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Our faith should be a celebration of bonding together as a worldwide family, joined together by our Lord Jesus Christ, through the Holy Eucharist. 

Catholic Life International Magazine will embody these ideals, and build bridges to remove the divides, which this century has tried so hard to force between us. 

Only by celebrating life, can we truly learn how to respect life. Only by exercising our faith, can we truly learn how to cherish our faith, and only by accepting diversity, can we truly learn how to embrace our diversity. This is the message we hope to spread through Catholic Life International Magazine. 

We will also be allowing "Faith-Based Interactive Advertising", for products and services. There will only be a charge for advertisements, and all submitted magazine articles once approved, will be published for free. 

Our new magazine will be a Catholic "Stone Soup" of collaborations from the faithful . Our Catholic Life International Interactive Magazine will be emailed to churches as an "Electronic Interactive Flip-Book" for free. If you are interested in contributing faith essays, works of art, devotional articles, or news stories, we would love to preview your work for possible publication. 

Risks and challenges

The challenges we have to overcome for the monthly interactive magazine is to be able to focus on the real issues affecting the church and all the lives it touches. We have to be able to represent the faith honestly and with full integrity.

We also have to collect the emails of every single church in the United States. In the United States, there are 196 archdioceses/dioceses and one Personal Ordinariate:

145 Latin Catholic dioceses
33 Latin Catholic archdioceses
16 Eastern Catholic dioceses
2 Eastern Catholic archdioceses
1 Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter

We plan to overcome these challenges by using "Faith Restored" to heal "Faith Lost". This means through our own faith we will be reaching out to those souls who have left the church or lost their faith in order to bring them back home.

We also have ben working on accumulating every email address of all the churches across the nation. We currently have one of the most up-to-date directory of church emails in the nation.

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