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Red Pitaya: Open instruments for everyone's video poster

Technologies yesterday available only to research labs and industry turn your iPhone, tablet or PC into an amazing instrument. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 20, 2013.

Technologies yesterday available only to research labs and industry turn your iPhone, tablet or PC into an amazing instrument.

About this project


As soon as we reach $150k, all Red Pitayas will come with 4Gb RAM.

When we reach $200k, all Red Pitayas will be upgraded to gigabit networking.

We also encourage you to write us whatever comes to your mind and help us share excitement about Red Pitaya so we can soon reach these great Red Pitaya upgrades.


Red Pitaya is an open source measurement and control tool replacing many expensive laboratory instruments at a surprising price tag.

This powerful exotic tool is at the heart of a revolutionary Red Pitaya Ecosystem, which facilitates discovering, experiencing, learning, developing and sharing a variety of applications. 

The Red Pitaya Ecosystem consists of: 

Red Pitaya, a high performance tool at a surprising price tag. 

Bazaar, a free of charge marketplace where open source applications are available within a single click for immediate experience and use. Initial set includes: 

  • oscilloscope 
  • spectrum analyzer 
  • arbitrary signal generator
  • frequency response analyzer
  • PID controller

which can all be accessed by any WEB browser from tablet or laptop computer; and it is growing! 

Backyard, an organized repository containing the corresponding open source code and tools necessary for developing applications. 

Spark Center, is a place to share and contribute new ideas, post sketches or proposals and together create inputs for new Red Pitaya applications and hardware extension modules. Don’t forget that every idea counts and there are no bad ideas while brainstorming. The only requirement we have is to post only things related to Red Pitaya.


Enable everyone to start using technologies, yesterday available only to advanced research laboratories and industry.

We believe in giving power to the individual to conduct his own education, discover his own inspiration, set-up his own environment, and share his ideas with whoever is interested.

We also believe that this enables a community of developers, whose creativity results in original and better instruments.



Red Pitaya is a great springboard for electronics enthusiasts, because it offers great user interface and can be easily reconfigured for any kind of interaction with outside world by simply modifying the available applications. Out-of-the-box applications, such as oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer, enable fast debugging of electronic projects. 


The learning process is simplified by Red Pitaya Backyard containing all the application's source code. Students can start programming by applying incremental changes to the code & publish their work in Bazaar and easily get in touch with a wide range of technologies and knowledge. It is also very appropriate for PhD or other research projects.


Red Pitaya is a compact replacement for several expensive instruments and also an universal teaching tool. It enables learning of WEB & embedded application programming, FPGA, signal processing, machine vision applications and it can be controlled by Matlab as well.


Amateur radio community uses a wide set of instruments such as SWR meter, network analyzer etc. Red Pitaya has a potential to replace them all. Besides that it can also be used as a radio station or software defined radio (SDR).


Red Pitaya applications include open source code on all levels of programming  (HDL, C/C++ aplication, WEB user interface) and therefore accelerate development and shorten time-to-market.


Red Pitaya is very suitable solution for detecting and analyzing fast phenomena, as well as generating or simulating complex signals.


Red Pitaya is a great building block for test & measurement applications. It is a compact and reliable product reducing costs and enabling user customization.


To pledge for multiple rewards, simply add the totals together for all rewards you would like to participate (except early birds) in and increase your pledge to cover all rewards you wish to back. When the project ends, we will send you a survey to list the reward levels and quantity you pledged for.





RF input channels: 2
Bandwidth: 50 MHz (DC coupled, 3dB BW)
Sample rate: 125 Msps
ADC resolution: 14 bits (LTC ADCs)
Input impedance: 1 MOhm // 10pF
Input channel gain: FIXED (improved dynamic range by means of 14 bit granularity )
Default full scale voltage: +-0.6 V (+-6 V with 10x probe attenuation). Full scale reconfigurable by means of discrete components replacement (+-15V).
Overload protection: by means of protection diodes
Connector type: SMA (SMA to BNC adapters and probes available in “Diagnostic Red Pitaya Kit”)

RF output channels: 2
Bandwidth: 49 MHz at 3dB (DC coupled, 3dB BW defined by anti-imaging filter) 
Sample rate: 125 Msps
DAC resolution: 14 bits
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Full scale power: 10 dBm (50 Ohm load)
Output slew rate: 200 V/us
Short circuit protection: YES 
Connector type: SMA (SMA to BNC adapters available in “Diagnostic Red Pitaya Kit”)

Additional analog input channels: 4
Sample rate: 100 ksps
ADC resolution: 12 bits
Bandwidth: 50 kHz
Connector type: IDC (insulation-displacement connector)

Additional analog output channels: 4
Type: Low pass filtered PWM
PWM modulation frequency: 250 MHz
Nominal sample rate: 100 ksps 
Equivalent PWM resolution: 11.3 bits
Connector type: IDC (insulation-displacement connector)


16 digital GPIOs with FPGA connectivity (or 8 differential) @ 3.3V logic
4 pairs of differential digital signals to be used for synchronization and serial data transfer purposes with daisy chain connection capability up to 500 Mbps. 
Connector type: 2x "SATA type" connectors
FPGA: Xilinx Zynq 7010 SoC (17,600 LUTs, 28k Logic Cells, 80 DSP slices )
(Depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign we could upgrade it as a stretch goal.)

