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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014

The End is Nigh

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Fellow meat sticks,

I come here today to give a wholehearted THANK YOU to everyone who backed us, tweeted, Facebooked, and stood on an overpass with a sign. It has been deeply humbling to see all the support. We are profoundly grateful to our fans who backed us, the press that has been so kind to post stories, and our colleagues, friends, and family that have supported us through all the emotional ups and downs. 

The time has come to shut down the Kickstarter for Human Resources. Every Kickstarter prediction model is showing that we will come up woefully short of our goal. Running a Kickstarter is a full time job for several people. As a small indie, we can’t continue spending time and money focusing on a project that won’t get funded. We simply don’t have the human resources. #seewhatididthere 

So what happens now? After we've spent some “recovery time,” which consists of a dark room and probably some sobbing, Nate and I will regroup and figure out what to do next. Who knows what the future holds for Human Resources? One thing is for sure, Human Resources, as pitched in this Kickstarter, is over. But we adore the world of Human Resources and will endeavor to do what we can to bring it to life in some form. 

If you wish to find out what we do next, feel free to follow us: 

John's Twitter: @JohnComes

Nate's Twitter: @NateSonOfSimp

Uber's Twitter: @UberEnt

Uber's Website:

Uber's Facebook:

Thank you again for all your support. We are truly touched by all the positive responses. 

Yours in the apocalypse, 

John Comes 

Reminder: Because this game did not fund, Kickstarter will not take any of your pledge money and we will be unable to deliver any tier rewards.

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    1. John Comes on

      We do still come here. :)

      1. It's been two years, not one year. Time flies.
      2. Poly count: No idea... if I recall correctly, I _think_ some of the big ones were around 50k polys.
      3. The cost was high because it's expensive to make games. Especially ones with this kind of production quality. It would have actually been more expensive if we made a new engine with it. Even using Unity, the cost would have been the same.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ronald Bell on

      I doubt any of the devs still come here but if you do, I have a couple of serious questions. 1) How many polys are those things? Are they the actual in-game assets, or are they higher-res for the trailers? 2) I know you do innovative engines. But it seems like a new engine is part of what made the cost so great. What was it about, say, Unity that kept you from using that? That concept and those assets in Unity? What are the things you'd need to abandon to use an engine like that? Are the things you'd lose deal breakers? It would widen your potential target audience massively. Sure on an iPad, the assets might need to be lower res to keep from overtaxing the GPU, but still... (also the GPUs are getting pretty decent, in iPads anyway)

    3. Missing avatar

      Ronald Bell on

      A year later, and this still breaks my heart. Please do SOMETHING with these amazing assets. OMG, something. Make some awesome animated videos. Or else sell the things on Turbosquid or something. I need to see these things do more than star in a trailer.

    4. Simon Busteed on

      Yo dudes, just saying - I backed this before, and I'd back it again.

    5. Brantley Love on

      Without the always online component, by the way - when you try again.

    6. Brantley Love on

      Maybe it's a good idea to give this another shot soon. Now that the whole debacle surrounding its initial launch has calmed down. I, for one am still interested in this project, and I hope you try again at some point - if that's still an option.

    7. Philippe Marcoux on

      hope your gonna find some way to offer us this game in some other,scaled down, form at a latter time. the concept is extremely good, but the game was probably too ambitious in its present state.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tucker Campbell on

      Just because you didn't raise 1.4 MILLION dollars, don't scrap the whole idea!! That's an insanely large amount of money. And so is 1/3 of a million. Seriously. People liked your idea so much that you raised a third of a MILLION freaking dollars.

      It sucks that you didn't reach your goal, and maybe some things should indeed change, but don't scrap the whole project! It looks really awesome and unique, and I'm excited to play it :) Best of luck guys

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Crompwell on

      This makes me incredibly sad :( I was really looking forward to this game. I even started modeling one of the robots in tribute…

    10. Missing avatar

      Mikhi on

      please set up a non kickstarter paypal page for people who would like to fund the games development, you should have 300k to kickstart your development, if everyone here went with you to your own site. just a suggestion, i'd really like to see this game made.

    11. Joshua P. on

      Unfortuante. Maybe the technologies can be gradually integrated into Planetary Annihilation? That way, someday, all the assets would just be there, and could be used for perhaps a game with more support.

    12. Shane R

      To be brutally honest, the problem is that you're asking for $1.4 million. Barely any projects get that much, and even less of them are video games. Add to that you're an indie game development company with very little past proven work and you've got yourself a failed Kickstarter. If you tried again, looking for maybe $600k, focused on creating a single-player, offline mode and got a demo out, you'd have a really good shot. Until then, I guess all you can do is hope for the best. Good luck!

