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Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
Planetary Annihilation brings RTS gameplay to a new generation of players in a way that's never been seen before.
44,162 backers pledged $2,229,344 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Gary G 2 days ago

      How was our steam account linked to Playfab? I didnt have PA on steam at the time so I dont know how to get Titans linked to it

    2. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc 2 days ago

      @Marc - Thank you for contacting us! I've sent you a DM with more information. :)

    3. Creator Marc Davies 2 days ago

      Posted on the facebook page the other day because i cant login with my account on the game launcher. Was told to post on here to get it sorted. help please!

    4. Creator MagiX 2 days ago

      in the same case as "Jatinder"

    5. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc 2 days ago

      @Lauri - I'm sorry to hear about your signed game box. :( We can send out a replacement once the other backers' packages have shipped. Please message us directly so we can confirm your shipping address.
      @Jatinder - Support is backlogged, but we're working as quickly as possible to reply to everyone. Please message us in Kickstarter and we can take a look. :)

    6. Creator Jatinder Randhawa 2 days ago

      Hi uber, I logged a support ticket early this week regards to not receiving a key to PA Titans. Can you please resolve this? I emailed support 5 days ago, the support ticket was raised 4 days ago. No response to either except an auto email confirmation of ticket open.

    7. Creator Lauri Lehtinen 2 days ago

      Just got my physical backer rewards. I like the t-shirt and poster but the signed game box was totally wrecked during the shipment! :'( The packing is poor or the box it self is so thin that it can get easily damaged. I hoped that I could cherish my mint collector edition box with signatures for years to come but I didn't even get the chance.

    8. Creator Anthony Schneider 3 days ago

      I second ardemeus. After paying $115 and waiting 3 whole years, the t shirt is pretty lame and badly designed, the figurines are not even painted, some parts of them are bent and bits stick out that shouldn't be there, and I really don't feel like I got anything special. I would have preferred to buy a box of Warham me figurines and a much cooler t shirt for much less than this joke of a "collector's item" cost me

    9. Creator ardemeus 4 days ago

      collector's edition is the biggest joke i've ever seen... 100$ for an almost empty box with only a dvd on a paper pocket, a bunch of low quality miniatures and a "thank's you" letter... And the collector box is a lame air-filled box with nothing special... well now i know i won't ever buy or support anything from uber...

    10. Creator Gurloes 6 days ago

      Thanks for getting me straight, downloading now!!!

    11. Creator Stefan V 7 days ago

      You're not alone, Kenneth.

    12. Creator Kenneth Hartos 7 days ago

      Hello I have not recieved titans on steam and sent an email to support early last week. I haven't heard back so I want to reach out here to see if you can help. thanks.

    13. Creator Gurloes on August 21

      Excited to play TITANS if it ever shows up in my Steam account.

    14. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on August 21

      @Exl @LV - It may be the case that your Steam account is not linked to the PlayFab account that your Kickstarter information is on. If you’re not sure, please send us a message and we can make sure your Steam account is linked to the correct account.
      @Matthew - Additional keys that were ordered when finalizing your pledge are eligible for TITANS. Please message us directly to receive Steam keys for your add-on keys.
      @richard - PMC Fulfillment is still packing and shipping rewards. It looks like Support has replied back to you recently.

    15. Creator richard on August 21

      So is any one else still waiting for their physical rewards?
      Emailed support and the reply is we will get back to you about a month ago

    16. Creator L V on August 20

      Despite being an early backer, I don't have a key to Titans on steam. I have contacted support and haven't heard anything back yet. Please help!

    17. Creator Matthew Halls on August 19

      When I was finalizing my pledge I ordered an additional beta key for my brother to use, which he redeemed in the form of a Steam key. While Titans has shown up in my Steam library automatically as expected, my brother has does not see it in his Steam account or his account.

      Could you please confirm for us whether or not he is entitled to the free copy of Titans, and if so how should he go about obtaining it? Thanks in advance!

    18. Creator Exl on August 18

      I've imported the game in steam with the generated key from my uberent account :/

    19. Creator Ronald Wanders on August 18

      @Exl : run your Uber launcher if you downloaded the game from Uberent. ;) Once it's done updating it'll be Titans, you can switch between Titans and Classic in the options menu. :)

    20. Creator Exl on August 18

      Hello, I dont see the update key neither to my account nor to my steam account.
      Small help please :/

    21. Creator Jeff Gilmour on August 18

      Just looked (Steam library), and there it is!

