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pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
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      Chris King on

      @JiminyJickers Yeah I just looked at that basically cut and paste from earlier response...UBER's obsession with no offline mode is fucking irritating in this day and age and why are they going on about their own flayfab thing when there is steam which allows for all mods and instant updates anyway :S

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      JiminyJickers on

      They updated their FAQ with more nonsense excuses for not doing offline mode. They have lost my faith completely, they would have to do major work to get it back.

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      Simon Orr on

      I've already upped my pledge from an initial $40 to $75 in the hope of offline play. I think it's a deal breaker for many people. (Perhaps not in the gaming market as a whole but definitely on KS)

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      Like others have been saying, I hope you keep this going to the end (you never know!), but that I suspect even then it won't quite get there. I've read lots of great advice here in the comments, and I hope you take that and come back with an even better plan, cause I love the concept of the game!

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      Garrett Minert on

      @Daniel Scott I second that! - "I would double my pledge for offline play at release. I'd add some more for a basic text-driven single player campaign."

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      Etienne Dubourg on

      Well, it looks like this game is going to go from big hype to big disapointment for me. Just discovered it, and I was instantly sold to the "Machines apocalypse vs. Lovecraftian apocalypse thing". But then I saw the money needed, and that post about maybe giving up already, and I read all the comments about regreting how you handled the project. It looks like what this game lacks most is being sold properly... Please don't give up, i *really* want to see this to become a reality sometime, the idea is just too awesome.

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      Alex Bartho on

      Hi. I'm a backer, so obviously this didn't put me off, but I think the main lesson Uber should take from this setback is that they need to put a lot more polish and features into PA before they can credibly expect funding for a new game.

      PA was heralded as a new and better successor to the previous TA and SupCom games before it. Its currently fantastic fun but severely lacking in the depth those titles offer.

      Please put your resources into PA and build up to the level of strategic variety of the games that inspired it offer.

    8. Guillermo Federico Heinze on

      Expecting to get 1.400.000$ sounds a bit too much to accomplish. And your negative appeal since days is disconcerting. I think this project wasn't meant to be done from the beginning. I don't know what your real goal was. After this you may say goodby to many of us who believed in you. Very sad... Anyways, I hope you get it done somehow, with or without KS. As you've seen, there's heaps of people supporting.

    9. Jonas Gabrielson

      First off, I'd like to thank you guys at Uber for your replies to the previous update, they were very honest and informative. I can totally understand your points about game development, the problems with keeping teams employed and the budget concerns about single-player campaigns and asymmetric factions. I honestly thought more people would understand this from the beginning but apparently not. On the other hand, given the state of the industry right now maybe you should just be happy you haven't received any death threats. :)

      Joking aside, I think there are many ways in which this project could have been handled better, even discounting the PA issue. I don't really want to harp on about this, but the frequency of updates, the social media presence and the tier rewards have been lacking. For a week there, when the project was really low with few new backers, you were completely silent. You could have posted new art (just screenshots from the trailer or renders of the units if that's really all you have done), joined in on the discussion on extra factions, done an infographic on the teams and who would work on PA/HR and who would get fired if HR isn't funded etc. The updates you did make seemed half-hearted and just seemed to emphasize the fact that the trailer is really all you've got at this time.

      Regarding the tiers: the fact that almost 2/3 back HR only at $20 tells me that the upper tiers aren't good enough to draw more people to pledge higher. Now, I pledged at Apocalypse first, and then upped to Harbinger to help you along, but I'm actually not interested in 50% of the things you offer. Soundtrack and art book? Yes! Alpha and Beta? I don't have time for that. SMNC? Not really. PA? Perhaps, but not for $50 extra. Physical CD? Do people even use those anymore? Shirt? Yeah, that's nice, but again, it's $50 extra for me (including shipping).

      My analysis:
      * People aren't really that interested in alpha and beta. That was cool a few years ago as game development started to open up more, but now there are so many alphas and betas out there (with other Kickstarters, Greenlight and more), and I think people understand better that it's not always a positive thing.
      * Cross-selling your other products is probably more effective if you offer that as add-ons on discount. That way, people who already have PA don't *have* to pay for that game again. As I said, I first backed at Apocalypse tier, and since I'm not really interested in alpha/beta, I was actually paying $70 for a soundtrack, an art book and a game that's available now for $27. Not really a good deal. People like making good deals. Consider this. (Also, I think you should give away SMNC credit at all tiers -- I mean, it won't hurt you financially and it might get new players to try the game.)

      Other ideas:
      * Voting tickets. Maybe you could do votes on the next faction, new features, artwork etc, and backers get one vote per ticket -- and more tickets the higher you pledge. Sort of like Amplitude studios do in their Games2gether platform.
      * I have seen some KS projects have separate stretch goals tied to Facebook likes and other social media ratings. Not big stuff, just small but cool ideas that get added to all backers when a certain level is reached. Might help you get the word out.

      I'm sorry if I sounded negative. I really love this concept, and I hope that you will make this a reality despite all odds!

