeavour, where the *return* on that investment, IF it works out, is the backer reward.

      It is NOT a pre-order platform, contrary to the marketing by projects looking to get funded, and I do realize that's how many projects get pitched. I have backed a few projects, and almost ALL of them were late, and some under-delivered. Am I miffed? Nope. These are creative people, doing their best to produce something good. They're not Fortune 500 companies with whole departments of engineers and supply chains that they've been tuning for a decade, and they don't have an army of minions to make their products or write their code.

      Usually all of the production ambiguity and process and drawn out bug-hunting, etc. all happens behind closed doors, everyone involved is mum about it by contract, and everything is paid for by The Suits. Then when it goes to market and the things sell, The Suits—who put the big money down up-front to fund an endeavor—they get paid BACK the big money they put in, and everyone whines about funding the artists and "their fair share". The complaint is partially fair to make. I agree that artists should be paid more for their work, BUT they wouldn't even have the job if the investors hadn't put the money in up-front to pay the artists' salaries for the ~2-4 years it can take to make a AAA game or a movie.

      Well everyone, you got a chance to take The Suits out of the picture, and fund this thing yourselves so it's not a one-dimensional shooter game made to appeal to middle-school kids mucking around on their Xboxes, since that's what most publishers feel is the *safest* investment of their money where they're hoping they'll make a return in the end.

      The amount of money it actually takes to make a game—or a big box-office movie—is crap-tons more than we put together to see PA made, especially if we want to see game-devs be paid a reasonable wage. For reference, the last IronMan movie took an estimated 200 MILLION DOLLARS to produce and market. It's 130 minutes long. That's $650,000 PER MINUTE. PA's funding on Kickstarter could have produced less than 4 MINUTES OF THAT MOVIE.

      Look, I know guys who do roto-scoping in the vfx world for TV shows and get paid $9/hr. How are you supposed to live in London, LA, or Vancouver (where the vfx houses are) on $9/hr?!!!

      So seriously, what is your whining going to accomplish? Are you encouraging the Devs with your childish moaning? Are you emboldening them to face another day in the cubicle staring at a computer screen? Are you motivating them to continue on their labor of love that they wanted to make for you, O ungrateful whiny backer?

      So seriously, just shut up. Kickstarter clearly wasn't meant for you, so either learn to contribute positively and appreciate what people are trying to accomplish, or you can just go buy the next crappy shooter game at GameStop.

      All I logged in for was to check on physical reward delivery time-line, to see if there were any updates. But, reading through your vitriolic drivel made me speak up.

      Uber, just keep us posted when you have news of backer rewards, those of us who understand what Kickstarter is, and who it's for, we'll keep backing things, because it's putting our dollars where we want to see the world go.

      I want to see more games like TA and SupCom, and The Suits won't fund making them if it doesn't look promising from a business perspective.

    23. Creator Duncan on December 18

      Sorry Omgaar, but how is the offline mode not DRM-free? Do you just mean that the native support for online multiplayer only uses the Uber servers and requires a login? Or that the patches are distributed via the uber launcher or steam? Those are the only things I can really think of that would make it moderately like it still had "DRM".

    24. Creator Omgaar on December 16

      It's available OFFLINE, but not DRM-free. Steam games can be run offline, but they are not DRM-free. Always online is not the only form of DRM.

      The devs are just pieces of shit.

    25. Creator Robert Footitt on December 8

      @Michael, Steam sale prices aren't set by Uber I don't think....

      Either way a very good deal. I backed the game and I don't really see the problems- all games get cheaper (I mean EA gave BF3 away for free to promote BF4 for example).

      Also a quick FYI to quite a few people who have commented on this- the *unit cannon* from the trailer is now in and playable in the PTE build (for those unfamiliar, PA has 2 builds, stable and PTE where they test stuff). It's still being worked on (hence it's not yet in stable) but it's functional and coming along nicely.

    26. Creator Michael Caldwell on December 7

      That's crazy. Well, it's their game. Wish I'd never backed it. Oh well.

    27. Creator Michael Caldwell on December 7


    28. Creator Matt M. on December 1

      Available for $5.99 as part of the Steam Winter sale.

    29. Creator Duncan on November 27

      @Omgaar, no, offline DRM free has in fact been in for a fair while now. Just set it to offline, and load directly.

