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pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
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    1. Nathan West on

      Hey Uber: I've been logging the progress of the kickstarter with some Python I wrote. You guys had a serious bump, then a serious OTHER bump! Feeling hopeful.

    2. Hostile Paradox on

      Next update needs to include a sample of the chopper reporter banter.

      Get Stackhouse in the recording booth! :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Me on

      we where fooled by PA trailer seeming on a level of completeness much higher than what it was (i.e. just cgi)

      I am glad I was! I backed that one and this one as well.

      But when I see this trailer, there is no actual mechanic being show that makes sense in a game context. how a building gets selected for weaponization, how collection works, what resources are... we instinctively got how PA was going to be - a GLORIOUS total annihilation - but this trailer goes into unexplored territory for the genre.

      what will the game be like? the campaign? the balance? the mechanics?

      I can see only pretty graphics there, a coolness factor over the scale, but nothing that actually explains how the game will feel. for example, how do you 'win'? a map? a campaign?

      on an unrelate note, monster aren't that scary when shown in full light and move, attack and work just right 'units'. they might be weird, but they aren't 'monster' in the real sense. just units of a weird design. and because of that they don't look they will play that much different (a bit, yes, like in ta kingdoms, but not by a lot, like in aliens vs predator 2000 game)

      show more of that! what make monster anxiety inducing and terrifying, what make huge robots cool and sleek. or are they actually just unit with weird 3d model?

    4. Missing avatar

      Makellan on

      Please add some levels with in-game bonuses. I committed to getting the game, but I don't need more toys on my desk. Promise me some extra units, some bonus starting humans, some extra levels, anything that will make the game itself more fun, and I'll throw more money at you. Not just skins, I mean something with an actual effect.

    5. Aaron Gigley on

      so yeah miracles do happen! can't say it enough guys LETS KEEP PUSHING THROUGH THIS and get the fund train to ram full on into the goal and push past that to get offline campaign!

    6. Missing avatar

      sqrbox on

      I'm not an RTS gamer, but the art direction and the premise of this game is amazing! Some screenshots from the video I think will help, show off the art direction and some of the gameplay. I almost skipped over this because it's not what I usually play, but watching the video convinced me.

    7. Luigi T. Guevara Olivastri on

      I guess you were too greedy, the game look awesome and look like need that money, don't get me wrong, but still, if you need maybe the 80% of this total pledged, why don't start with that amount? and Maybe you get more in the late campaign. But now you're in hurry, and that doesn't look good tho.

      You will need another strategy to accomplish this object

    8. Missing avatar

      Henry Jensen on

      Try getting on Steam?

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Frenzel on

      Just popped in to say the more apt quote: "Every time a bell ring a killer robot gets its wings"

    10. Jasper on

      I'd just like to say that, regardless of whatever people have to say about Planetary Annihilation and whatnot, I think you are a bunch of pretty cool dudes, and this looks like a fantastic game, and I sincerely hope this gets funded. I wish I could help out more, but as an underfunded college student I don't really have any money or any impact. Best of luck to you all! I pray for Armageddon via Gargantuan Alien Squid-Creatures or Monolithic Sentient Robo-Titans!

    11. Akryum on

      I would like to see more artworks on the home page so that the project feels more consistent! :)

    12. Kalazor on

      I think you guys have got an American Idol style problem of people assuming success and waiting to pledge. I'm hoping this scare wakes people up and gets those who may have passed over at first to come back and pledge!

    13. Kris Knives on

      @Dave: Good idea! Every bit helps. Sharing your excitment for a project is the best way to get others excited about it.

    14. Dave Barrack on

      Well, I'm going to link it on my webcomic on Monday. I'm not exactly Penny Arcade but it might be worth a few more backers. I just hope this is one of those kickstarters that gets weird levels of escalating support just because it's kind of comes back from the brink. I haven't been interested in RTSs since Supreme Commander, but this one looks like it has a really good hook going for it. Something a lot of games are missing IMO.

    15. Kris Knives on

      I've upped my pledge....but I'm only doing for the promise of penguin skating at $1,500,000. Penguins, Skating, $1,500,000.