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Pal is a revolutionary GPS & battery extender smartstrap for Pebble Time/Time Steel, Pebble Time Round, Pebble 2, and Pebble Time 2.
Pal is a revolutionary GPS and battery extender smartstrap for Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time 2
Pal is a revolutionary GPS and battery extender smartstrap for Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel and Pebble Time 2
1,446 backers pledged $124,161 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Fernando Jasso

      Never received anything

    2. Scott Andersen

      I never received my palstrap...

    3. swissmawi on

      I got something with barcode number 4891000010016 and it does not resemble any of the pictures here. Since it is unusable because it does not fit the Pebble 2 for which I have ordered it, could please at least tell me what you sent to me, such that I can advertise it correctly on eBay???

    4. swissmawi on

      I still wonder what I should do with the Pal Strap for Pebble time when I asked for a Pal Strap for Pebble 2. Can you tell me that???

    5. Missing avatar

      Janine Eweleit on

      Finally received my Palstrap today. My husband will try it out for me, since I have a Garmin now... How long does it take to get a download link for the HeyPal app for Android? Entered my email several times, nothing happened...

    6. RXCORE

      Hi @Creator , how would I fit pebble time to PAL? does not seems to fit?
      and would also PAL could work as stand alone?

    7. Audio Future Products on

      After waiting for a very long time my Palstrap is finally arrived.
      I hope that other backpackers receive there Palstrap soon.

    8. Powerstrap Creator on

      @backers who are waiting for replacement shipment - Sorry to keep you waiting. The parcels are in the logistics company's hand. Due to cost concern, we have to arrange the re-send shipment in one lot. Despite many of you confirmed us the address swiftly, we had been waiting for few late-responders. We just managed to pass all the parcels to the logistics company a week ago.

      It will take some time for the logistics company to prepare the labels, send out the parcels (It won’t be as fast as DHL delivery). Per our last time experience, it will be few weeks before arriving your hands.

    9. Missing avatar

      Janine Eweleit on

      Nothing here as well. Very disappointed. I Want my money back.

    10. Tepelmann on

      Hey, refund please.

    11. Robin Ang

      still waiting for mine... sent reply ages ago....

    12. Audio Future Products on

      I have asked my money back.
      Don't want Palstrap anymore.
      Advice to do the same thing and write also to Kickstarter about this terrible company.

    13. RockW on

      Looks like responses have dried up on this - no answers now for pretty much an entire month. Very disappointing.

    14. Missing avatar

      j0b1 on

      Mine did not arrive yet. Also got no notification from customs, so it did not get stuck there either.
      Did you even send it yet?

    15. Audio Future Products on

      Email below received at September 08.
      Almost 3 weeks later still no new delivery.
      Is it so hard to send a package to the Netherlands?

      Dear A.F.P. Audio Future Products

      We are planning to re-send you Pal.  Due to previous delivery failure, we need you to confirm once again your receiver name, delivery address, and contact phone number.

      What we have in our record was:

      Receipient Name:  A.F.P. Audio Future Products

      Delivery Address:


      Contact phone number:  N/A  Please provide


      Please confirm by return before 15th September, 2017.


      We will resend you Pal only upon we receive your confirmation in time.


      Thank you.


      The Pal Team

    16. George Parrott on

      Mine has NEVER worked, and every post I have made over the last several months has gone unanswered. For me, this has become simply a "brick" that I have now removed from my Pebble Time and seem to have to treat as a LOST CAUSE ....and WASTED $$$$.

    17. Missing avatar

      De leus on

      Is there any news on the gps offset for some countries (belgium)? Are there other people who also have an alergic reaction on the strap? I never had this kind of reaction before or with any other watch, only now on this strap...

    18. Yves MARTIN on

      Hi, I've finally received the second Pal Strap (the first one was defective). It works like a charm and immediately. Thanks again for the follow up, this is becoming rare on Kickstarter. And even if the watch will become now a "relique"... but together, they are a nice piece of great innovation. Yves.

    19. RockW on

      I forgot to mention, I'm seeing significant rust in the central cavity between the two charging connection points. I haven't worn the strap in water, nor has it got wet in any other way. The only moisture can be moisture from my skin, but as I haven't worn this during exercise, there hasn't been much of that! Has any one else seen this issue, as presumably it will eventually cause a problem?

    20. RockW on

      I too am seeing the fast battery drain issue. I've ensured that charging & GPS are turned off, but the drain still occurs, so by the time the Pebble needs to be recharged, the strap battery is already flat.

      To clarify - the charging function is not activated at all, so the cause you suggest below is not applicable in this instance.

