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Droplet is a smart reminder that tracks important activities you don't want to forget.
Droplet is a smart reminder that tracks important activities you don't want to forget.
Droplet is a smart reminder that tracks important activities you don't want to forget.
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    1. Sohan Japa Creator on

      Hi everyone, as Josh mentioned in the previous comment, we will be posting a very important update soon. We're sorting out key details related to the update, and that is why you're seeing a delay on our end. We want to make sure you guys have the most accurate, and up-to-date information possible. Thanks for your patience. Our message line and email is always open for individual concerns or comments.

    2. Jennifer Gomez Esposito on

      I understand you are busy but, when you promise updates on a certain time line and are significantly late on a repeated basis people begin to question the integrity of your company. Your updates do not need to be extremely long or detailed. They just need to give people a general idea of how things are going.

    3. Joshua Newth on

      @Aaron Bernstein, @Jason Myrup: Sorry guys. Lex (our third cofounder) will be posting an update, hopefully soon. We are all pretty swamped at the moment so the updates get pushed to the back of the queue, but rest assured we have not forgotten about you.

    4. Missing avatar

      Aaron Bernstein on

      "We will be posting an update Monday March 28th"...

    5. Sohan Japa Creator on

      (Josh commenting for Sohan):
      Hi everyone, we are terribly sorry for the delay in updates. We will be posting an update Monday March 28th. Until then, feel free to reach me directly at

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Myrup

      Anybody else itching for an update?

    7. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Daniel DiMassa, our original delivery date for Early Bird was Dec. 2015. We are expecting a 4-5 month delay unfortunately. Please read our last two updates if you'd like more detail or always feel free to email us at or for questions and concerns.

    8. Daniel DiMassa on

      Where are my items? May 2015 started, ETA?

    9. Sohan Japa Creator on

      Apologies everyone. The update will be going out tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for your patience.

    10. P.J.E.I. Quaedvlieg

      @Jennifer: Promises, promises, ....

    11. P.J.E.I. Quaedvlieg

      @Jennifer: Promises, promises, ....

    12. Jennifer Gomez Esposito on

      Almost 2 weeks since we were promised an update. �

    13. Andrew Nichols on

      looking forward to an update. I'm excited for IFTTT integration so I can use the button to turn on my entertainment center.

    14. Sohan Japa Creator on

      Happy New Year, everyone! Apologies for the long silence. Sohan and I have been traveling (for Droplet of course - there is no rest for the wicked) or resting up for 2016. We will post a backer update in the next few days, and you can always reach us by email at or
      @Chris Shalda: I haven't looked at the bridge tools but I am really enjoying Windows 10 so when I free up some time I'll take a look. Thanks for the tip!
      @JC Thrush: Of course. Please contact Sohan and he can sort that out with you.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Myrup

      How we doing? No word on things for a while. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

    16. Chris Shalda on

      @ Joshua Newth - have you considered using the "Windows Bridge for iOS tools" to potentially port the iOS app over to becoming a universal Windows 10 app? From what I've read, it is very simple to at least run the .ipa file through the analyzer to see if the bridge will work. Please see this article -

      Anyone else interested in a Windows 10 universal app? (Should work on any Windows 10 device: phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and even Xbox One)

    17. Missing avatar

      J.C. Thrush

      Is it possible to just get a refund?

    18. P.J.E.I. Quaedvlieg

      I hope that I can survive the delay ........ ;-)

    19. Joshua Newth on

      @Ethan Turk Sohan has just posted Backer update #11 explaining where we are at. Please post here or contact us directly at or with any addiitional questions or concerns.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ethan Turk on

      Can we get an update? I know that the delivery date still hasn't passed but this is Kickstarter. Everything is late. I'd just like to gauge how late it will be.

    21. Joshua Newth on

      There is no plan to support 3rd party hubs in the short term. We are addressing this issue in two ways: From the hardware side, we are making our hub as affordable as possible. From the software side, most of the Droplet "smarts" actually take place on the server, where it is easy to interact with Droplet data through systems like IFTTT and (eventually) our own API.

    22. Joshua Newth on

      @Chris Shalda:
      Given our current resources, we are focusing on the following client applications in the following order: iOS, Android, and webapp. That said, Windows hardware is just wonderful to use.

