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pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
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      lokiCML on

      @Nate Simpson and scathis

      The kind of information that was provided here is what we need to make our decisions thank you for that.

      @Nate Simpson

      Your post in particular should have been part of the concept video because it gives a rationale behind what is going on here. That is very necessary in order to give people understanding that is necessary. because were not all game developers.

      Much appreciated. ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      lokiCML on

      @scathis AKA John

      Single Player Campaign:
      Fair enough. What about 5 to 10 levels?

      Offline Server:
      Red herring. Logical fallacy. My hardware from 2010 can handle 20,597+ on a system that has two 15,000 radius planets. the system I have is not a high-end machine by today's standards or standards from 2010. It does not cry bloody murder when I do stuff like that. PlayFab service already does this for PA right now. This is true but honestly who cares. I don't as a PA backer they can use it on their own machine. PA the back-end service provide functionality such as leaderboards, clans, in-game bonuses to certain groups of players, easily distribute content, host mods and make mods easily accessible. Some of this just hasn't been implemented in the client yet. I backed PA because of off-line support and put simply this is a requirement for me in order to continue backing as well.

      Mac & Linux Support:
      You're missing a lot of pledges by not supporting these platforms. Even if you guys said N months to a year after release for support you'd still get people pledging to HR. I would definitely raise my pledge amount for those platforms.

      Uber's Reputation:
      you're providing information and subsequently your repetition was harmed because of it. I believe it's repairable but you're going to need to prove that it is deserved. such as road maps, current what you're currently working on, etc.

    3. jaker on

      My idea for #Update10 is that the Planetary Annihilation Commander set is also available with a pledge of $60.
      I think many people here are playing PA and it's always nice to see and play a new commander!

    4. Missing avatar

      djearl on

      Something that would personally cause me to throw in an extra 20-30 would be if you offered some posed stl files of the units suitable for 3d printing. You would just need to make sure the mesh was a manifold (ie watertight and one piece ).

    5. Radon on

      Three major ideas:
      1st: Do a pledge level at which ANY key gets upgraded to Alpha/ Beta-Key!
      2nd: Do promise that the game will become DRM-free AFTER release, but not AT release! It doesn´t hurt anybody if the game is always-on for the first three months or so, but it hurts as long as you don´t say that you´d not want to do DRM-free!
      (as long as you state this CLEAR, right from the start!)
      3rd: Promise Mac/ Linux AFTER release. Same resons as aboth.

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      If you can please do try to extend the deadline..30 days just isn't enough time seeing it got bugger all exposure starting off.

      We're already at 300k getting a few thousand a day just needs more time and more tier stuff maybe add some posters into the existing tiers or something

    7. Shadow651 on


      I find your answers somewhat disturbing....

      'we can't let you play offline because people will 'hack' kickstarter units?!' umm.... big deal? you let people play offline with PA, how are you dealing with this issue there?

      "There are amazing features and numbers of units" as I understand it, you mainly have a *concept* with a semi-functioning demo.... I think to say that "There ARE" is an extreme over statement

      I get that the offline game will be CPU intensive, big deal computers are increasing in power... and honestly most computers have insane amounts of power.... we're basically at your mercy with this game, if your studio shuts down (or decides it's not worth running servers for a game that doesn't sell additional copies) we're hosed (and lets face it, you're a small studio, who apparently has extreme difficulty kickstarting a new game that's an awesome concept).

      "Using our PlayFab service allows us to distribute fixes faster" Umm.... heard of steam? or any other distribution service... or a game launcher that, oh I don't know, checks a web server for an update and notifies you that you can download an update.... online only is hardly a justification for fast updates?!

      Sorry, withdrawing support. I might buy this game if it comes out; but I will not back this with a 10 foot pole.... because my BS detector just exploded

    8. Madlyb on

      Somehow I missed the fact that game was going be primarily multi-player and require always online to play and then you stated that physical rewards would require at least $125 pledge, when other games have successfully done it for less.

      I guess I am just not the demo you are chasing...and it looks like that demo isn't opening their wallets, so you have two choices

      1) Adapt to the audience that is willing to fund this effort
      2) Shut it down and go find something else to work on.

      Not trying to be hateful, but presenting the facts of the matter. Love the idea and willing to support you, but not like this.

    9. Missing avatar

      I'mRusty on

      Everyone we need to spam this game's existence on YouTube and any other social media site out there! We must get this game out there in a bigger way. Let's do it for the Uber team!

