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An ebook collection of Silverstein-inspired poems, to add weird fun and deranged delight to your child's (or the child in you's) life.
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Todd Dillard

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Lenny, the Bad Wizard

Hey everyone!

Following my reading for the kids, the students worked on illustrating what they imagined happened in some of my poems, so I thought I'd update the page with an example of their work. (Unfortunately, I only have access to a black and white scanner.) 

This poem is called "Lenny, the Bad Wizard".

My friend Lenny is such a braggart--
he claims he is a wizard!

That with a lofty wave of his twiggish wand
he could cook up a June blizzard.

I told him he should prove it,
and, by all means, disappear.

Lenny smiled and waved his stick around, and
I couldn’t see his left ear!

He frowned and said, “That’s not how it goes.”
Then Lenny waved his stick again and
there vanished his nose!

I laughed and laughed and pointed and laughed
and, a tear in his eye, Lenny yelled,

With a flourish he waved his wand,
then promptly fell through the floor.

I guess his disappearing spell finally worked,

since I can’t see him anymore.

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