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pledged of $1,400,000pledged of $1,400,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Oct 20 2014

Gameplay! How will Human Resources play?

Posted by Planetary Annihilation Inc (Creator)

Hi everyone!

The Kickstarter is chugging along well! I'm still overwhelmed at the positive response so far.

It's the weekend. I tend to do a lot of thinking on the weekend. So I had a thought. I really want to spend some time and talk about how I see a round of Human Resources playing out. How do the factions differ? How does the economy work? How does the terrain play into things? That sort of stuff.

My question to you is, how do you want this information? 

I had a few ideas:

1. I could do a walk-through style video where I talk over the trailer and explain the scenes and how I see the game playing.

2. I could write up a story of a game that you could read. Like a description of a cast of the game.

3. I could just sit back and watch all the speculation happen and point out when people are getting warm.

Discuss in our comments! I'd love to hear how people would like this information conveyed and then I'll work on it next week.

Thanks for your support! Don't forget to tell your friends about us.

John Comes

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    1. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      We went with #1 for now. Might do more later. We'll see what the feedback says from the video.

      Video posted in our latest update!

    2. Felix Ludwig on

      An explanation next to the trailer would be great! I Really like the "Mother"-Ship in the end. It would be really cool, when such "A-Bomb"-weapons would make it in the game! Please stick to the design! Its great!
      And if you have a little time and manpower left: Little animated episodes about the backgroundstory would be great!

    3. Planetary Annihilation Inc 2-time creator on

      Thanks for all your feedback. We're working on it and will post it sometime 'sooooon'.

    4. Missing avatar

      lokiCML on

      No. 1 and No. 2

    5. Jeffrey Williams

      Or simply screenshots from the trailer, rather than illustrations.

    6. Jeffrey Williams

      I would like a timelapse video of illustrations or whiteboard drawings displaying the different phases of a battle as you envision them. Then talk about what each faction is trying to do in each phase and how their goals or strategies may differ. Also, what does the battlefield looks like in each phase. Is there a constant supply of humans or will the Human Resources become more scarce as the battle progresses? Can you try for an early "human grab" in lieu of building stronger combat units? By the end, I expect the entire world to be destroyed :)

    7. HypnoticSheep on

      I vote #2, for sure. It'd be great to just get a sample transcript of a game to get a feel for the gameplay.

    8. Missing avatar

      Martyn Haigh

      It depends whether you're open to suggestion and input from the community; if you already know 100% how everything hangs together then 1 or 2, but if there is any room in your mind for improvement then you should open the floor to the backers - we may suggest something which you'd not considered before, or there may be an over whelming desire for something you'd thought wasn't important.

    9. Graham Banner on

      #1 or #2 would be good :)
      Or #2 from the objective view of a civilian in a nearby skyscraper observing it all :D

    10. Joshua P. on

      #1, but you're drawing pictures on a peace of paper.

    11. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      Video. Maybe not necessarily the trailer per se, but even just whiteboard sketches with talking might be interesting.

    12. Missing avatar

      Thomas Babb on

      1 Sounds Great. You guys should talk to some YouTubers to get coverage for the game and get more attention. ScrewAttack comes to mind.

    13. Nathan Camp on

      I'd personally avoid 3 if possible, if speculation goes too wide then it can result in expectations forming - and whilst this will inevitably happen anyway having something pseudoconcrete to refer to can help keep peoples expectations grounded closer to Uber's intentions.

      Personally I'd like 1 to begin with, the video is something that was produced to convey Uber's intent, and having a more detailed explanation of that intent with reference to the video would be ideal.

    14. Missing avatar

      Brendan Lautissier on

      Definitely number 1.

    15. pascal blanche on

      #3 speculating all the way : human ressources has great potential really, specially when picking up those robot VS monsters fantasies: I totally see those faction using humans in various horrible ways from simple snacks ( it's a cookbook! ) to slavery, battery ( Matrix) , brains for summoning power ( worshipers ) and so on, not just know simple ressource like logs or gold... that would be a waste! in the same way, different buildings could shelter different type of humans: fastfood buildings have more calories packed humans, downtown office more brain juice, factories better suited working slaves, so you might have different priorities depending on your side, or objectives to weaken your ennemies... Am I getting warm now?