    22. Creator Kevin VW on August 18

      Wait, what!? You sly devils, there's a new game in my steam library!?

    23. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on August 10

      Backer Rewards Shipping Update: There was a delay in the warehouse shipping out backer rewards. Fulfillment is back on track and working to get everyone's packages shipped asap. We apologize for any inconvenience and can't wait for you to receive your rewards!

      If there are any questions, please email for more information.

    24. Creator Kyle on August 9

      Despite all the hubbub, hopefully mine will arrive soon, US here.

    25. Creator Robin Lester on August 7

      Still haven't received mine :(

    26. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on August 7

      @Matthew - Yup, it looks like you found the Reaper Minis Forum that has advice on how to bend the minis back into place. The minis are unpainted plastic and the method described in the Forum should be fine. If there are any issues, please feel free to let us know.

    27. Creator Matthew Halls on August 7

      My physical rewards also arrived the other day. While the miniatures are slightly wonky (the Delta commander is leaning back like it's about to fall over), I tracked down the manufacturer and apparently this is a fairly common thing with these types of figures that can be fixed fairly easily.……

      That said, would you mind confirming for me that I've identified the material correctly before I subject my figures to an otherwise potentially harmful procedure?

    28. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on August 5

      @Joshua Conlan - Thanks! Happy to hear they arrived safely. :D

    29. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on August 5

      @Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] - Awesome! I'm happy to hear they've arrived! :)
      @Hax / Matt - I'm sorry to hear about your game box. :( Please email and we'll have a replacement sent out. It may take a while to process as Fulfillment is still shipping other backer's rewards, but we'll make sure you get one.

    30. Creator Joshua Conlan on August 3

      Thanks Guys, Just received my physical goods in the mail in Perth Australia. Good Work!

    31. Creator Hax / Matt on August 3

      So my physical rewards winged their way to Australia. Firstly, congratulations on delivering them - not all funded, let alone well-funded campaigns necessarily make it this far (personal KS experience regrettably).

      I'm yet to play the game because of two things: I'm "time poor" and a collector more so than a gamer these days and this is where I was somewhat left down. The flimsy box resulted in torn and squashed game packaging and the contents as others have said were haphazard and of lesser quality than expected.

      Here's hoping UBER go onto to greater successes and maybe PA2 will be digitally and physically AAA worthy.

    32. Creator Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] on August 3

      It was indeed the physical rewards waiting for me. T-Shirt looks good. Haven't checked the game box yet. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into this.

    33. Creator Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] on August 2

      I just got back from a 2 week holiday to find a ransom note from the Royal Mail for £13 - I suspect that this is the physical rewards. I will head over to the Post Office tomorrow to bail it out of pokey.

    34. Creator Hellboy on August 1

      I received my physical rewards one month ago and I'm so happy to have backed this project. Uber has been working on improving the game since september 2014 with tons of updates and improvements i've never seen from traditional editors. If i had to back this game today i would pay again 250$ since this game gives me lots of fun. Thank you so much Uber !!!!

    35. Creator Colin Clausen on August 1

      @Ned Star: They did not list the digital goods on my package. I backed with hundreds of dollars and only had to pay for the physical stuff, ~13€ in the end. I am in germany.

    36. Creator John Zombie Weresheep of Sin Dino Killer on July 31

      like Florian Widmer totaly let down by the game and the phiscal items plus i got a nice hit with customs of £13.72 ,i am just glad its all done with and can put this one behind me now.

    37. Creator Danimal13 on July 30

      Told it could be a month to get here. Anyone from Canada get hit with duty?

    38. Creator NedStar on July 30

      I've yet to receive my physical goods but I'm seriously wondering why UBER decided to write such an insanely high value on the physical goods. I've got the $95 early backer tier. Excluding an extra $15 for shipping.
      Now the digital only alpha tier is $90, normal physical good tier is $100. So the physical goods themselves are $10 worth on kickstarter. You might stretch this up to about $20 for a shirt, some small miniatures and an art book. But its not sensible to include the digital goods price, they are digital goods after all...