    13. Eli Butcher on

      This is truly unfortunate. I fund very few video games, but this one was one that I've been VERY excited about. When the project has a new iteration or home, please post that on here, so that I can continue to follow it's development.

    14. Missing avatar

      SebastianVW on

      Sorry to hear that, guys. Best of luck on your next project, and I hope to see this game back in some form further down the line!

    15. Tom Liddell on

      Do people not get the idea of kick starter. At least you didn't invest millions and have your project fail like a lot of non kick starter games. They didn't take your money so quit whining. A shame though, id back again if possible, such a beautiful game, but please include an offline skirmish mode, I don't like other people.

    16. Arvid on

      Hey guys, calm your teets. Everything the game is was stated in pretty much every section of the kick starter campaign. They warned multiple times that this game may be on a deadline to be funded. This happens to Kickstarter games a lot. And you know what the producers do? See what the comments are pointing towards to see if this game is still worth it. With this amount of childish "I want it now!"s, "Oh, why did you lie to us?!" and then "This game sounds stupid because I didn't read everything properly,"it's possible that producers are, after being discouraged from the campaign failing, already wallowing in misery and negativity. I will gladly back this game again. This looks like a lot of fun, and I think it will definitely be a valuable asset to the team if they were able to produce it. If they keep everyone posted on their plans, I bet thousands would be willing to back it again, too.

    17. Robert Maynard on

      I'm sorry to hear it. If you do try again I will back it with or without an offline mode, to be honest, but don't let yourself go down with the ship.. swish this idea around your heads a bit, crack it open, or come up with something completely different! Sometimes you gotta kill your darlings, even when they're this cool.

      It's honestly been perplexing coming on to this Kickstarter and learning about all the folks who feel PA didn't deliver on its pitch. It's been so cool watching it come together and I play it regularly. Honestly all I think is *really* "missing" is improving the planetary damage at this point - nearly everything else cited as "missing" smacks of inspired spitballing being perceived as locked in promises of features. It's nuts and it hurts to think that this kind of indignant nose-turning hurt Human Resources prospects.

    18. Justin Glambeck on

      Oh. I apparently didn't read things well enough. I thought this game had single player. If i had know that it was online only i wouldn't have backed it

    19. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Whats with the last 2 backers being so pissy..? Kickstarters fail all the time.. jesus. No need to act immature.

      Bad luck on this one guys. Would come back again for a re-launch if you consider an offline and singleplayer mode. It's funny that every single time this is brought up there's 1 or 2 (or more) backers that respond with surprise in that they werent aware that this didn't actually include one. Can see it here, see it in a bunch of earlier updates and when I and others mention it in the comments a while back. Clearly you are underestimating the target audience and demand for an interesting looking Robots Vs Lovecraft storybased campaign setting. Oh well.

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Ländell on

      Well Goodbye Uber Entertainment no more trust for you. Worst company in the world.

    21. Dana White on

      This is the first game I tried to support on Kickstarter. I've heard a lot of stories about people getting burned by backing games on here. At least you guys didn't get the money and run. Still, I doubt I'll support another Kickstarter funded game after this colossal bumout. I hope you have better luck next time, dudes. I'll buy this after it's funded, if you try again.

    22. Diego on

      I'm sorry to hear it.

      Frankly speaking, I believe this game has great potential. The prerrogative is amazing, the art is great... it just didn't generate enoguht awareness fast enought.

      People must hear about it and see gameplay faster next time. Preferably on big gaming sites, but in case it is too expensive (I have no idea), at least through facebook, tweeter, etc.

      I really hope to play a RTS where humans are eater by the elder ones soon.

      Please try again, I sure will kickstart it.


    23. Wayne G.

      @lokcml THERE wasn't an off-line mode O_O! Well I'm almost glad it didn't get funded then. Personally the main reason I backed is because I love the Lovecraft Genre. I personally didn't care for the humor that each update contained (seriously undervaluing human life.) however I believe the biggest problem this campaign had is the budget it was looking for. It wasn't a realistic expectation.

      You have to know your target audience. You're targeting fans of lovecraft (compared to many genre's a fairly small group though has seen a boom recently) and the second fans of RTS games. Now if you take those two groups and offer something like "demigod" for instance. Where there's not much of a story and it's all about the gameplay. Then you cut down the gamer base and offering "online-only" while could be strategically advantage in the long run trying to keep people playing having people to play competitively against, as well as lowering the expense on creating and tweaking an AI, many of us don't care for multiplayer gameplay most especially online multiplayer (that is to say not LAN or friends).

      Then when you take that group you have to consider the many people who backed things that "looked good on video" but when released was complete crap (such as in forsaken fortress) and thus they don't want to back another game without proof of developer capability.