    10. Daniel Scott

      I would double my pledge for offline play at release. I'd add some more for a basic text-driven single player campaign.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      I agree Alexander especially with the seemingly negative really doesn't inspire confidence when they are like OH NO IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN DOOM AND GLOOM shit...

    12. Alexander Rehm

      Nate & all at Uber: I really hope you learn from this project. Peter, Chris and a few others already said it before, but it bears repeating:

      - I like the tiers, but they are relatively steep compared to other projects I backed. And on those projects I paid even more in the end because I was genuinely interested and wanted to pledge towards more add-ons on their own website(s). With you I don't feel you're making the effort (maybe you are, but you're hiding it well) in looking around kickstarter and trying to see what the differences between yourselves and successful game projects are
      - Stop with the PA references. PA is a nice game, but it isn't compared to what I expected when I backed it, and looking at the steam discussions I'm not the only one thinking that. Treat HR differently and think about it separately.
      - Add-ons, add-ons, add-ons. Additional digital copies, early access, soundtrack, cosmetic changes to a unit - all of these are fantastic ways to get more money out of me, but I'm not prepared to spend a full three-digit amount just to get the base game and early access when I don't want the rest.
      - Stop with the negative attitude in your updates. It sounds like you have already given up before you can even start it! Where did the "can-do" attitude go? What happened to the "let's make this game"??

      I do wish you good luck, please do try again if you failed, and keep these things in mind.

    13. Peter Hoogeveen on

      Since it's impossible for non-backers to reply, I chipped in a dollar because I want to say what's bugging me.... sorry if this sounds mean, I do really want this project to work, but I just don't have a lot of money for it right now.

      You guys obviously aren't all that serious about REALLY wanting to make this game.
      I've seen a LOT of people say 'Give us more, affordable, add-ons', 'Make the tiers you have more interesting' (points at (sorry) useless monday night combat money) etc.

      Well, I still don't see (for example) $10/15 for extra digital copy of soundtrack. $30/40? for extra digital copy of the artbook. $20/25? for extra backer shirt (vote now for more awesome designs!) etc etc

      You guys could do so much more to make the money you need, but you're just not doing it. It's a shame really, because I see great potential for this game, the concept is awesome.

      Anyway, I hope you do make those add-ons available. I even might reconsider having a big lunch and throwing some money at this game. ;)

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      Simon Ländell on

      Ill say like i Said last time, put up a donation tab. on your HomePage to gather in the money and let it be up for longer then kickstarter. Also dont give up hope put a competition on Facebook that makes people wanna spread the Word. As a last standing act ;)

    15. Carel Fransen on

      Chris King made some excellent points, and I really think you should follow his advice.

      That said, receiving one pessimistic update after the other from you slowly but surely made me beleiving less and less in this game really happening, and that's a bummer. Of all almost 40 projects I have backed I have never experienced such a tone...

    16. Missing avatar

      Simon Ländell on

      Ill say like i Said last time, put up a donation tab. on your HomePage to gather in the money and let it be up for longer then kickstarter. Also dont give up hope put a competition on Facebook that makes people wanna spread the Word. As a last standing act ;)

    17. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      Also yeah..don't end bloody early you don't know how it might climb last days of kickstarters are usually crazy

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      If this round doesn't succeed don't just give up that would be a stupid thing to do several kickstarters have not gone through first try especially seeing hardly anyone knew this was going on till halfway through :P

      Start it up again in maybe 2 weeks *a month maximum* with more ideas and info, TRY to do offline mode cause I believe that is what most are concerned about. Don't mention PA this has nothing to do with it, See if you can make the initial goal a little lower, AND HAVE A STRETCH GOAL PLAN!

    19. Missing avatar

      Makellan on

      Why end early? I just don't see the point.

    20. Thomas on

      I've actually withdrawn my support because of unique units to KS (also reason why I'm not into star citizen) and pushy campain in hostage tone.

    21. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      I just wanted to say that I've appreciated the transparency on funding goals in this project, especially compared to e.g. the GPG Wildman kickstarter where it was like "oh shit the company is going to go under by the end of the month if this project doesn't fund".

      I definitely want to see Uber continue to be successful in the RTS genre; maybe as others have said this is an opportunity to go back and polish PA to a shine before pitching something else (either a reincarnation of this project, or something entirely new). I don't buy what people are saying about folks being pissed about Uber not delivering on PA (I mean, there certainly are such people, I just don't believe they have the influence they claim to). But there is definitely a market segment which will find the pitch more compelling if offline/LAN is included from the start.

    22. Missing avatar

      Ege Karakaş on

      I really really like this game and this concept... Man I want this what can we do I am not rich and cant give money more than 40 but I belive you will do it - you really want to do I can say it easly . (other guys maybe right little good rewards for under 60 or 40 and good gif 3 mb more cool videossss... you know) we love you

    23. Ian Borchardt

      If you do relaunch (and I personally hope you do after rethinking your approach) one possible idea (stolen from Pelgrane Press) to encourage contribution is setting up a race condition run with pledge amounts during the campaign. Since you have two factions, allow contributors to vote using their pledge money for each faction - it works surprisingly well (I've even tossed in money with no reward to help my preferred team win). Having a minor prize at the end for the winning team helps seed the deal.

