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pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014
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      Alif Iskandar Zabidi bin Azmil on

      If you guys drop the online only requirement of the game (as I've had troubles with my connection before) then I'd gladly increase my commitment of 125 to 250 dollars. Make it happen!

    2. Missing avatar

      Gareth on

      This looks like a great game, but part of why I've only backed at $20 is because of the always-online requirement. I've always been against DRM (whatever the reason may be) and I know requiring an internet connection might not sound that terrible, but having lived in a part of the world without reliable internet now for the past 7 months you begin to see how much of an obstacle it can be.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alec Interrante on

      I have backed a lot of projects and can confidently say the last day of every project sees a huge boost. If it helps keep the kickstarter up, I put another $105 on my pledge, but please don't cancel it because you feel discouraged. That is just cowardly and really makes no sense. Go ahead and get a backup plan, but just wait and see what happens.
      A tip for if you do another kickstarter. Never make your goal so high. People will instantly skip it. Low goals actually attract more people because they get to aim for stretch goals which are what attract people. The main goals are actually less exciting.

    4. Guillermo Federico Heinze on

      I randomly saw some announcement on FB yesterday and I wanted to back right away, but first I had to reactivate my credit card (which I NEVER use online) and I only did it, because I'm excited about this game.
      If you had Paypal, more people would pay you for it.
      Now, a few hours later I read you guys thinking of cancelling it and it breaks my heart.
      I backed 20$, because your other offers suck. And I think a lot more people would be happier to pay those 20 bucks, if you aloud them to access the game earlier than when it's finished. I bought PA on Steam, because I never heard about it before it was there. Giving too much cooler content to bakers with money scares any future costumers. As I got PA I felt I was missing out, as other people where able to get cooler stuff before anybody else thru the KS. This is a double sided sword that may cut you too in the end...
      Not developing this game because of the lack of promotion to it's kickstarter would be superlame and fans woun't forgive that. If you really want to publish it, you'll have to invest in it. KS works better to support developing something, but expecting KS to fund it all sounds crazy to me. Don't get me wrong, I love this project and it's the reason why I have a KS account since yesterday!
      Give us links to stuff to share in our networks!

    5. abaddon1 on

      People at Uber. I would suggest if at all possible, add in some extra "add-in" type items beyond just extra game keys. Things like an add an extra "X" amount to get the soundtrack. I also know people really like physical rewards (which are also more costly to deliver) so if possible something like an extra shirt design you can only get via an add-on rewards that doesn't require a high tier.

    6. Aaron Gigley on

      HOLY CARP 300,000 KEEP IT UP GUYS also beta is not worth it are you kidding me? you get the game early how is that not worth it? and 50 dollars free for a game thats pretty good but still try to keep upping the funds guys lets hit 500,000 in two days!

    7. Cats777

      RIP HR

    8. Stuart Elliot on

      Well, I want to support this game and just changed my pledge from $20 - $90. I hope this will get made :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Clayton Higbee on

      I have to agree, the fact that I have to get up to $90 to get the soundtrack means I would never go for it. Beta alone isn't worth it either, especially with $50 free of... some thing that I have never heard of but appears to be pay-to-play. For that matter I already have PA so it's useless as a reward.

    10. Aaron Gigley on

      THIS GAME NEEDS TO BE MADE the false contreversy and sceptisicm hurt but LETS PULL THROUGH THIS i love the rewards people saying more needs to be added eh idk i just want the game and the amazing tee shirt we hit a huge leap today LETS KEEP UP THIS PACE!

    11. Missing avatar

      kevin Idelmann on

      COME ONE U BUGGER´S PUSH IT i Dont want to Loose this game in the void of Canceld Dreams!

    12. Carel Fransen on

      I must agree with the others in this comment thread. I think the biggest problem here is the rewards, and specifically the below 60-70 dollars rewards: there are only two, that are practically the same (as in-game credits for another game don't mean much to me, nor most other backers here, most probably). You need more low cost rewards: maybe at 10, 20, 35, 50, 70, and offer something extra that doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot either. Unfortunately it seems that most of the projects I backed that didn't make it, were having trouble at these low-cost pledges.

      Take a look at projects like "The Flame in the Flood", "Obduction" and "Armikrog", they offer lots of amazing, project-specific rewards at low costs.

      Also, promotion, getting the project seen, is massively important, though I have not much experience on how to make that happen. Providing imagery for backers to share is one. Maybe write blogs and websites asking to write something about the game, maybe ask for an interview or so.

      Anyway, I'd really like to see this game finished. I already backed the project before seeing the whole movie. It's worth making, and there are undoubtly more than enough people around who are willing to back (really, that is out of the question). The only challenge is to reach them. ;-)

    13. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Nate here. Thanks for all your help, guys!

      I am putting together another update for this evening to give you guys whatever we can to make it easier to get the word out. Wallpapers are done, and we've got some sweet animated gifs that you can paste into stuff. Twitter avatars are next. Any other ideas?

