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Home of the Frog Dog..The Best tasting, Hotdogs in the South! . Read more

Reform, AL Food
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This project was successfully funded on October 3, 2013.

Home of the Frog Dog..The Best tasting, Hotdogs in the South! .

Reform, AL Food
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At Doobie’s DogHouse, it’s about more than just Hot Dogs- Our stand was built on a love for food, a desire to foster a community, and a passion for providing Reform,Al. with high quality, highly delicious, fresh Hot Dogs and Sandwiches. All of our Dogs are made fresh and to order, and I use only local ingredients, when possible. We make it our priority to recycle our drink cans and, our serving trays and to-go boxes are made from recycled materials. Did we mention that our hotdog wieners are also 100% Alabama  and completely delicious?

our Memphis style BBQ Dog
our Memphis style BBQ Dog

 The connection between food, our health, and the world around us is undeniable- but at Doobie’s Dog House we feel, that as Americans, we still should have a choice of the food we consume. Everything in moderation is the key…Even our health aware 1st Lady was seen eating at the world famous Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood, California. So it’s also undeniable to say, that Hotdogs are everybody’s favorite food. Cleanliness is of the most importance. it's one of my biggest pet peevs.and everyone at some point has experienced it. I believe in maintaining a very clean establishment. If its not clean, customers won't come back...I believe customer service is of importance also...a kind friendly smile can go a long way in the food business... as owner of Doobie's Dog House I assure my supporters and my customers that I will never loose fact of that...

our chili cheese dog
our chili cheese dog

our full menu as it is now...

NEWS FLASH!!!! For backers 600 through 750.. I have 8 Frog Dog t-shirts, all Large....i have chosen 8 numbers, if your that backer, you will receive by mail, a Home of the Frog Dog T-Shirt.....Hint: shirt #8 is 750..the shirts are in black&white



·The Frog Dog combo—1-dog/$3.99----2dog/$4.99  KETCHUP,SPICY BROWN MUSTARD,ONIONS,NEON GREEN RELISH

·Chili-Cheese Dog combo—1-dog/$4.99---2 dog/$5.99..chili,cheese, onions,mustard

·Southern Style Slaw Dog combo—1-dog/$4.99—2/dog/$5.99..chili dog with home made fresh cole slaw

·The Main Street Griller combo—1-dog/$4.99---2-dog/$5.99-grilled cola-onions,and spicy mustard

·The Memphis BBQ Dog combo—1-dog/$4.50----2-dog/$5.50…Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, onions, or grilled cola-onions

·The Pickens Co. Tornado combo—1-dog/$5.50---2-dog/$6.50…it’s good And Messy…eat it with a fork…chili, cheese,slaw,spicy mustard,grilled cola-onions…piled high

·Polish dog combo—1-dog/$5.50…your choice of anything u want on it!

·The Godfather combo--$5.50-Italian beef sandwich with au jus---get it   Dry--Wet---or soaked in au-jus  (french word for gravy)

·Bowl of Chili w/corn chip/drink---$4.75-chili on a bed of frito lay corn chips/with cheese

·Ice Cold beverages--$ 1.00/ Bottles--$1.50

·Chips---$ .75

·Thank you for allowing me to serve you…. More items will be added in due time…

Even though I’m not officially open, we have already outgrown our trailer operation(based on customers asking about it, facebook support, and projected business due to very high traffic area, and I also sustained unrepairable damage to the roof of the trailor ) and need to expand into our own kitchen to meet the demand! We have secured a location on Hy 82 East , in Reform, Al. on the same property as the Mud Hole, a very poplar and very busy antiques and variety store..our thoughts was his business will bring me business and mine vice versa.. We have the space,the building, and the passion, now we need your help to equip it! 

With the funds that you so graciously provide I will be using it for the following:

Finishing the interior: wall board..stainless steel walls in the cooking area, lights, vent hood with grease trap filters(so i can start serving fry's and corn dogs with a deep fryer)

A deck with tables and umbrella’s on front of the building for dining (approx. 20' x20' )

A larger cooling unit to keep large amounts of perishables cold

3- Stainless tables instead of wood built counter tops for steam table, prep, ect.

A larger serving window replacing the window that came with the building



Adding a restroom for staff use only…required by health inspector

A set of steam pans

Electrical breaker box

Food handling permit

3 bay sink for dishes and a single sink for hand washing….required by health inspector

any pledges over the100% mark will be greatly appreciated ... $6000 is the least amount i need to get this project finished, but at the same time any amount over will be spent on upgrades to the hotdog stand..extra tables and umbrella's, maybe can add a dishwasher in the future, ect...Remember this has to reach my goal of $6000 in 30 days or i get nothing... please share in my passion and give generously ....thank you so much...

Risks and challenges

To date, we have been faced with many risks and challenges. The largest risk has been our financial investment in this business. We have put a lot of our finances at risk to avoid taking on investors or bank loans. The least amount of overhead, the better it will be in times of slow business. As with any business there are good times and there are not so good times. We have strong confidence in ourselves and our products and know that, if we persevere, our Hot Dog Stand will thrive. 2nd. challenge being satisfying the health inspector... if he finds a problem I will correct it, but I really don't foresee a problem, because my county's inspector is working with me closely, to be sure I complete all of his requirements... he knows that i'm struggling and really wants me to succeed, I believe that truly ..the last challenge is wastewater hook up.. I have'nt found the existing sewer main on the property yet, but I know its there, and the City of Reform will hook up that service..

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  • if i'm not funded then not one single person will have there credit cards charged by amazon..but lets not think that way,thats to scarey, so, say i do reach my goal. of $6000.. then the amount that you so graciously pledged will be deducted from the source you provided and i will then receive that amount...

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  • i will send a survey out upon funding, and u will send it back.. i will then have the info I need to process the rewards... the reward combo's?, i supose i can do a punch card with your name on it and every time you come in to collect i can punch it

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  • via my web site and facebook... i will post pics of the project up till the first hotdog has had its first bite taken from it...Then we will all know that the victory is ours.. Thats right you are a part of this too, you, my backers have made this all happen... thank you

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    Pledge $10 or more

    183 backers

    as a thank you for your support and belief in my dream, I will send you a email of thanks and at any time of your choosing can come by and eat on the house..any meal of your choosing,

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    Pledge $25 or more

    102 backers

    anyone pledging $25 or more on this project will receive 5 free combo meals from Doobie's Dog House as a thank you for helping me complete my dream. and a mention of support on my future web site and my face book

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    Pledge $100 or more

    10 backers

    my sincere gratitude, your name on my future web site, and a advertising slot on all my tables...painted on under the clear coat..and eat at no charge for 30 days of your choosing..any days of any month..will make up a punch card to keep up with it

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    Pledge $500 or more

    3 backers Limited (7 left of 10)

    for your pledge of this amount ..all of the above rewards plus. my undying gratitude and a free advertising slot, your dot com, or just your name on my building, as a sincere thank you for one year....this is a high traffic area and Doobie's is in full view of the road,with a light shining on it at night. you will need to supply me with the ad to mount on my building...needs to be 48 inches square or less.. so i can put at least 10 on across the wall facing hy 82... or get the whole wall if you all 10 slots, get the wall for 2 years...its a 8x24 ft wall... very high traffic area... thats only $6 a day

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