      Hate to say it, but you really dropped the ball here UBER. Failing to properly value the shipped goods is gonna result in hefty tax charges for your overseas backers. I'd be looking at another €30-€40 just to receive $10-$20 in physical goods. On top of that we had to wait a really long time to receive our physical goods. The digital goods themselves also have been heavily devalued over time, going as low as a fiver on steam. Why value them at $90 now?

      Surely you can see how this is a bitter disappoint for all your loyal overseas backers who backed you two years ago?

      I've also ordered a few times from the VALVE store, they bill their physical goods at the value it costs to make the item, not the value they sell it at. This allowed me to buy a bunch of shirts, posters, mugs and all sorts of goodies without ever getting import tax on my ass.
      They simply wrote $2 for a shirt, $1 for a poster etc.

      I think I can safely say, all your overseas backers would greatly appreciate if you would look into the matter and see if there's some sort of re-billing we could send to our customs to resolve the matter.

    39. Creator Florian Widmer on July 29

      Just received my stuff and I have to say I wish I did not! I regret backing this project so much. The game is not really good or at least not what was promised and now this shipment. The "Special commemorative limited edition full size game box" was the cheap standard box they used for the common collectors editions box and was damaged. Thanks for that! The shirt is ugly as hell and I cant find any pictures of the advertised shirts here on kickstarter anymore to compare. The game cd was just thrown into the box in a sleeve no dvd box or steel book or anything. There was an unpersonalised cheap printout of a letter to the backers and the so called "Three high quality 3-4 inch miniatures" are cheap as hell. Since playing tabletop games I know what high quality miniatures look like!
      I was one of the backers here shoving 100 bucks up your ass for this product and then have to wait almost 1 year after the sales version was in shops to get my stuff and then its cheap and with no soul is the reason why I stopped long ago to back projects on this site! We the backers get used to get money and then later no one holds up for their promises and runs away with our money.
      Thank you so much Uber for this experience!!

    40. Creator Gunnar Sebastian Abusdal on July 21

      Indeed. Forgot about those. So the package I got, including shippins price is $90. And I have to pay around 40 in duties... A bit harsh. But that's a lesson learned, I suppose.

    41. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on July 21

      @Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] - The rewards are still being sent out. I can see yours should be on its way soon. :)
      @Gunnar - Just replied back to your message. PMC Fulfillment is the company we're using to pack and ship the rewards. It looks like you also ordered all the shirts as well. ;)

      If anyone has any questions about the value of the contents within their package, please email us and we can provide a detailed list. You can email us through Kickstarter or (though emailing through Kickstarter will generate a quicker response.)

    42. Creator Gunnar Sebastian Abusdal on July 20

      Got a package today which I believe (sent them a message asking if it's from them, but no answer yet) is from PA with cash on delivery. The reason I'm unsure is that it doesn't mention Uber or planetary annihilation anywhere on the parcel (just a shipping company name), but it does mention some contents like a usb drive and a miniature.

      The interesting part, though: 36.5 euro is what I have to pay to get the parcel... and I backed for 100.

    43. Creator Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] on July 20

      Nothing in the UK yet. I was surprised to see that someone had to pay 23 Euros in duties? This would mean they put 115 Euro value on a t-shirt and the cardboard covers. As the disk was not included they should not have included the value of the game. I await the ransom note from the Royal Mail with interest...

    44. Creator Jeff Eaton on July 16

      Still waiting on my physical items here. You'd think they could mark our stuff "shipped w/date" but sadly they don't.

    45. Creator David Warschauer on July 16

      drag-able queues plz!

    46. Creator Danimal13 on July 16

      any canucks get theirs yet?

    47. Creator Plaxinov on July 4

      i swear to christ i will never purchase so much as a line of code from the trash development team that is Uber and campaign mercilessly against your awful company until the day i die to every soul i know if I have to so much as pay a CENT for the acceptance of my physical rewards.

      this game was TRASH and I will be destroying the box upon reception and uploading the footage of the act.

    48. Creator Soldans on July 3

      I have a really hard time to understand why you just didn't write "Gift" on the parcels...

    49. Creator Uber Entertainment Inc on July 1

      @Glenn - Oh no! Please email and we can sort it out for you.

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