    23. Chris Shalda on

      Will you be creating a Windows 10 universal app for droplet? I'm very close to switching from my iPhone to the Lumia 950XL.

    24. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @BriCo84. Thanks for the question. We agree that there's an increasing number of "hubs" out there. And eventually, we plan to support them. For now, we still recommend getting our hub for optimal use of Droplet.

    25. Missing avatar

      BriCo84 on

      Are you going to support 3rd party hubs? With all the smart technology these days I hate the idea of a half dozen "hubs" plugged in. I am already running wink...

    26. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @J.C. Thrush Indeed! If you need to contact us sooner for any reason, feel free to message us directly through KS, or email either or

    27. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Andrew Nichols. Thanks for the query. We're going be posting an update very soon. So stay tuned!

    28. Missing avatar

      J.C. Thrush

      Helloooo, can you hear us?

    29. Andrew Nichols on

      It's been almost two months since the last update. Can you please let us know what's going on with the design, manufacturing?

    30. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Tobias O. That's correct!

    31. Tobias O.

      so just to make sure, if I still get hit with import taxes, you'll refund me those? ;)

    32. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @ Tobias O.: Thanks for backing! If you read down through the comments below you can see how we will pay the VAT (and I think Sohan discusses it in the FAQ as well).

      Short version: Before we started our campaign we spoke with many other Kickstarter teams to learn best practices for shipping to our international backers. Certain shipping services allow us to cover these fees as the shipper rather than having our backers subsequently get hit with additional VAT fees. In addition, if we were prevented from paying these fees for any reason, we would refund the difference. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, though - we want to make sure our international backers are well looked after!

    33. Tobias O.

      $30 shipping? if the idea is to cover the import taxes or VAT, that will go wrong. they will just take the shipping cost plus the product cost and VAT either way. meaning I will end up paying $146 for a $89 order.

    34. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Kimberly Kelly
      Thanks for the vote of support! We hope so too! Now that we've hit our Kickstarter goal the future is more certain, which is both a relief and cause for celebration!

    35. Kimberly Kelly on

      LOVE the video, well done! This is a great idea, hope it succeeds.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kurt Bergeron on

      +1 on Andy Stanford-Clark's request for a local API.

    37. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @David Snider-

      Thanks for your feedback. We haven't worked out the details, so unfortunately we can't tell you what the expected costs are. The cost 'sweet spot' is where we can supply users with new Droplets, dispose of old Droplets, cover the shipping and processing fees, and cover the cost to manufacture the replacement Droplets. There are many questions to sort out in the next six months.

      But please -- back us only at a financial level you feel comfortable with. We want to make an affordable product that helps people, not one that penalizes them for taking a chance on a couple guys getting started!

    38. Missing avatar

      David Snider on

      Congratulations on reaching your funding goal! I do have one concern and it is the battery issue. I can understand that you are reluctant to redesign and possibly even retool production for a consumer swappable battery but I'm still waiting on the details of the trade in program in the FAQ. While I hope it would be less than the asking price of a droplet I have no detail or guarantees. If I find as many uses for these as I think I could I may have 10 of them in my house and the thought of 10x per year when I cannot solve for x is concerning. I am in for 3 now but without more information on what my yearly cost will be I'm hesitant to invest more. Disclosing the cost of the Droplet replacement program sooner rather than later could send your backing through the roof! Many of us with our toe in the water just need that extra nudge to go all in.

    39. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Roger Rigby
      We did! We are hugely excited (and quite relieved to be honest) and we've been working on something exciting to celebrate for Monday....Stay tuned!

    40. Roger Rigby

      You made it; congratulations!

    41. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Luv Kohli
      Hi Luv!
      1) You can set reminders to happen multiple times per day in exactly the manner you describe.
      2) You certainly can use a single Droplet for multiple behaviors but our system is really intended for 1 Droplet per habit or task. That's why we are making them so small and inexpensive - we want each Droplet to mean one habit (like Floss or Brush or Mouthwash rather than just Nighttime Stuff).

      But don't let us tell you how to use it - use it however you want and let us know what works best for you! And thanks for backing. Great to have you join the community!

