Human Resources - An Apocalyptic RTS Game (Canceled)

by Planetary Annihilation Inc

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    1. TheWrongCat on

      Yelling at your computer has more of an effect than you might think, especially if you do it at the library.

    2. Radon on

      Holkins?! You did it again and named an artillary after a real person?
      Just like the Mavor in SupCom?!

    3. Aaron Gigley on

      lol i agree MAKE IT i have been yelling at my computer for a straight 10 minutes then my voice gave out guess i will have to get my friends to yell at their computers ;)

    4. Eddie Freeman

      Make it indeed!

    5. Missing avatar

      Billy Riddell on

      I agree you guess are better then mutants. At least as far as I know !
      But as far as the Kickstarter it looks like a cool Game in the works.

    6. Evan Hirsh on

      Hot pepper gaming? That sounds fun! The last one was pretty great.

    7. Wytchwood on

      Honestly, this was..awkward to watch.