      For an example of this see the Timewatch RPG Kickstarter (particularly in the updates). Sure it has overhead (and I probably wouldn't handle it manually as was done here), but it is surprisingly effective and I found myself looking forward to the next battle report update (especially with the comments from each side).

      [Also you probably have to show a bit more structure in the web site (and that you have a plan for how you want to proceed than just relying on an excellent video). You've got the hook, but people need to know that there is substance and plans behind it - which is all fine as long as you say "this is what we would like to do."]

    24. Maxwell Harris on

      Sad to hear, I really want this game to exist. Maybe people would pledge more if there was more at the cheaper tiers? I don't play mnc so the credit isn't appealing at all. Which means that other than the game itself there are no good rewards for under $60, and a lot of people are not going to pledge $60 for a game. A $5 or $10 reward, even a simple one like a personal thank you email, would bring in a lot of pledges.

    25. Missing avatar

      JiminyJickers on

      Relaunch it in a month or so but this time promise offline mode from the start and don't state in the video that you have delivered on Planetary Annihilation, because I think that annoyed a lot of people.

    26. Missing avatar


      @Narq: Even if they have the money to fund the entire thing, a major part of kickstarters is testing the marketability of a project. They've already put time and money towards taking the concept this far, and doing a kickstarter can help show whether or not enough people are into the idea to be worth doing all the rest of the work, or if they're better off shelving in favor of a different project.

    27. Narq on

      Why, in my day, we used to walk 20 miles to school in the snow and sell things AFTER they were made, not before... Come on guys, enough of the "day of reckoning" bullshit. It's your game- make it or not. It's not up to us, it's up to you. We would love to help but if it's something you really believe in and want to do, you'll find a way to do it.

      Otherwise, go on "Shark Tank" and ask for the money from folks with the deep pockets your project apparently needs.

    28. Sterling Treadwell

      I also posted a pic and the sad state you're into my facebook in hopes folk will appreciate and share and MAYBE help get more word out. Can't hurt at least!!

    29. Dana White on

      Let the Kickstarter ride. Also, try to reach out to places like Nerdist, The Indoor Kids, blah, blah, blah, game sites and podcasts. It will help. I'll mention this game on CinemaVillainy when we record our new episode this week. It can't hurt.

    30. Sterling Treadwell

      Omg I am so hoping the game is made but if not.. God bless you for doing the kidney gun! I can't breath I'm laughing so hard!

    31. Jon Nebenfuhr on

      Have you considered weapons that fire Jazz Hands?

    32. Missing avatar

      Carl Erickson on

      i think lots of smaller rewards might encourage people more. the usb key from the armageddon tier is a pretty fun idea but damn that's quite a pricetag. otherwise this is a pretty cool sounding game.

    33. Nate Stainton on

      Let this play out to the end, even if it fails just rework the rewards slightly adding a few more backer exclusive rewards to incentivise people and maybe lower the funding to the absolute bare minimum. Then try again like Tom said its not unheard of for projects to fail first time then succeed with ease second time round and 1.4 million in one month was a pretty long shot, next time the funding has to be longer with out a doubt.

    34. Richard Purdy Jr. on

      Can I just say that I'm a huge fan of Cthulhu and I really want this game to get made? Honestly, you guys are awesome! And your Art Director is hilarious, by the way.

    35. Missing avatar

      Savva Emanon on

      Great game idea. Let it play out till the end and if it does not reach the goal just redo it and go again. I want this game made...

    36. Toby Wild on

      I backed at the $40 level, but if the game was funded I would have felt a bit ripped off. I don't want a MNC voucher... I don't play that game.

      The reward tiers should be project specific.
      Plus, 1.4mil to make a game when the engine is already pretty much done, when PA's target was 900k with no engine... doesn't feel right.

    37. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      Yes please dont jump the gun let it play out till the end 15 days could get you very close to the goal

    38. Missing avatar

      Tom Brazeau

      I strongly recommend that you see the kickstarter through to the end. Anyone who has backed a kickstarter can tell you that the last two days are a flurry of pledges as people get their reminders and jump on board. Sure, it may not be enough, but it sets you up with that much larger a support base if you decide to retool the rewards and take another crack at it (and I've seen projects fail the first go, only to succeed with ease on take two). Success or failure, you're best off letting it play out to the end.

    39. Missing avatar

      Adam Roger Cray on

      have you thought about reaching out to you tubers like Jesse Coxs and the game grumps to promote your game.

    40. Hostile Paradox on

      Raises a boom box over his head: *The Goonies 'R' Good Enough*

      Sad to hear this. Gave all I could :(

      *Pats Uber Studios on the back*

    41. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      Tell 'em it's a good idea and worthy of another try. I'd suggest next time you set the goal lower (bare minimum) and add features through stretch goals.

      All the best

    42. Stephen Staver on

      Bummer to hear!
      I love the visual style of the game, and the concept. I truly hope this game is able to be made some day, even if it's not through Kickstarter.

    43. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      Well that's a kick in the balls right there, Still 15 days to go lol