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9 volumes with over 2,500 pages in deluxe 12"x10" oversized hardcover format collecting all 20 Years of PvP comics.
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Posted by PvP Online (Creator)

The campaign closed over an hour ago with more than 160% funding. Since then I've been writing and unwriting this post, feeling waves of relief and joy and shock, not really sure how best to express my thanks.

I wrote something on the PvP blog for the last day of the campaign that I keep saying to myself as over and over again as I type, read, delete, and repeat this process;

How do I say twenty years worth of thank yous?

There are so many people that did so many things, big and small, to get us all to here. Twenty years worth of people. I couldn't list them all if I tried. I couldn't properly thank them for the things they did to make this possible. I couldn't properly thank you for pledging and spreading the word.

It's strange because this doesn't feel like an end. It doesn't feel like this happened for twenty years and now we're done. It feels like the exact opposite. It feel like this is the beginning. Any of you that might have followed along with my woefully infrequent posting on the PvP blog know that this has been a weird year for me. The fact that this happened right as we're wrapping up the year. It feels like a fresh start after a rough patch.

I've expressed it poorly here. I'm sure I'll have a better idea when I've recovered from the shock of it all. And I know it's not enough because how do I say twenty years worth of thank yous? But thank you anyway. Thank you.

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      Roland turner on

      Hey Scott, you have said thank you for 20 years already, every comic, every post shows that you appreciate your community, this just our way of showing our support.. and getting some great books.

    2. Mike Kunkel on

      Congrats, Scott! So happy to see this and be part of it. Miss you, my friend!

    3. Missing avatar

      Jesse Stevens on

      I've read your comics for at least the last 14 years and loved every minute of it. Thank you for everything you've done and created. You were the first ever web comic I ever started reading, and are part of my daily routine. Great job! I can't wait to see the next leg of this journey.

    4. Aaron Harvey on

      I'm going to 2nd Lukas, Thank you for sharing it with us. The crew at PVP are like family to me after 18 years of reading them. You are like family after sharing your own life in the comics and blogs for the last 18 years. Don't stop doing what you do. Stand up be proud of it, this is how you know you've done well.

      Thank you for making the start of my day always a bit brighter.

    5. Lukas Buergi

      Take this as what it is: A hefty show of respect and thank you from us to you for all the fun, suspense, laughs and entertainment you've given us over all those years. And an endorsement to continue so, because you're certainly still on the right track.

      I tip my hat to you, good Sir!

    6. Missing avatar

      M Newton on

      Congratulations, and thank you for the fun

    7. Missing avatar

      Matthew Harris on

      No, thank you, Scott. Thank you for 20 years of laughs, humanity and nerdyness.