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A collection of words and artwork documenting the experience of being a Volunteer in Service to America in the WV Allegheny mountains.
A collection of words and artwork documenting the experience of being a Volunteer in Service to America in the WV Allegheny mountains.
56 backers pledged $1,855 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

The books have hit the streets!

Hello all!

Just a quick note to say, that the books are out - I've mailed off books and bumper stickers to everyone who donated at those levels - a few of you who donated at the higher levels such that you should also be receiving WVMR merchandise will be getting yours next week when Gibbs returns to the office.  Philly friends who deserve books, I've given most of them out, but a few of you I haven't caught yet. 

ALSO: for West Virginia residents, I dropped off a bunch of books at the Marlinton Library and the Hillsboro Library.  These books are available for pick up by anyone at all, even if they didn't donate to the campaign.  I gave them over to the library and people can get a copy by giving any kind of donation to the library, however small.  There are also some available for sale at the Pretty Penny Cafe that will benefit the Cafe.  Please spread the word to people you know, who maybe don't have the internet or haven't hear about the project - I hope these books will reach as many people as possible!

Thank you, thank you!


We made it!

I'm truly in awe of how quickly this project was funded.  Thank you SO much to everyone who made this possible.  I'm full up right now - with words and gratitude and gratitude about how words are powerful.  Thank you all.

I'm going to leave the Kickstarter page up for a bit longer for anyone else that feels moved to donate.  I know there are still people out there who wanted to support the project, and any extra money we raise WILL BE USED towards the project - for final design services, for a bigger quantity print run, or to be kept towards a second installment of the project.  

Finally, I wanted to share this message from contributor and friend Sam Petsonk: "The Mountain VISTA Chapbook strikes me as setting a wonderful grassroots model for fulfilling one of [American folklorist] Archie Green's last great visions.  Shortly prior to his death, Archie Green sent a memo to Speaker Pelosi advocating the creation of a cultural unit to document the recovery/stimulus work as it occurred, and to present this documentation to the public and to the workforce itself.  (Mountain Eagle editorial on Archie Green's vision for 'the picture of a nation at work'":

Amazing response!

Thank you all so much for your support right out of the gate.  This is an amazing response, and I'm so, so thankful for your generosity and your belief in this book's ability to speak to some very important questions.  Let's keep the momentum going! Consider sharing the link to the project on your Facebook if you haven't already, suggest it to any friends that are interested in writing for social change, national service work, justice for mountain communities, or just plain 'ol good writing.  

And for funsies, check out these three poems by West Virginia poet Louise McNeill, being read by three preeminent contemporary West Virginia poets.