    10. Stephen Farquhar

      Simple things:
      - If you are going to release Avatars in a Kickstarter campaign, make sure they are usable on Kickstarter and are below the 50k file limit.. These ones aren't. Frustrating.
      - $30 pledge OR and add-on to include PDF Art-book (preferably formatted for a tablet).
      - Physical rewards: There is a massive following of people who collect miniatures. Consider partnering with a minis company and do a $150+ level that includes robots and monsters minis.

    11. Dana White on

      If you did physical rewards under that $125 tier, you could make them a sticker of a unit or a button with a unit on it. They would ship cheaply and you could make them cheaply. I would add a few bucks for that. You could ask everyone to add an additional $5 to their pledge. It would make a big difference at this point.

    12. Nathan Camp on

      I would say that striving for an offline mode would help make the decision for a lot of people.

      Also adding either the art book, or soundtrack to one of the lower tiers would be a big draw.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ronald Woody on

      Adding a third playable army (undead horde, aliens) as a stretch goal might entice more people to join the kickstarter.
      To get people to spend more than they have already committed, you might have to go the route of alternate skin units.

    14. Missing avatar


      I am not too keen on Beta-Testing, but I do like soundtracks a lot! Care to make it available?

    15. abaddon1 on

      Pretty sure that at this point the main thing that could be done would be revisit offline single-player capabilities.

    16. Erick Mendes on

      Guys, se need GIFs that be 3MB or less... I tried to post one in 9GAG but it was 9MB. And as you guys obviously know when something really hits 9GAG it gets close to 30k upvotes, so 9GAG would be a nice try, and GIFs really stands out. So what are you guys waiting? Make some 3MB GIFs...

    17. Jacob Begley on

      Definitely need to add a bunch of extra. Let people pick and choose digital and physical add-ons.

    18. Søren Høeg Pedersen on

      I would like to see tiers that don't contains rewards for games I don't play. What really prevented me from going any higher, was the ingame credit fpr Super Monday Night Combat, which I don't play and have no plans on playing any time in the future.

      Another idea that could be cool, would be a tier that allowed people to record a personal scream, which then could be used ingame for when the lucky humans are harvested for a greater purpose... A "Scream Tier".

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      PLEASE extent it another few weeks the lack of exposure really hurt the funds going in 30 days is not enough

    20. Missing avatar

      Gnostic on

      @Alex Stonewood
      Problem is Uber is hell bent on implementing Always Online DRM on single player game.

      See the Faq regarding offline, it says offline servers are not powerful enough to support PA. I don't understand how a 1Mbit internet connection can have even more processing power than the PC itself.

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      Ok, Just to give some more thoughts. Firstly, I'll gladly keep my pledge in place pending an offline mode. Hell, I'll even up it right now from $55 to $70 in the hope that single player becomes an option before the campaign completes.

      I backed PA from Early Access, having followed it on KS. Personally, I love it. Yes, it stills need some polish but it's come a long way! Interestingly, since PA I now avoid Alphas.... I played it once to see how it looked then decided to ignore it until about a month ago.

      FWIW I think many people would be happy with the equivalent of "galactic war" mode, allowing player vs AI in a generated landscape and little/no storyline. Then again I'm not one of the Lovecraft fans so maybe I'm misreading that one. It would certainly make me happy.

      I can sympathise re: computer resources. I still have Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance on my machine and after ~5000 units it gets _really_ slow. You've clearly optimised and improved on this hugely already. Offloading onto PlayFab can sound appealing and might allow a less performant code to run well but can you provide some sort of specs to aim for?

      Re: Scores and leaderboards... That's not a valid argument for always online. Some of us don't care in the first place and failing that, PA solved that problem by saying they're only available when online.

      Re: Everyone would get the KS special tier units... How about they're always disabled unless you go online once to unlock them? That still doesn't necessitate always-on play.

      All in all, since it looks like this going to fail, some observations:

      > The idea rocks. I hope the interest and increasing pledges from those already here show that. I sincerely hope this game gets made
      > For such a large goal, more time might be advisable (yes, I've read the "30 days is enough for any kickstarter" but that assumes people are aware of the campaign to start with)
      > While I personally have no issues with the company after PA, it seems many do. I don't know how to address that but it sounds like it needs addressing. Perhaps spin out a new company and license the engine to create distance?

    22. Mark on

      I can't help but wonder if this was a poorly timed announcement.