    16. Missing avatar

      범유신 on

      One first, two later.

    17. Jackson Mades on

      Also, put a save option because I have gone into games that lasted hours and we had to make draws because we couldn't play any longer.

    18. Jackson Mades on

      Number 1 would be the best for me since I love seeing the graphic design of your games. Simple but brilliant!

    19. Radon on

      Do everything of it!
      OK, let´s just do #2, that´s the easiest way!

    20. IchigoRXC - Zerth of the Obsidian Order on

      I am definitely in favour of number 1.

    21. Missing avatar

      Colin Zeidler on

      #1 would be the best way to get the general idea of it across, and then somepoint in the future #2 would also be fantastic.

    22. TheMightyWashburn on

      One first, two later.

    23. Deep Chaggar on

      #1 would be the easy way out I feel by making a small script and running a camera to shoot and more people would watch it - however #2 would provide us more details about the vision and unfortunately not many people will read through just the hardcore - so I'm going to with #2 - I want details!! Unless you can incorporate a small video as well into #2

    24. Missing avatar

      Chay Beaumont on

      Certainly feeling #1

    25. Chad Helms on

      #4. Properly address the reality of the Kickstarter Planet Annihilation release post-mortem and why this Kickstarter will be different. I can't even Save or Load a game in Planet Annihilation for crying out loud!

    26. Missing avatar

      Gavin Niebel on

      Yeah, number 1 for sure. And if during the walkthrough, there are any ideas you have that you aren't sure about, or can't decide between, you could create a poll somewhere and ask us for our input! :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Sean Izor on

      I vote #1 as well.

    28. Lubomir Miliakov on

      Number one would be the most informative.

    29. Gazz on


      There is nothing wrong with my imagination and in text form the game can have a lot of features without wasting a lot of time to hack up demo scenes and fake screenshots.

    30. Missing avatar

      Andrey Korotkov on

      I would really appreciate if you did number 1

    31. Missing avatar

      Dimitri Inglezos on

      I prefer No 2. Although videos are nice, at this stage I prefer a little more abstract. A video will probably influence our thinking about the game, whereas a written story will allow us to use our creative thinking and imagination.

    32. Missing avatar

      Maxolino on

      I would say number 1 is better because it is hard to imagine number 2 with only one trailer seen so far, but i would want to get some information on things that are not included in the trailer (preferably via video) aswell ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Panzer on

      Do number 1, but make it vague enough so that number 3 is still viable. Because speculation is always so much fun :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Kyle Dillon on

      I was thinking, you could do #1, except with some flexible drawing program or something on the side, where you could loosely draw out how a game works.

      Also, great idea in general, the displaying how a game plays. TBH, I thought of this too, and I thought fighting over the Human Resources you are likely to fight all over the place both trying to get the same resources and impede other resources. So in a way, it will probably be tiberium collection with flair. When discussing it with a friend, it made sense to me the end result of maps will probably resemble moba style map patterns with lanes and/or webs of lanes.

    35. Andrew Chilcott on

      number semms cool to me

    36. Missing avatar

      Arttu Leinonen on

      Number 2, because I want to be able to go through the stuff at my own pace. If you make the video to my pace, some will find it too fast, and I'll get annoyed if you make to a pace that most people can follow. Also, at work it is easier to read random text than watch videos. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      Klaus Mayr on

      A video would be great. It would also be the easiest thing for us to share with our friends who don't know about this project yet.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kaylee on

      1 would be GREAT, it would be a good way to show examples and explain things that we see :3

    39. mongo94 on

      #2 all the way

    40. Missing avatar

      Leow Peng Hong on

      I would love to see it in the first option!

    41. on

      Video would be the best and clearest way, though the chaos of 3 has an appeal to me as well �