      Do you have any suggestions?

    21. Bernhard Mitter on

      @Creator: Will there be a Firmwareupdate to fix the issue with the GPS tracking?

      Greets from Austria

    22. Powerstrap Creator on

      @Audio Future Products, Sebastian, Janine Eweleit, Robin Ang. You are all on the resend list. We are however sorting out the custom issue which happened to many Germany/Austria backers. We now have got the CE certificates but we need to know proper document/procedure to avoid holding by Custom again in the resending shipment.

    23. Audio Future Products on

      It's time for action. Palstrap doesn't dilver or don't respond to any emails about not working products.
      My suggestion is to collect al the none dilverys and not proper working products and send this to Kickstarter. We asked our money back.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nick Corrigan on

      Still cannot charge my PalStrap... It was working fine... But without charge it now becomes useless... Was great whilst it was possible to charge the device...

    25. George Parrott on

      Got mine at least 2 months ago, but....IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!! It simply will not actually connect with my Pebble Time at least as far as actually activating the GPS. I have sat outside in open fields at least 6X to try to get a GPS fix, and ....NOTHING HAPPENS !!!!!! So far a total waste of money and the staff here have NEVER REPLIED to my inquiries. YIKES !!!!!!

    26. Sebastian on

      @Powerstrap - I am still waiting for an update on delivery (Germany). Item is blocked by customs since June. The only update from you was "pick up item as customs", which does not work without an official communication by distributor (DHL). You need to take action to process the order. I sent you a reply in July and another one on August 15 - without response. Sent another mail today. I am still waiting for my item :(

    27. Missing avatar

      Janine Eweleit on

      @Audio Future Products, I received an email 2 days ago which says that I am now on a “resend-list“ . So perhaps the packages came back and will be resent soon.

    28. Audio Future Products on

      Another 14 days waiting for any reaction from Palstrap about my dilvery. No respons at all. � Are they more people who are waiting for their Palstrap? Please let me know by email.

    29. Missing avatar

      DUMAS on

      Hi Pal,

      as requested some time ago is it possible to add a "not moving" screen" in HeyPal whatchapp to avoid Pebble battery drain when we are using Palstrap ? Having display moving all the time is draining pebble battery and not necessary if you don't look you watch very often during usage of Pal strap

      Thanks a lot

    30. Robin Ang

      Sent an email as per instructed... Creator can you please response? Thanks....

    31. Missing avatar

      Brian Freeman on

      Since the early bird I funded didn't list it was for Pebble Time instead of Pebble 2, I guess I can send someone my strap. I bet it works wonderfully. I just wish I knew I funded the incorrect strap.

    32. Audio Future Products on

      My delivery seems to be lost.
      That was the last status I got from Palstrap.
      I wrote serval emails to Palstrap but no reaction so far.
      Your are not alone Janine and Robin.
      Pray is al we can do.

    33. Powerstrap Creator on

      Dear all - It has been a while and I am addressing questions as many as possible here:

      About delivery - Many have reported deliveries finally arrived. Some of you still have received. We are plan makeup delivery in the near future. For those whose still have not received, please email to so we can easily verify and consolidate a make-up delivery list. By the way, we have just got CE and FCC certificate and so we expect less issue with custom.

      About GPS offset issue - from different field trial feedback, we confirm GPS offset happens to particular countries (e.g. France) or cities (e.g. Melbourne). Such offset immediately fixed when the same strap used in non-affected locations. We suspect the offsets are intentionally introduced by local authorities, possibly for national security reasons. Major telecom / GPS operators possibly have authorized access to fix the offset but we don't. We are still waiting for feedback from GPS chip supplier to confirm this. So far we have no answer.

      Battery drain concern - Pal should not have battery drain faster than Pebble at all. If it is mounted to Pebble without any Pal app or charging function activated, it should have around 50% after 6-7 days, which should be good to charge up Pebble for around 5 days. Pal does consume some power when mounted on Pebble so that it is periodically answering to Pebble's handshaking request.
      The reason of fast battery drain is possibly because Pal's charging function has been turned on without notice. For example, charging is activated automatically when it is first mounted to Pebble. Unless it is turned off, it will charge Pebble for about an hour. Turn this off would save Pal's power.
      About Pebble's battery drain - It is true that Pebble consumes slightly more power when a smart strap is attached to it. Pebble' s smart strap API has a function to check smart strap's presence from time to time. This checking step consumes some power but should not be very much. This logic is due to Pebble's API which we cannot change.