      I have numerous friends on Steam that are really interested in the idea of Human Resources but this is the season of the big release, some really great games have been coming out on all formats since September with more due until December.

      It might be a problem of "paying for the promise of tasty cheese OR paying for tasty cheese that's right in front of you".

      Planetary Annihilation also has some issues that some past backers may want to see resolved before they're willing to back another project.

      I hope Monday works out but if not I don't think it's because of the pitch.

    23. Missing avatar


      A bit of flexibility in pledges. Probably I would buy the digital artbook and perhaps soundtrack, but I'm not interested in doing quality tests (aka "alpha access"), nor PA nor SMNC.

      In other campaigns I saw shipping costs aditional to the pledge level, so I don't see why there can't be it in here something similar. I would like to see (for example) a pledge level of $60-$100 with physical artbook & soundtrack + additional shipping costs.

    24. Matt ahearn on

      run one of those annoying Facebook things that says, "Share this post and pledge for a chance to win Lunch with the uber team etc (basically VIP Harbinger)"

    25. Missing avatar

      Simon Ländell on

      I have a really great idea that wont cost any money and will increase so people know about this game drastically.

      If you link the page with the kickstarter "Home" Page on facebook
      Telling everyone Share this link on facebook to everyone you know and a few lucky winners will win random Pledge. Then more people will know about this game and more donations will suddenly appears. I think the problem are that people dont know about the game and they havent even visited this page yet.
      We need everyone here. :)

    26. Ben Farrow on

      I don't know about other people, but I always like alternate paint jobs. I'm not talking more unique team colours, but actual different colour patterns/layouts on the units.

      I get that it'd be tough to do that for the squiddies, but the bots could easily be repainted, or even covered in branding.

    27. Alex Stonewood on

      For anyone who thinks "oh my god, there's no singleplayer at all?" This is literally in the faq:

      Q: Will I be able to play Human Resources by myself?

      A: Yes! You will be able to play the AI in a skirmish. We may add more single player game types as a stretch goal.

      Si I don't know where people are getting this 'multiplayer only' thing from when it has this in the front page article and in the faq.

    28. Ric Tomsett

      Kickstarter *EXCLUSIVE* Units for HR! Like you did for PA.

    29. DvD on

      Try Gametrailers. Where the hell is Shane?

    30. Jason Hsu on

      "The existence of HR, while it may seem impertinent or poorly timed to some observers, is actually a thing that A) is necessitated by the distribution of occupations within the company and B) good for PA in the long run, both as a financial buffer and as an incubator for further development of the PA engine."

      I'm just going to reiterate what I said earlier that it doesn't _seem_ very committed when a game company announces a new game in the same genre as its just recently released game. Granted, HR would not arrive until 2016 and would not take away resources, but you really should consider how this appears to customers/backers.

      Once you fully step into your customers shoes then you will be able to make the right decisions that will not feel like an uphill battle.

      At this point i'd honestly rather pay for a team to work on a fully scripted and fleshed out SP for PA than a completely new game built on PA's engine.

    31. Franziska Sauerwein on

      I 'd like to see a more diverse team working on the game. Where are the female developers?

    32. Carel Fransen on

      For $40 I'd like to see digital artwork, maybe a little digital artbook, a soundtrack, etc. That kind of stuff. I personally don't give much for extra ingame characters, but I'd really up my pledge when I would get something extra that is breathing the awesome style you've put in the game. Besides that, go promote... everywhere, especially on all gamer forums you can imagine. Keep it up!

      Also, if you would not be able to make your goal, I'd really hope you would keep trying. But it really is not too late, even not when you don't hit your goal on Monday, keep beleiving. Remember that it is also really motivating for current backers to know that you would do everything to hit your goal (and that is not quitting it halfway through). And -even- if you would not hit your final goal, with all the gained experience I'm pretty damn sure you would make it happen if you try again early next year.

    33. Missing avatar

      Muffalopadus on

      Not gonna lie, the annihilaser is one of the coolest end-game things ever. The music and the sound and just KABLOOEY. Great stuff.

      Its not exactly surprising that single player campaigns are /that/ expensive...its just disappointing. The story of "AI Singularity vs Elder Gods" would have been great from a SP perspective.

    34. Ethan Goldman on

      Suggestion: Every Tier over 50 gets access to a private forum, in this forum they can discuss making a SECRET BONUS ARMY. This army will be tweeked accordingly for balance but suggestions can be made and directly responded to. Said army is exclusively dlc (possibly free dlc) so that production value do not increase.