    30. Creator Robert Footitt on November 27

      Full drm free play is available on Windows. I was playing 2 player lan with a friend over the weekend with only 1 account.

      To play offline on windows... Go to the current pa installation folder (they changed it, something like 'c:\games\planetary annihilation' I'll have to check again later).

      Run pa.exe directly and game loads no login. Single player should be available, if not you may need to go into settings and change local server from auto to on. If you don't have those settings your probably on an old build so try updating it from launcher. Also if you've been playing a while uber have moved the installation twice so make sure you've opened up the current build not an old one in programme files.

      To be clear, offline does work, with no login. It's a little tricky to find is all.

    31. Creator Omgaar on November 18, 2014

      @Raevn Nope, still not in. At least not for windows and mac. Looks like it MAY be in for linux though. Yet to try to.

      Devs are piece of shit thieves.

    32. Creator Brendon Kozlowski on November 5, 2014

      Communication with the team is not really going to happen here. Those of you who still have questions would be better served communicating in the Uberent forums. That said, here's a recent update:

      Peadar: You should have received emails from the team in regard to that. There may have even been a Kickstarter message on it. If you can't find it, I'd suggest going to the forum and requesting assistance.

    33. Creator Peadar Ó Duinnín on November 5, 2014

      This may be a stupid question, but I backed this back during the Kickstarter, and never redeemed my copy of the game. Where can I get my key?

    34. Creator Raevn on November 1, 2014

      @Daryl, @Omgaar, the ability to play DRM free has been in for several builds now.

    35. Creator Daryl Putman on October 31, 2014

      Still waiting for DRM-free Planetary Annihilation, you know.

    36. Creator Proarbiter on October 27, 2014

      Please just do something about the game and stop making new games and publishing items for us to buy we just want the game to have more story/stuff/epicness
      i bought this thinking it would be awesome but i am disappointed

    37. Creator Omgaar on October 24, 2014

      Whatever happened to the DRM-free game promised?

    38. Creator Plaxinov on October 19, 2014

      it's a bit of a shame that you're launching another project when PA was far below what I imagine many of us hoped it to be when this project was first launched. i loved TA and supcom to death but you guys have made a swing and miss here thus far. please focus fully on adequately improving your existing game before devoting resources to another. i will not be funding human resources.

    39. Creator Dominik Pich on October 17, 2014

      I still haven't received any link / key to be able to play the game and my last PM to Uber was not answered...
      The game really does look cool

    40. Creator Daniel Moore on October 16, 2014

      Ha, Commanders blown up while in orbit still go up with a mushroom cloud even though there's no ground to direct the blast in one direction.

    41. Creator netnazgul on October 16, 2014

      Sorry to intervene whining here (well, I've dropped some into Uber's twitter myself), but how can I re-redeem/re-download the soundtrack? Looks like I've redeemed it but haven't made the download so now I have no OST and ubersite says I've already used my key.

    42. Creator leszek zak on October 16, 2014

      Still waiting for the 'AWESOME' PA. Unfortunately still playing PA lite.
      I so wish this game was 'AWESOME'
      If PA had done a good job I dont think you would be having backing problems for HR.

    43. Creator Yuri on October 13, 2014

      Do you realize that PIRATES are playing DRM-FREE and us backers can't.


    44. Creator Yuri on October 13, 2014

      Where's DRM-FREE?

    45. Creator Daryl Putman on October 13, 2014

      IE, to be clear, a "game client" is not a "DRM-free game".

    46. Creator Daryl Putman on October 13, 2014

      So where's this DRM-free version? I logged in to the website and went to and I still only see a 28 meg stub, still no DRM-FREE game. Things that are not DRM-free include: forcing use of an account to log in to play the game. I should be able to download the game from the web site. There's still the gigabyte+ Linux version that appears to be an actual download listed.

    47. Creator waldmensch on October 10, 2014

      i´m realy disappointed for the 1.0 "beta" relase :-(
      And now Uber release an new kickstarter campaign, a bade joke...

    48. Creator tedk84 on October 9, 2014

      really, REALLY pissed at uber. advertising an "open" system, then forcing us into constant online drm, including missing features.

      neutrino knowing hes going to shit over "his" game, and still doing it. thats not EA practices, thats even worse.

    49. Creator Martin O on October 8, 2014

      Human Resources looks interesting, but DRM is a no go for me :-(

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