    34. Missing avatar

      Nick Corrigan on

      The pal strap has been working well for me, was only draining completely when I was using the Pal Fix app. Got around that by turning off my Pebble for a few seconds after closing down Pal Fix. Hey Pal has always worked fine, and never drains the watch excessively. The GPS tracks have also generally been correct but when I go into the hills I get the offset issue others have reported.
      However I now have an issue where I cannot charge my Pal Strap. The pebble charges fine, but I have to remove it from the strap to do that.
      any ideas?

    35. Missing avatar

      Ollii on

      I would be really interested in why the battery from the Pal Strap (250mAh) does not last as long as the Pebble (150mAh), even if the Pal Strap has nothing to do ...

    36. Missing avatar

      Ollii on

      I took the Pal Strap off again. GPS fix is ok for me, but I do not get the data into Strava via my smartphone, so unfortunately gps is useless for me. The additional battery is unfortunately already empty, long before the battery in the Pebble is empty. Although I did not even open the Pal Strap app, Pal Strap hung for 6 hours at the cable and contolled in an other attempt, that the charging-function is off. After 5 days there is still about 20% electricity in the Palstrap. But charging the pebble then to get another day extra is useless. But so the advantages are far too small to bear the uncomfortable seat of the bracelet. If there is an update again, I'll try again.

    37. Robin Ang

      I am still waiting for the strap too....
      Creater says to update but still nothing....

    38. Georges-F. Hayet on

      My PAL also has a offset issue (Quebec, Canada). And also, the PAL simply discharge with or without the Pebble installed. I think I will wait for a firmware update.

    39. Missing avatar

      Janine Eweleit on

      I'm still waiting for my Palstrap to be delivered. It's held in custom since June 13th. I emailed with Swiss Post, and that's what they replied:

      "Dear Janine,

      Thanks for your reply. Please kindly note that we can only provide the updated status of the parcel and try to trace the parcel for you, however all the document needed should be provided by the sender, which is the seller that you dealt with. We are sorry that we are not able to provide more information or help more at the moment. We suggest you contact the sender for this issue. Thanks for your understanding."

      So what can I do now?
      I can't even find out where exactly my parcel is held, since my local custom needs a custom proceeding number and can't work with the tracking number. And Swiss post says that only the sender has this number.
      It's like a ping pong game I'gonna lose... :(

    40. Audio Future Products on

      After many emails the past week's where my delivery is I never received the Pal Strap. !!!
      What a bad company to do bussnices with.
      They don't care about there customers.
      My money is gone.

    41. Missing avatar

      DUMAS on

      Hi pal team, two important information for you :
      - my pal not working correctly in France (offset of 80 km regarding real position) is working well in Scotland ! So something wrong in Pal GPS management in some countries. I don't encounter same issue with others GPS I use in France...
      -Pebble battery heavy consumption : may be due to info displayed changing all the time (ink techno is consuming battery when pixel status are changing). Could you add a "blank" display screen in heypal watchapp to avoid that ?

      Thanks a lot

    42. Stephane

      Had mine for maybe a month now and two things to compassion.
      First. Once in a while when I tell the Pal to charge my watch, the Pal AND the watch gets drain instead. Most the time ok though.
      Two. But not the least important. To always take close to 5 minutes to get a fix in open space is not acceptable. For me, it make the GPS useless, because when I decide to use it, I don't have the time to wait that long, or can't always start for open space like that. So now my Pal is just used as an extra battery.

    43. David Marvin on

      Have we had a fix for the offset yet?
      @Brian Freeman this is for the Time series.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brian Freeman on

      My question wasn't about battery drain; my statement was that I couldn't attach my Pebble 2 to the early bird strap I got, and I was curious how I can get it attached.

    45. Robin Ang

      Still not yet received mine... based in Singapore here....

    46. Missing avatar

      DUMAS on

      Hi pal team, I have received one new palstrap do check behavior compared to the other one I got. Result is not good : exactly same offset in position displayed by heypal application (approximately 80km in the south from my real position...). I sent you some traces and explanations through mail so you can give me some instructions to conduct new tests to help you to find root cause of this issue. Best regards. Jean-yves

    47. Missing avatar

      David Paxton on

      I like the fact we can charge our Pebble from it, but my pebble seems to drain at at least twice the normal rate when connected to PAL

    48. H Ismail on

      Received mine! The product looks good David. Thank you for the timely project! My PAL take 3 mins average to get a GPS lock each time in open space. And the altitude always read above 83.0 meters even after the latest firmware update. I live in Holland and altitude should be at -4 meters. So 87 meters difference is quite an alarming error for readings. Thank goodness I don't need to use altitudes much. And like the others, I also see a battery drain on my PAL. Hope there's an update soon for this flaws.

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