    35. carn1x on

      Thanks John, all makes a lot of sense, and I feel for the Linux gaming community but I think they need to be more understanding.

      The only point I'd say I disagree with is the offline server. Ever since I got PA offline server I've been able to play massive multi-planet games much better running on my client rig. I've only got an i5 / 8Gb / 760GTX, it's pretty good but there's certainly much better, and I've really not been able to enjoy PA's scale until now. Possibly something to do with my geographical location (Hong Kong)? Still, if HR is online only, well I've already backed and I won't pull out, but I'll be hugely disappointed if this game is not fully playable due to the online-only.

      Whilst I understand your view point on the paid cosmetics, why does offline mode need to mean distributing the server? Would a possible middle ground be to distribute the single player component and leave the network server code in Uber's hands?

      Finally there's the very valid concern of how long the servers will stick around for. This kickstarter campaign is hardly setting the world alight and guaranteeing Uber's survival for the next 10 years, if the online servers shut down, would the server component be released to the public? Whilst you can do little more than promise it, I think you guys understand the value these days of the value of keeping promises, so I think people will be much more understanding of always-online DRM if you can instill the faith that when the servers go down, you'll release the server component.

    36. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi everyone, John here.

      I can talk specifically about some of the concerns that have been brought up. It's important to keep in mind we are a small indie developer doing our best to keep the lights on and make the games we all want. My goal here is to make everyone who reads this understand that the funding goal we have for the project we're pitching is a very real account of what it would take to make this game a reality. There's no padding here, there's no cutting corners, and I'm still going to be driving my Kia if this project gets funded.

      The last thing we want to do is to over-promise and under-deliver.

      Many of these can be found in our FAQ, but I will elaborate here:

      Single Player Campaign:
      We all love them. As a former C&C Dev, I'd love to do super scripted ones with cut scenes and over-arching story lines. Unfortunately, if we wanted to do one, we'd have to increase our initial funding by several million dollars. Yes, they are that expensive. I've built 4 of them now. When you consider the man power it takes to build the 20-25 missions, build the tools, write the story, build the cinematics (in-game and rendered), voice recording, scripting, map layout, writing the per-mission AI, playing, replaying, iterating, testing, and polishing it's an amazing effort that costs a lot of money. Man, I even got tired even typing all that!
      It's the whole reason Planetary Annihilation went with the replayable, programmatically generated, Galactic War route. The budget simply wasn't big enough to handle that giant scope of a feature.
      All the more reason to the word out! Lets get this puppy funded and stretch goal all the way up to a campaign!

      Offline Server:
      - HR will be huge game. There are amazing features and numbers of units not found in other RTS games. (Other games support ~100 units at a time? PA supports 20,000+) This kind of thing takes a ton of PC horsepower. Releasing offline server can make for a very poor playing experience. There's many computers out there right now chugging along in PA with 10 planets and 20,000 units and if you listen closely, you'll hear the CPU saying "mercy!"
      - Using our PlayFab service allows us to distribute fixes faster. Which, in turn, allows us to keep support costs lower by not having to fix the same issues over and over again for each fan who writes in. The those engineers are no longer working on old support issues but adding more value to the game. Those types of cost cutting mechanisms are what allow us to make a game this cheaply.
      - Releasing offline server allows everyone to play with everything. That means the unique units that we promise our Kickstarter backers can be played by anyone. We don't want to do that to you. Using PlayFab to run the servers allows us to make sure that only the backers that pledged to get those unique units actually get to use them.
      - Using a back-end service to run the game gives us a bunch of really great gameplay tools. We can add leaderboards, clans, in-game bonuses to certain groups of players, allow the devs to cheat (oh wait, ignore that one), easily distribute content, host mods and make mods easily accessible.

      Mac & Linux Support:
      Mac support will probably be a stretch goal. There's a lot of debate around when to release stretch goals. Some think it'd be rude to release a stretch goal before we fund the initial goal. Some think we should do it now. What do you think?
      Yes, the engine does support it, but it's not free. It does represent a very real ongoing development cost to make builds and fix Mac-specific issues, which there are many. Our Mac/Linux engineer would really love to write _some_ gameplay code this time around!
      Linux support is a bit trickier. Unfortunately for the Linux community, Linux players are less than 1% of the overall player base but the ongoing development cost is even greater than supporting Mac. ( Linux drivers are often very... um... not perfect. ) All that said... Linux will also probably be a stretch goal.