    42. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Harvey Bernstein-
      Thanks for backing! Even at the $1 level you'll be able to stay informed about interesting happenings at Droplet HQ. Let me try to address your concerns: The replaceable battery comes as tradeoff for Droplet size and we wanted to make a device that worked for as many people as possible. One day we hope to provide a larger Droplet with a replaceable battery. As to using a server: It's a problem shared by many internet companies these days. Almost all of the rich functionality of the Droplet system (sharing data, reminders, voice calls, triggering online actions) comes from the server. Other backers have expressed an interest in a Developer program for local hosting. This idea has lots of merit and we hope to support it in the future.

    43. Missing avatar

      Luv Kohli on

      My apologies if these have already been answered:

      1) Is it possible to set up reminders such that they happen multiple times a day (e.g., if you have to take the same pill 3x/day)?

      2) Is it possible to use a single Droplet to represent several different (but possibly related) tasks that happen in the same location? As a simple, perhaps contrived example, say I wanted to set up a single Droplet to represent oral hygiene tasks in a specific sequence: flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash. Pressing the Droplet once would indicate I've flossed, pressing a second time would indicate I brushed, and a third time would indicate I've rinsed with mouthwash. Or perhaps I would set up a Droplet each time I ate a meal (for those times I get distracted and don't eat on time!), one press representing breakfast, the next press lunch, and the third press dinner.


    44. Missing avatar



      This is the first time I have every back a project for just a dollar! I think the idea is excellent but I simply can't spend any more money on it. For the last few days I really have thought about committing but the fact that you can't replace the battery is a deal breaker for me. I also have some reservations about the fact that you are using your servers in the background. If you guys go out of business the droplets simply have to be binned. I appreciate the fact that you guys are small and want to get your product to market. I hope Droplet 2.0 will have user replaceable batteries and perhaps you can offer a discount to your kickstarter backers. I still look forward to the updates! Best of luck, hopefully you get the money to develop.

    45. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Kurt Bergeron
      In terms of hardware, you're right, they are all BLE (or some other low energy radio standard like ZigBee or ANT) to WiFi bridges, but hubs from different companies aren't interchangeable. You'll need to get a Droplet hub to talk to the Droplets.

    46. Missing avatar

      Kurt Bergeron on

      Is the hub anything more than a Bluetooth to Wifi bridge? If I have a non-droplet hub that has Bluetooth and WiFi, like the bridge for the new version of Lockitron ( or the NEEO brain (, should I be able to use that instead of your hub?

    47. Sohan Japa Creator on

      @Rich McComas
      (Josh in for Sohan)

      Good question. But first: Just getting a company up and running, putting your work out there, running a crowdfunding campaign -- This takes huge effort and commitment. Every.Single.Person who has put on a crowdfunding campaign gets a manly, awkward hug from me. There are tradeoffs all engineers must make and my comments aren't intended to sting, belittle, or disparage.

      Based on their (really cool) video and their pics, here's what I think: Flic is a phone peripheral. Droplet is a smart home appliance.

      The Flic is like a Droplet that only works with a BLE-capable smartphone. Without a BLE smartphone that's on, in range, and running the app (at least backgrounded), these systems won't work. For taking selfies and advancing iTunes when you're phone is already in your hand or pocket, it's fine. For applications needing reliability (medication/vitamins/diet tracking) and remote operation (for use in others' homes, in your house when you aren't around, or sharing data), you need a smart hub. It also won't help people without smartphones, like some of the elderly or people on small fixed incomes.

      To address the "multiple click": The Droplet does this as well but we didn't think it was a compelling feature to add to the video.

      The Droplet has an LED so you can configure a Droplet to blink at you when its time to perform a task. It doesn't look like the Flic has an LED (again, just guessing from the photos).

      The Flic does have a replaceable battery, which is awesome. The tradeoff is that it makes the Flic 50% bigger and twice as tall as a Droplet (judging from photos). We went with a smaller device with no replaceable battery. For some, this is a showstopper. For others, this is the only solution.

      Last: I don't know if all their proposed automation and integration are done in iOS/Android software directly, or if they have some server backend like we do. Tradeoffs here, as well.

      Hope that helps!

    48. threed on

      Can you please compare your product to the Flic product? I like the fact that their button has three actions, single-click, double-click, and hold.

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