      After considering all of that really the minimum you could reasonably expect to raise is $300,000. That you raised $384,000 I credit on your hard work during the campaign. Though honestly 1,400,000 really shouldn't have been any serious expectation. Maybe that's how much it would have costed, that's not something I know, what I do know is marketing. Understanding the people who want your product and understanding the tides of the economy.

      I hope this information helps bros.

    24. Hunty on

      awww, sad to hear. I think this is just not the season for Kickstarters; there have been a lot of high-profile ones that haven't been able to fund in the last few weeks.

      Best of luck on your next project! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      lokiCML on

      P.S. Armory throwing more money at commanders. ;)

    26. Missing avatar

      lokiCML on


      I would have backed it if there was a off-line mode, more platforms, and mod support. Simply my requirements also when I backed PA.

    27. Chris on

      I am 98.6% positive that the concept of Human Resources wasn't the issue here. The issue is, the mass majority of the people who would back it, also backed PA, and found it super iffy.

      Seriously, finish up PA, make it into an awesome state. Then bring out this kickstarter again. Change it only if you somehow (unlikely) make it more badass.

    28. Missing avatar


      Sorry, guys, but thanks for giving it the ol' college try! Definitely let us know what happens next!

    29. Missing avatar

      Six on

      I think a large part of the reason this failed is because all the big money is already invested in earlier projects and backers are waiting for their games to get done.

      Liking PA more and more as I play it so really do hope you will get the funds for another project one way or another, long as no major publisher get their dirty claws into you!

    30. Kyle Schleich

      It makes me sad that you ate that hot pepper for nothing.......=(

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter Hengl on

      I sincerely hope that there'll be another way to have this game become a reality! Go Uber!

    32. Evan Jones on

      Damn that sucks!

    33. Kevin on

      Sad to hear you had to cancel! I was looking forward to this. Hope you can try to get funding again! What can we do to help next time?

    34. Warren Blyth on

      gross. I heard about this maybe a week ago through a video. Spread it around the office on Friday.
      Only pledged 1 dollar, figuring I'd go back and up it near the end if need be.

      the message i'm taking away from this is that I wasn't supporting your game (or using kickstarter) in the way that your prediction algorithms demand. ugh.

    35. Nate Stainton on

      Seriously you guys have to relaunch it some way or other. This game is an amazing concept and I for one want to see it a reality. Re go with all the old tiers and rewards plus more.

    36. Zach Marshall on

      Yes? oh, ok, well see you again really soon you sexy beast of a game... meanwhile back to summoning the old ones on face book and twitter?

    37. Missing avatar

      Carl Erickson on

      nuuuuuu. i wanted to play with the giant squiddies. so sad to see it go. even at 15 days left

    38. Psychonix on

      I'm saddened to hear this. I do hope you try again at some point, as the game looked like it would have been an awful lot of fun.

    39. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      Sorry to hear that. I'm a little disappointed that you cancelled the KS, even knowing it was going to fail. If nothing else, it was an excellent source of marketing leads for your next attempt...

      In any case, best of luck with getting this going another way. I hope you can see from the responses here that there's genuine enthusiasm for the game.

      Let us know if you get your act together and try again :)

    40. Missing avatar

      jeremy b on

      Learn from this and try again next year or so.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gonzalo Silva on

      I just had a little apocalypse in my heart.

    42. Missing avatar

      Russell Rutherford on

      I would love to see this game made later, it's the most awesome concept I've seen in a long time. Thanks for your effort, team!

    43. A T on

      I really wish you could lower the funding goal (or move it to a crowdfunding site that allows partial funding), take a smaller amount, and fill in the gap with an investor. The promo video looked really cool. I can only imagine how good the game would be. The ginormous scale made it look like I would be controlling godzilla. Anyway, I hope you can contact us in the future and let us know if it's back on somehow, some way.

    44. Missing avatar

      Project Awesome on

      I hate that this project is over but I have a question, are we getting our money back?

    45. Asger Weirsøe on

      Well I'll be defiantly joining you guys on the sobbing part :'(

      Just don't let this grow on you, shake it off! I look forward to seeing what you find out to do next! (:

      Kind regards

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      On those people saying put it as a plugin/xpack for pa...FUCK NO. It should be it's own game or not at all...don't need a tacked on pos

    47. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      Awwww... Maybe work on making it a plugin to Planetary Annihilation?

    48. Nathan Camp on

      That is sad to see. Hope to see HR resurface some day, be it on a future Kickstarter or some other means of funding.

    49. Alexander Semion on

      Good luck next time Ubers. I hope that HR or other awesome game that you will create will be great and popular. I'm with you.