      Uber's Reputation:
      It's no secret our reputation has been hurt by the very passionate fans of Planetary Annihilation. We've gone to great effort to correct that and we will continue to work on our communication. Some of the negative comments are absolutely fair. We miss judged how important the offline server was. We corrected that. We now have a plan so that everyone knows what's coming in the next updates to our games.
      We did release a game that you can smash asteroids into planets, fire giant lasers, commander armies of 20,000 tanks, and play on massive play fields across a solar system. That is what we're proud of.

      Hopefully this comment, the recent updates, and the subsequent updates to the FAQ for this project show the shift in the communication from us. Public updates during the production of Human Resources will be a priority.

    37. Missing avatar

      Arien on

      Perhaps at either the $90+ or $125+ tier, you get a different art style on the teams. Like the robots get a steampunk makeover and the ancient ones get some sort of ethereal hyperspace makeover?

    38. Missing avatar

      Muffalopadus on

      Uber. I love you guys. I want this to happen. I know how the teams work with PA and HR. You've explained it. The problem is that people still have this perception problem. It really does look bad when it APPEARS (even if its not actually the case) like you're dropping your old project and starting a new one.

      While my friends are far from a statistically significant population, they are all I have...and they aren't really happy with how PA is at the moment. This makes them even more unhappy about the HR project.

      I dunno. I backed it, I want to see HR work. I also want to see PA worked on as well. I really don't know what you guys can do but you have my support.

    39. Shadow651 on

      Nate, thanks for the update.... glad to see that someone is on the other end of this thing :D

      I'm more then happy to wait to hear about the offline mode, and if it will be added in the future.... (I'm not asking for a campaign, but just an AI to play against) I guess I simply assumed since (my understanding was) that the game would start off with PA's game engine that it's single player and offline modes would be available.... at least at some point.
      To be clear, I'm willing to back this to some extent; but I would probably go higher if these features were added.

      I don't personally have any huge issues with multiplayer; but being unable to persuade anyone I know to back the project, means I won't have any friends to do multiplayer with (at least in the beta)....

      It might also be useful to post some of what you said to the main page, because your comment might quickly be buried alive in the myriad of comments

    40. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Hi guys. Nate here.

      It's a Saturday night and I'm commenting from home, so I won't be able to get into anything remotely technical (and the offline mode discussion is way above my pay grade, so hopefully someone else from Uber will either address it or tell me what to say about it). You offline guys -- if you can stay in a holding pattern for a bit, hopefully some answers will come soon.

      I want to address a particular comment that has popped up here and elsewhere:

      "Cancel the current project, finish PA, come back to HR later."

      The way game teams work, different people come into play at different points in the pipeline. It starts with a small team doing design and concept art, and then as prototyping gets underway, engineers begin to roll on. Then content starts to get made, which means artists and animators and scripters and more engineers. And once the bulk of that stuff is done, there are loose ends to tie up, bugs to hunt, random UI tweaks to do, visual effects to polish. There's marketing art, trailers, music and sound effects. In the case of PA, there are also lots of rewards to complete (the art book, custom commanders, etc). But if you look at the way the actual hours add up, it resembles a boa constrictor with a wild boar inside it -- narrow at the ends, fat in the middle. And all those surplus people at the ends need to either do something else or go find another job.

      This is why medium-sized studios often develop two or more projects at a time. If you do it right, you can sort of rotate your crops so that the land is always growing something.

      PA is at a point where there is still lots of engineering to do, and there are a bunch of engineers dedicated to making that game as awesome as possible. No engineers are working on HR right now. Part of the reason we are doing the Kickstarter is so that we can afford a few engineers to get us to alpha.

      We did, however, get help from several PA artists to make the HR trailer. This is a good thing, because the bulk of the art for PA is complete (not all of it, but the bulk of it). I am the only new full-time hire for Human Resources at the moment.

      Human Resources is its own project, separate from PA, and as such is expected to pull its own weight financially. Ideally, it will eventually bring in enough revenue that it can make the company more stable and more able to lavish the sort of polish on PA that we want, even if financial winds start blowing in an unfavorable direction.

      The existence of HR, while it may seem impertinent or poorly timed to some observers, is actually a thing that A) is necessitated by the distribution of occupations within the company and B) good for PA in the long run, both as a financial buffer and as an incubator for further development of the PA engine.

