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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter about 2 years ago


The animals most commonly slaughtered for food are cattle and water buffalo for beef. { Got-RealBeef ? } They Have been tampered with, From D.N.A. to the feedings of , The industry has even fed Beef products to Cow's  [  human altered & interventions ]   /As most should be aware, our friend theTyrannosaurus....  [ A red Meat eater ] Rex makes everything better! Gobbles up everything ,So 'why a T-rex?' Diet ? really is a question that should never, ever be asked in life. A COW OR TREX?.As per the golden rule, if you can fit a T-Rex into what you're doing, you fit it in - end of story. . [ Period ]  And we've [ modern day  Society  in Productions of ]  decided to bring . modified from nature ...genetically introduce to shots antibiotics especially designed with Fatty oils taste specifications, To  human tounge sensations.. for taste due to the modern-day upbringing of livestock side by side techniques [ the reasoning behind ???--  for the sake of profit ] $$$

 from calf.< babycow >to Adulthood ..These conditions in 1 foot of feces   this is why they are full of shots and antibiotics, the modern day output factories / or Jail slaughterhouses ; side-by-side [ general practice ]       

 man-made food... I am relevance to  both sides of the spectrum, And This wall that you can NOT get  through Is you eat that animal, you eat those hormones, !!!you are what you eat? it is very serious . YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE ....FOLKS an upstart farm privately funded by it's owners/operators farmer ,Michael Adams and farmer Delilah Mendez ,with are combined 9 Children.We've raised our own capital after years of hard work and have personally funded the beginning construction ... Educate our kids about sustainable farming and nutrition! hope [is] that our supporters here will be those who still believe in art, that art can be a powerful tool in fighting injustices.---------standing in animal feces over a foot deep this is wrong    the risks of-- ( Unknowns ) was  not, intended for animals in this condition this is why .( The animals are sick ) Lets meet the need for healthy human food..AdamsFamily Diy Grass fed Beef,,,My aim is to provide 100% natural produce to as many local people as possible The animals grow faster, are far less susceptible to disease, and have higher levels of Marbling..And further down the line premium beef boxes Nationwide. STEPPING in to fill the gap. Returning to nature... Premium Beef  there is no better savory food than old-fashioned grazing oF BEEF.This is a project that I’m very passionate about!! GRASS-Fed beef in Urban feedings Of : this is the only hand humans should have in the upbringing of our food ARE YOU SOMEONE WHO LOVES EATING DELICIOUS MEALS? HEALTHY nutritious eating right... Then your Our kind of people...We want to provide the very best in Free Ranged Beef Taste the difference. 

 ailing sector, Un- natural Productions Of..  [ commonly known as slaughterhouses ].the animals need to eat on a open range Natural Foods with a open area ...To move and eat proper remember Mam's Way is the best...We are   responding to greater demand for , naturally grown food. Our core mission is to support  healthy eating healthy living. 

We are able to influence this market. We have more market power than most companies."Because We have under Contract vast open Farm Landscape,  And vast Rangers of farm lands once the vegetables and fruit are picked we come in. the company's financing unit. "It's a cyclical industry. We've built a business that we can manage effectively across all cycles, and our performance would indicate we can do that."  

Risks and challenges

funding towards shelter and fence and if we make it enough a good dog . Currently, our biggest challenge is meeting the increasing demand of our product by our customer base.
harvest yields and expand to other markets and supply local restaurants. The next biggest challenge will be labor, however, we are excited to build and expand the business and hire local, enthusiastic staff!, ☆ Grazed.problems in Urban drives , < vehicles and we are wrangling them that a driver[ drunken ] would cross our barriers ,and cones. for blockage... and run into some Animals,cattle. We understand and put a fourth much thought and consideration into the protecting of our cows. If you have any questions please email us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours thank you for your kind financial help in this endeavor

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    Are major contributors[ TOP 7 ] legal Clause 200 lb per month... for the first two years... we'll get Ubeef at our cost!!! can you say barbecue ...Preserve and restore, My hope [is] that our supporters here will be those who still believe in art of grazing , ( Land On ) that art can be a powerful tool in fighting injustices."

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