Other connectivity: 100 Mb Ethernet, USB, USB OTG (2.0), JTAG, I2C, UART, SPI...


Red Pitaya RF front end noise spectrum: Full scale +- 0.6 V, full bandwidth (60 MHz).

Time domain noise analysis: +- 0.6 V full scale. Noise standard deviation at 60 MHz bandwidth is 0.41mV.

Sine signal at 10 MHz: 

Red Pitaya high resolution acquisition: Debugging serial communication control link: (Full scale +- 6 V. 10x probe att.) The Red Pitaya 14 bit granularity enables capturing all the tiny details in a single acquisition.

Rigol DS1302CA 300 MHz digital oscilloscope comparison: the tiny spikes are not visible in the 500mV/div acquisition due to limited oscilloscope granularity.


Here are presented some results of the Red Pitaya RF back-end signal evaluation carried out by means of Rigol DS1302CA 300 MHz oscilloscope and Rhode & Schwarz spectrum analyzer FSP 3 GHZ. 

The Red Pitaya output signal has been also compared with a R&S SMB 100A RF signal generator.

Full scale sinusoidal signal at 10 dBm, 2 MHz 

Red Pitaya signal:

Red Pitaya signal spectrum:

RS SMB 100A signal spectrum:

Sinusoidal signal at -8 dBm at 10 MHz 

Red Pitaya spectrum:

R&S SMB 100A signal spectrum:

Red Pitaya: Spectrum at 41 MHz

Red Pitaya: 50 MHz signal


Red Pitaya is based on GNU/Linux operating system and can be customized at different programming levels. 

Available software interfaces include: HDL, C/C++, scripting languages, Matlab and HTML based web interfaces.

The web interface enables the access of Red Pitaya functionality from most of the browsers so the Red Pitaya applications are available on iPhone, iPad, other smartphones and tablets or PCs. It's very simple to develop new platform independent applications running as smooth as native applications.


  • OSCILLOSCOPE: 2 channels @ 125 MS/s 14 bit digital with external or signal based triggering capability

  • SPECTRUM ANALYZER: 2 channels with 60 MHz bandwidth signal with waterfall diagram capability

  • ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATOR: 2 channels @ 125 MHz 14 bit arbitrary waveform generation with external triggering capability

  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE ANALYZER: 2 channels with 60 MHz bandwidth

  • 2x2 MIMO PID programmable controller


Red Pitaya uses free development tools. Installation procedures will be explained in a Red Pitaya developers quick start manual.


Red Pitaya supports extension modules through dedicated connectors. Extension modules can be used to enhance the Red Pitaya connectivity with additional analog and digital input/output channels.

The extension modules can add specific front-end or back-end analog signal processing functions and/or extend receiver and transmitter frequency range.

Notice: Images and videos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may differ.


We are a team of passionate engineers with background in the field of robotics and high performance diagnostics and instrumentation for particle accelerators.

Aleš Bardorfer - system & software engineer, climber & mountaineer, guitar player

Rok Uršič - engineer, project sponsor and mentor, entrepreneur, founder and CEO Instrumentation Technologies

Borut Baričevič - RF engineer, team leader, DIY enthusiast

Črt Valentinčič - electrical & software engineer, startup-fan, drummer

Our partner Instrumentation Technologies is a leader in designing and building high performance measurement instruments for one of the most complex machines on earth - particle accelerators.


We have been working on Red Pitaya concepts for over a year now. We discussed, brainstormed and evaluated them with different folks: students, experts in education, science and engineering, and with DIY enthusiasts. In parallel we were prototyping and testing individual subsystems. Based on all these inputs, the first revision of Red Pitaya module was developed. Currently we are testing prototypes. 

We also started to develop the framework of the Red Pitaya Ecosystem. Bazaar is currently working in our local network and we are testing it.
Our goal is to deliver the first set of Red Pitayas into the hands of our beta testers as soon as possible. 


With your contribution we will produce the first batch of Red Pitayas and complete the ecosystem development.

Risks and challenges

Red Pitaya carries risks like any other engineering project.
As described in "Where we are today", we proactively address each possible risk that can affect the delivery and quality and consequently the satisfaction of its users.

The Red Pitaya team has a proven track record and 40 years of combined experience in delivering very complex products containing hardware and software on time. We have already built products requiring knowledge of RF design, analog and digital signal processing, embedded applications, FPGA programming, supply chain management and production & quality control.

Our partner Instrumentation Technologies d.d. is a leader in designing and building high performance measurement instruments for one of the most complex machines on earth - particle accelerators.

We are also well aware that success of Red Pitaya Ecosystem depends on critical mass of users. We therefore choose to make Red Pitaya suitable, attractive and accessible to everyone.

We are confident to create a vibrant community with your support.

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