      I know this answer was long, but I hope it gives you some insight into why we can't just stop a thing that we've already dumped a bunch of time and money into, teach a bunch of artists how to fix bugs, push them onto PA, send me off to go find another job somewhere, fund the entire company for a year with a single project, and then have me quit whatever other job I got to come back to Uber and try to resurrect a project that has completely lost its momentum.

      Human Resources lives or dies by what is happening right now. PA will continue to improve and thrive, and our communication with the community will continue to improve (as you've seen with Jeremy Ables). Clearly, there are major perception issues right now -- after all, here we are in a thread that's supposed to be about Human Resources, and we're talking about a different project.

      Is Uber's past performance a legitimate topic of discussion? Of course it is. Do we have room to improve? Absolutely. Do I personally think we are a company that is committed to quality and able to deliver on ambitious goals? I absolutely believe it, or I wouldn't have taken this job.

      This is the only place that an idea like Human Resources could have thrived, and these are the only people that I know of who have the right combination of expertise, passion, and technology to get the job done. If we get to make this game, it will melt faces.

      If you need to wait for a while before your faith in Uber is restored, I get it. PA gets better every day, as the recent spate of major updates has shown. I hope we win back every person who feels we've let them down. But we don't have the luxury of putting Human Resources back on the shelf until everybody agrees we've atoned enough.

      We go to war with the army we have, for better or for worse. It's up to you to decide if you want to be a part of this particular fight.

      Thanks for reading patiently,

      Nate Simpson
      Art Director, Human Resources

    41. Shadow651 on

      Just reading other comments, didn't realize that you weren't going to have any single player?!? or Offline?!?!? Honestly very upset to hear this.... probably going to cancel unless I hear that this will be added, even PA has single player (vs AI) and an offline mode (if buggy atm)

    42. DeltaBlast on

      Wait, the game has no singleplayer? I was thinking about upping to 60, but this means I'm actually gonna cancel my pledge. I don't do multiplayer-only games.

    43. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      What Elliot Jenner said.
      I want to experience this potentially exciting and epic sounding & looking Robot vs Lovecraftan horror storyline through a campaign setting. I don't *do* multiplayer outside of co-op.
      I first heard about this from some gaming site and was excited as hell and pretty much immediately pledged, then I read a bit more and saw that you were doing a pvp Multiplayer only game and not actually having a single player campaign...?! :S
      I dunno.. I do know however that I've lost count of how many people on various forums and message boards talking about this new KS that were also turned off when learning about this missing feature.
      Was going to stick it out for the updates and pull my pledge toward the end unless this changed honestly.

      The thing is - Apart from the big name ones like Killing floor and the like, Indie developed multiplayer only games 9 times out of 10 end up a barren lifeless wasteland with no-one playing them within months. Nevermind the fact that you've created a unique and interesting idea here yet are deciding to waste it on competitive deathmatch only (Reminds me of that baffling and wasted opportunity of a Shadowrun PVP first person game).

      Always online DRM requirements are a facepalmingly questionable decision also when this is the exact opposite of what gamers have ever wanted. Especially after things like Sim city, Early ubisoft and Diablo 3 etc.

      For the record I was never interested in, didn't back, nor have ever played PA, infact I wasn't even aware this was the same dev until reading through the main page. Concept and trailer was what initially drew me in so no complaints about that aspect at all nor do I quite understand all the PA hate - something about it not being finished or something? No comment.
      Meh my 2cents.

    44. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      The game needs more factions, units, environments and a proper single player mode.

      I actually really dislike PVP and didn't realise until now that the game doesn't have an offline mode. Genuinely considering backing out of this project.

      I do believe the target money is ALOT to ask for and considering PA wasn't a huge success is asking for more then fans are probably willing to give.

    45. Shadow651 on

      I think your biggest problem is a lack of marketing exposure..... try to get sites like PCworld to do an article on it....

      but I think Kickstarters are dieing out; too many people haven't delivered on promises, and some have failed to deliver any form of working game at all! and honestly YOUR game Planetary annihilation has left a sour taste in many peoples mouths.... you've launched out of development phase and still don't have even a vanilla save? Promised offline single player requires a super powerful computer?! I'll admit I'm a bit upset about some of these features as well, although consoled by the fact they are still 'planned'

      I personally can understand this (although I admit I was hesitant to buy into this new kickstarter, 'fool me once'), but many players can not or will not forgive your studio for these things... and many have become negative to the idea of a kickstarter at all! I've tried to get other people I know to back this, but...
      The first thing someone is going to do when deciding to back this, is google the studio, then they come up with planetary annihilation, dig a little deeper and it's hard to miss the number of people raging on the net about how you failed to deliver on promised features on a game that went through alpha-beta-gama to launch... and then they decide not to back this.

