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A feature doc about an inspirational woman and her community as they defend their mountain farms against proposed natural gas drilling.

A feature doc about an inspirational woman and her community as they defend their mountain farms against proposed natural gas drilling. Read More
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HD Kickstarter video link>>

HD Kickstarter Update April 21>> HAPPY EARTH DAY!

What is Holy Terror?

Holy Terror is a feature-length documentary project that began in January 2011.  At that point it was a fun, inspirational story about a woman and her husband buying a farm and cultivating all their own food on their land.  The variety of foods needed to sustain a homestead seems astounding because largely, eating locally or seasonally hasn’t happened like this in the United States for almost a century.  And nestled in a community that is known nationwide as an organic food paradise, it seemed Alison and Jason had picked the perfect place to settle into: the North Fork Valley.

But about a year later, that picture changed drastically with the announcement of a Federal lease sale of public lands up and down the valley.  The 22 parcels of land, which make up over 30,000 acres, are slated to be sold to gas development companies that, with new extraction technologies, believe they can cultivate methane from the suspected shale pockets below.  We’re starting to learn about the consequences this could have on the air quality, ground and irrigation water and therefore these people’s way of life.  The effects on their ability to cultivate healthy food from this land could be devastating.

This film will follow Alison and her fellow farmers’ fight to save their lifestyle.  Over the course of one full growing season, we’ll learn about the interaction the gas and shale industry has with food growers and ranchers.  And by the end of the summer, the lease is slated to be complete, and we’ll know the fate of the Valley going forward. 

What’s with the funky name, Holy Terror?

Holy Terror Farm is the name of Alison and Jason’s plot in Paonia, named for the stream that runs thru the property: Terror Creek.  It’s said to have taken the name “Holy Terror” as homage to its thunderous, “terrifying” flows at the peak of runoff season in May.  Across the road from the farm, Terror Creek flows into the North Fork of the Gunnison, which eventually pours downstream into the Colorado River.

Where and when can I see the film?

Great news for ALL of you!  The film is slated to air on Free Speech TV this winter, which is available over satellite and free online.

After the run on FSTV, we plan to take Holy Terror on the road for a festival circuit.  A scheduled date near you offers you an opportunity to meet the principles involved with the film, as well as an opportunity to see it on the big screen!

For now, stay linked in to our website, for extras and trailers!

What can I expect of the film when it shows?

Shot in full HD, we plan to capture the beauty of the Valley in all four seasons bring those colors to life on your screen.  You can anticipate a compelling tale of truth; something the energy debate is choking for.  Expect a sober, realistic perspective on the sensitive issue that is the energy debate.  This conflict is unfolding in real time and updates via blog and video short will keep you in the loop as it moves forward.

Why should I support this project?

This is a grassroots look at a few issues that impact ALL of us: domestic energy production, food cultivation, property rights.  Natural gas drilling is not just an election issue this year; how it’s approached, extracted, and regulated will guide our nation’s use of energy for years to come.  And some truths about how we make and consume our food here may also become glaringly obvious.

The prospective education here is key; it’s the backbone of any society being able to navigate complex issues like this.  We hope we can shed light on the issue so other communities can be informed when confronted with similar threats.  But also from a filmmaking perspective, this is an excellent story to dive into.  Alison has been engaged in the energy and global warming debate for decades, and now it comes full circle to threaten her farm.  There is already a staunch resistance to this encroachment in the North Fork Valley; this will be the plight of farmers fighting to save their livelihood.

Why is Holy Terror on Kickstarter?

Environmental documentary is difficult to fund; anything exposing the fracking truth is tough to get off the ground because the money is flowing the other way: toward natural gas.  What started as a fun spec project about a farm is now a film with energy, about energy that the public needs to see and the scope has been expanded significantly.  By funding this project through Kickstarter we can stay true to the film’s roots and avoid watering down the product for outside interests and sponsors.

What will my money be spent on?

Our expenses include: travel, audio and camera equipment purchase and rental, edit staff, equipment and storage, graphics and visuals, insurance for production, and camping equipment for Valley shoots.

What’s in the North Fork Valley seed packets?

1.       Greens and Blooms: Curly Kale; Rainbow Chard; Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce; Red Salad Bowl Lettuce; Sweet Pea (for foliage only; NOT for human or pet consumption)

2.       Tubers, Beans and Herbs: Chioggia Beet; Italian Pole Bean, Flat Parsley, Cilantro, Detroit Dark Red Beet, Danvers Half-Long Carrot

I have more questions; how can I contact you?

Contact director Cameron:


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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