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A beautiful Transparent Speaker with high quality audio components and materials. Sustainable design created for today's music lover.
A beautiful Transparent Speaker with high quality audio components and materials. Sustainable design created for today's music lover.
A beautiful Transparent Speaker with high quality audio components and materials. Sustainable design created for today's music lover.
490 backers pledged $169,480 to help bring this project to life.

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Final chance to become a stakeholder

Posted by Martin Willers
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Dear original backers,

we soon closing our equity crowdfunding campaign over at

We got around 123k USD pledged so far and would love for you to join us. United States IP addresses ar blocked to this site, but if you are an accredited investor you can join by email our CEO directly:

We also want to mention that On June 20, Kickstarter will be launching something special, and we’ve been invited to participate. We can’t spill the beans about what’s being planned until launch day, but you can look forward to new projects from some of the most inventive independent creators from the platform’s history — so stay tuned!

Best regards,

Martin and the team

Martin handing out the Transparent Speaker at Startupday - Photo credit: Akseli Kaukoranta
Martin handing out the Transparent Speaker at Startupday - Photo credit: Akseli Kaukoranta

Become a part of the family

Hello all backers! Do you want to change the consumer electronics industry? We are now live with our equity crowdfunding and have made a new video:

With equity crowdfunding, you get a financial stake in the company you’re supporting. Due to Swedish corporation laws and since it's not a public offering you need to login in on FundedByMe see financial details. It's free and doesn't not commit you to anything.

Screen Shot of FundedByMe site
Screen Shot of FundedByMe site

Before we launched we had already signed up more investment interest than what we reached with our kickstarter campaign. If all people that backed the speaker here on kickstarter would join in we would reach our goal and be able to manufacture and send out small transparent speakers by the end of the year. The minimun amount is extremely low so this is our chance to keep creative control of Transparent Speaker while getting assistance from a passionate community of normal people.

If you are US citizen you most likely will need to be accredited investor, so please email me,, and I will help to investigate that further. European countries have an more open policy about normal people becoming shareholders.

Additional legal note: Transparent Sound AB or it's US subsidiary People Products Co. are not a broker-dealer, funding portal or investment advisor; and neither the website nor companies participate in the offer or sale of securities.

Apart from the boring legal stuff, this is really exciting and we really hope some of you want to become part of the Transparent Speaker family! Check out FundedByMe.

All the best, Martin 
Co-founder, CEO

We are going for equity crowdfunding!

Black & White
Black & White

Transparent Speaker on FundedByMe

We are happy to announce an exclusive opportunity to become a shareholder in Transparent Speaker. Our equity campaign will go live on FundedByMe next Thursday, 6th of April. FundedByMe is the fastest growing crowd investment platform connecting +78k international investors and entrepreneurs. We have known their great team since they started and think their platform is a perfect fit for our early stage of growth. Since the key thing we need to do is to grow a dedicated B2B sales team, we are no longer at a suitable stage for reward/project based crowdfudning here on Kickstarter. That said, our shareholders will of course get heavily discounted deals on current and upcoming products. Our goal will still be to launch a new speaker this year and ultimatly to be the best at serving you, our community.

To get more detailed information on how awesome this opportunity is you need a FundedByMe account. We will also announce here again when the campaign goes live. We are a company born online and made possible by crowdfunding so we could not be more excited about this chance to continue to democratize the way our financial systems works.

With love, Transparent Speaker Team

Ps. If you are in Stockholm we will have some limited seating speaker demo nights coming up. Email for more information. Pps. We hope to maybe return to kickstarter once we have built up our B2B side



Most backers are playing their speaker right now! 

Backers all over the world from Okinawa, Japan to Wellington, New Zealand. From Tverlandet, North Norway to Porto, Portugal. From Winnipeg, Canada to Bogota, Colombia have started to receive their speakers. It’s a truly amazing feeling to see all the hard work pay off and #transparentspeaker images popping up from homes all over the world!

Even the most far away places like our 14 backers in Australia are reporting unboxing today. Neighbors all over the world are hearing you crank up your #1song to the max, maybe not seeing that you are getting that smile that only loud quality music can give you! So far we have joined you and listen to 36 great songs that you have shared with us. We make them all available at #transparentspeaker #1song

Thank you, you and you 

When Per Brickstad blogged the idea 2 years, 8 months, 4 days ago, we had no clue what a crazy adventure this would be for us. Even as we got the Kickstarter funding 1 year, 5 months, 18 days ago we could not really foresee where this would take us. But one thing we do know is that we are really happy with where we are today and that we have you to thank for it. You believed in this idea so much that you backed it with your hard earned cash! Many of you have also contributed with creative ideas and spread the word to your friends and networks. For that myself and the team here will be forever grateful. Thank you for believing. Thank you for being patient with us in our pursuit of a product we all could be totally proud of. Thank you for generously giving your positive reviews and sharing the context of your experience.

1 year, 7 months, 1 day ago we launched on KS
1 year, 7 months, 1 day ago we launched on KS

The future 

This has by far been the coolest and most exhausting thing I have ever done. In the next couple of weeks I am looking forward to getting married and spending some time with family and friends. Most of the rest of the team will also be on vacation.

After that we are looking forward to exploring a very exciting future. In the short term we will try to get some organic growth by getting the speaker into the coolest places possible. Turntable Labs in New York and Le Bon Marché in Paris are the latest to join that club of retailers. If you know someone that you think should stock it, please tell them. We are a small and financially bootstrapped team that can only grow from that kind of market support.

Last but not least we have a office full of creative brains and design thinkers so there has been a lot of innovative product ideas brewing while we have focused on the #transparentspeaker. Watch this space and I promise it will not be too long now before we have more exciting things to tell you. We want to start a sustainable industrial revolution, and there is so much left to do!

Thank you again for being a part of this first stage of the journey.

Martin & Team



We are shipping most speakers today! 

Today we have started sending out the speakers from the UK warehouse. Most of the speakers have already gone through the door by the time of writing. You should get a confirmation email with a tracking number for your order. We expect the first speakers to reach people around London tomorrow. We can’t wait to see the first images on the #transparentspeaker hashtag!

Very expensive shipping 

When we started the kickstarter campaign we thought the speaker would be more lightweight and the box a bit smaller. We ran a couple of checks and thought the shipping would be around 20 dollars per speaker. We can still get that price point for California and most of the UK.

However it turns out that anywhere else outside these locations is way more expensive and the average cost is now actually 71 dollar per order, a whopping 51 dollar per speaker over budget! Even Canada is five times more expensive; after changing to USPS for our Canadian backers the shipping price there is 98 dollars per backer! The current record holder however is Russia at 185 dollars for one speaker!! We have been double checking the most expensive orders (over 70 dollar) and transferred extra money for them and we are still waiting for the money wire to come in so we can send speakers to our more distant backers (like Australia).

This also affect some late survey repliers because we entered them into the system today after we ran out of money in the shipwire account.

Back on display in LA 

Austere in down town LA now have stock again after their break in a couple of weeks ago. Do you have an awesome retail place in your city we should talk to?

All the best! Martin & PP-team