      A huge problem is this negative PR that your studio now has (and lets face it, will ALWAYS have)... You guys need to figure out how to fix this problem, not only for this games kickstarter, but for every game your studio will ever make again...

      But, I see no reason to cancel, wait it out and see how close you get.... the public campaign might take a bit of time to sink in, took me 3 days after I saw this page to support it.
      If this fails, your company needs to either get some marketing people or a marketing company... because some people on PA forms are saying you guys are basically the demonic spawn of EA OUCH! and that public sentiment will be toxic to any kickstarter....

    46. Benjamin Bangsberg on

      I supported PA and I've pledged here too,
      My initial advice is three parts,
      1. Cancel (or wait it out)
      2. Take a week or two to seriously consider "why" (have your team read all the comments themselves instead of one guy distilling it all for meetings)
      3. Relaunch

      Aside from that my thoughts on what could be done to improve the project/game are:
      Are Anderson has some good points. I'd add that you could look into Cthulhu Wars as 'Meatspace' project to do shout-out to with in-game unit variants. (though in my opinion "The Ancient Ones" can't and shouldn't be a single faction, but as you are the first to offer any kind of shiny eye-bleeding computer rendition of them as a playable game unit.... I'm willing to compromise).

      Maybe try a team fortress trick.... Top hats on units, not all of them maybe just top hats as a PA commander add-on reward.

      Personally I feel like you could have done a better job on your trailer, the PA trailer was better expressing the universe being created. If at the start of each match players got to see humans making the poor initial decision to summon or turn on the initial units for their faction that would add so much more to the game. Like showing a group of white clad scientists around a machine and having it turn on to maul them all and a group of black robed humans all dying on a an ancient symbol before the harbinger appears. It doesn't need to be zoomed in or anything just from the initial camera distance etc watch the puny humans make that final poor decision.

      If for some reason you decided to listen to the people asking for a single player campaign (I'm one of them), you could expand that idea about initial poor decisions into a first mission for a given faction. Having the player control a squishy human to turn on a bunch of different servers/shrines before the Angry Mob/killer robots can get to the unit being controlled.

      I'd also suggest that you offer a maps option where the destruction you cause is somewhat carried over to the next maps played.
      i.e. Start with an intact earth/continent map every time somebody uses that earth cutting laser the game remembers and will carry some of those cuts/splits of the map over to the next game played (on that specific region or globally, nothing as crazy as preserving geographical accuracy of cuts but say 30% of the total laser cuts that have occurred in your games will be applied to the generation of the next map played...... at some point you'd need to have a reset button maybe when the playable islands are a certain area then the player gets a badge for grinding the earth and humanity into space dust)

    47. Missing avatar

      Chris King on

      Extend the damn deadline!!! :P

    48. Missing avatar

      2Ben on

      Upgraded to $55. Hope we can make it!

    49. carn1x on

      Honestly the thing that's constant is offline mode, I'm not sure if they're the vocal minority or what, but I think this game's kickstarter will benefit massively from:

      - Cancel the current one
      - Prove that your post-release PA support is really as dedicated as we're told. So many seem to remember MNC/SMNC support dropping off after the next game gets started
      - Improve your pitch, provide more detail and analysis of units, maps, strategies to flesh it out. Currently it seems that you've just made a really awesome FMV and everything else is just make it up as you go along. Evidently that makes people nervous, Kickstarter isn't the land of unearned trust it once was.
      - Offline Mode seems to be a huge draw, it's obvious you guys are trying not to over commit, I get that, but it really needs to be a stretch goal, or something you guys will try and fund separately. People want it, and the chance not to at least try for it makes people say Uber == EA, which is preposterious, but I've read it a few times.
      - Try again, with a better bitch, and improved reputation.

    50. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      A commitment to an offline mode would go a long way IMHO. I don't want to sound like a broken record but I believe that's a sticking point for quite a few players.

      If it's really not viable, then a decent explanation as to why this isn't posible (when the engine is capable of it) might help sway some.