      As to your suggestions re: interesting backer rewards, I must stress that I cannot guarantee anything in this area (as I am not in charge of that stuff). But post your ideas here if you have them. We're following this thread.

    14. Arcknight on

      "So, I backed PA and I am backing HR, but in both cases, I supported at the minimum level to get the game. Why? Because, your reward model sucks and I have to go from $20 to $125 before I get anything truly tangible to me...that is a huge leap."

      SO MUCH EXACTLY THIS. I'm backing at $20, I WANT to back at $40-$50, and the rewards absolutely don't appeal to me. I don't WANT funds for some other game. I don't WANT a copy of another game / especially a game I probably already have, etc. I know this is hard, because microtransactions suck, and exclusives suck, and paying to unlock new factions suck - so.... think of something else?

    15. Yuchen Y. on

      Those rewards still suck. The jump is still too big. Also when I pledge for HR, I want HR stuff, not stuff for other games.
      I already have PA. So instead of incouraging me to pledge more, this actually discourages me to pledge more.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dolphinflavoredicecream on

      Rooting for you!!!!

      omgomgomgomg come on guys

    17. Madlyb on

      So, I backed PA and I am backing HR, but in both cases, I supported at the minimum level to get the game. Why? Because, your reward model sucks and I have to go from $20 to $125 before I get anything truly tangible to me...that is a huge leap.

      Go look at how Hidden Path did their rewards for Defense Grid 2 and you will see how to sucker folks like me into contributing more.

      Ohhh...and I agree with others that your timing could have been better in terms of perceptions concerning PA.

      But, I hope you succeed because this game looks more fun than DG2 or PA...and I have enjoyed both.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mark Waschkowski on

      Where is the quick and convenient button for me to post onto facebook about this?

    19. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      (Oh and $40-$90 is quite a jump in the tiers...)

    20. Missing avatar

      Simon Orr on

      I found this yesterday evening and backed it this morning

      That said, there's something wrong with the advertising. I'm a huge RTS fan and tend to keep an eye on upcoming games but I only found you by idly browsing "KS Staff Picks" when I had 5 minutes to spare.

      If you want to raise serious money, you need to be much more visible. Telling everyone on Thursday that the deadline is Monday doesn't leave any of us much room to help you.

    21. Akryum on

      Nice new rewards <3

    22. Brian Orlick on

      Heya, I'm a big fan of Husky ( ;, largely known for his Starcraft commentaries. However, he's played and promoted other games on his non-Starcraft channel.

      Recently he's been concentrating more on film-making, but it couldn't hurt to reach out to him. He's passionate about games, and has a huge audience who are already RTS fans.

    23. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      One option would be to add to or create a tier with multiple copies of the game e.g. $40 beta tier could get 2 copies, $90 alpha tier could get 3 or 4 copies, etc. RTS games are a lot more fun when you can play with friends.

    24. Jan on


      of course we will get this thing working, I mean come on? We can do that! We will fund this awesome game!

      By the way, ,maybe you should open the option to fund via PayPal, a lot of people don't have a credit Card and Paypal is often a good chance for those people to fund. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Sam Jones

      I can't help but thinking that the speed at which this KS appeared is what has stunted backership. I know it's a separate internal studio within Uber but this isn't exactly clear on the surface and the question of 'hey didn't these guys release a KS game just a month ago?' might drive people away because it gives the impression that Uber do a KS, make the game and then abandon ship for the next project. I really think a good 5-6month wait would have seen wildly different results. If anything but to give people that enjoy Planetary Annihilation enough time to want something else from the same studio.

    26. Kris Knives on

      Okay you probably heard/thought of this before but here is all I can think to suggest: Might you consider some add-ons to the game? Those can be very helpful in getting a few extra dollars from backers. It wouldn't save the game but maybe it could get another $100,000 in funds raised. Looking at the numbers here it seems like you are also not getting any traction on your high end backer offers is there anything you could do to revamp them a little bit like naming an NPC or something like that?

    27. Rich on

      man that sucks, we need to get sharing!

      @jeffrey chen - you haven't paid any money until the project is successful, and there is no unfinished product just a trailer to show how the game would be

    28. Ryan Heck on

      Thank you for the clear communication on this. Regardless of the outcome, the clear go/no-go plan here is very appreciated and I wish more projects using KS did this.

    29. fowltief on

      Watching notes and comments online i see allot of people don't want to support cause, even tho ti's a different team. They believe planetary annihilation isn't complete.

    30. Kyle on

      How about you give us some ammo? Like, a 1920x1080 promo wallpaper with a shortened link to the video in text on it, and some epic screenshot.

    31. Tim Ellis on

      @Jeffrey Chen - You don't pay anything unless the campaign concludes successfully. If they cancel the Kickstarter campaign, you pay nothing at all.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Chen on

      hey, uh, I paid some money for it ($20) can i get at least the unfinished product if you guys decide to cancel?