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£156 pledged of £2,500 goal
By Jelena
£156 pledged of £2,500 goal


Startas + Co is a shoe brand established in 1931. in Croatia. since then we pride in our handmade, vegan and sustainable way of producing each and every shoe.

It all started in 1931. when Jan A. Bata decided to build one of the biggest shoe factories we have ever seen in Europe. He came from a long line of shoe makers and entrepreneurs. His nickname was none other than ‘The King of Shoes’ and he lived to defend that title. Bata’sorganisationn employed 16,560 people, maintained 1,645 shops and 25 enterprises. He was truly the ‘Manolo’ of his time. Bata died in 1965. and so our factory became the ‘Borovo’ we know today. Under the new leadership in socialist Yugoslavia, the production was blooming so the factory and it’s workers became the national pride. We all wore Startas, Boromina, Borosana and we wore them with pride. They carried the social status of being young and cool. And boy were we cool: rock and roll, Beatle mania… our shoes lived to see it all.

Till the 1990s the production was never stopped. As we all know early 90s was a time of big unrests and transitions in Yugoslavia. The factory was sent to sleep and was only awoken in the late years of that decade. It was now in the hands of newly formed independent Croatia that knew exactly what needed to be done. The production was soon resumed and we never forgot to treasure the tradition and love that has been planted in this building. Today our mission is to spread the word about this jewel still blooming in Europe. Using only organic, raw materials and strictly producing hand made goods we want to spread the word that this is still possible and we hope that with your support, as our customers, we will be able to challenge other brands and say: ‘How do YOU produce your shoes?’. Startas and Co is a lifestyle brand that will help fight unfair trade and terribly dangerous production spreading widely with each day by setting an example. All of our shoes come with the etiquette ‘Handmade with Love in Croatia’- and we stand behind every word.

We are here today to prove that fairtrade and production still go hand in hand and we hope that together with your help we can challenge unfair and unhumain conditions in which many of our luxury goods are made.

We have run a very successful season with the Startas trainers and are now keen to bring Boromina, it's sister sandal to life in the UK.

We promise they are the most comfortable, loving and amazing shoes you will ever own. And have we mentioned, machine washable !?

The sandals will come in size range from UK 3 to UK 8, and the shoes are 100% canvas, handmade in Croatia. 

The heel is very comfortable, and breathable. Perfect for summer!

Here are all of the styles:












Please do comment below and tell us your favorite styles, we are dying to know!

Your well-invested money will go to:

80% New Stock

10% Marketing Invested into this campaign

5% Green Transport

5% Kickstarter Fees

For more info visit our website:

Risks and challenges

There are no risks involved for our customers as the factory is ready, steady to ship your shoes as soon as the campaign finishes.

And hopefully, we will raise enough money to get them on your door this spring.

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    Startas Trainers

    For everyone slightly less inclined to heights- we have a wonderful selection of our handmade Startas trainers, made of 100 per cent natural cotton and rubber.

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    Boromina Sandal

    For every pledge, we offer a boromina sandal of your choice that will retail for £65 (plus free shipping).

    • Boromina Sandal
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    Ships to Only United Kingdom
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