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Moustache Brewing Co.- We're growing a moustache!'s video poster

A small craft brewery serving Long Island and NYC. We are passionate about creating, sharing and educating people about craft beer. Read more

Long Island, NY Food
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This project was successfully funded on May 23, 2012.

A small craft brewery serving Long Island and NYC. We are passionate about creating, sharing and educating people about craft beer.

Long Island, NY Food
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Thank You!

Thanks again to everyone for the support. We are well on our way to opening day, and we couldn't have done any of it with out any of you. Thank you all again!

-Matt & Lauri

P.S.- Special thanks to our friends a Red Vault Productions for the awesome video!

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Local Beer Needs Local Hops

Hi There!

We want to thank everyone once again for all your support and love of Moustache Brewing Co. Things are moving along nicely and right now we're just waiting on our building permit to be approved so we can start construction. Next month we're going to be going to the Craft Brewer's Conference in Washington, DC taking seminars, and meeting suppliers for the brewery. We're going to be going down a day early to climb Capital Hill with other breweries from Long Island and New York to meet with state representatives about a new bill that is being introduced which will help out small breweries by cutting the amount of tax we pay to produce beer. We can't wait!

If you have not seen our friend John Condzella of Condzella Farms in Wading River has a a Kickstater campaign going to purchase a hop harvester for his hop farm, which he will allow any other hop farms in the area to use as well. This is HUGE!

So think about this, all the craft beer that's made on Long Island is made with ingredients from all over the world. Right now there is not enough availability of locally grown hops and grain to support all of the breweries. Here's where John's Kickstarter comes in to changing the landscape of Long Island craft beer in an amazing way!

Click the link below to see all the hard work that goes into harvesting hops and what John is doing to help make Long Island craft beer truly local! Please consider backing Condzella Farms!


Lauri & Matthew

We have a home!!!

Hello all!!!! Sorry for the slow updates! Things have been crazy here.

Good news!!! WE HAVE A HOME!!!! Moustache Brewing Co. will be located just outside of Riverhead!!

We have been hard at work getting the building ready, applying for construction permits and getting all the paperwork in order for our brewer's license.

It's been a long process but we are getting there and things are moving right along.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

We also have a small shoppe with Moustache Brewing Co. Merchandise as well!

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Hi everyone!

We wanted to make certain that everyone is able to receive all our updates on our progress. We will always post updates here, but you should be sure LIKE our Facebook page as well. Everything is always posted there first and more.


Lauri & Matthew