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$1,727 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Multiclet LLC
$1,727 pledged of $100,000 goal


Hello! - Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.

We all face these problems: we lose passwords as well as other important information and documents. But now there is a solution! 

We proudly present the Key_P1 MultiClet Digital Guardian – a device that will protect your data against loss, theft and unauthorized access.

What is Key_P1 MultiClet?

Key_P1 MultiClet is a patented multifunctional device that will protect information on PCs and storage devices.

Here it is the 3D printer prototype of the body which we used for determine the body construction and all internal and external dimensions.

Key_P1 MultiClet is a device with three connectors: a USB plug and socket as well as a SD card slot.

You can get Key_P1 MultiClet in both personal and corporate versions. Corporate version can only be used in a set of 10 and more devices in accordance with a number of employees using Key_P1 MultiClet.

It supports the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux 2.6.x and Linux 3.x.

Main functionality of Key_P1 MultiClet

1. Any storage device becomes powerful and data secure

You can make your USB flash drives, SD card or micro SD a secure data storage. The amount of such devices used with Key_P1 MultiClet is unlimited.

2. Various storage devices are applicable

You can connect Key_P1 MultiClet to various kinds of storage devices. It has a USB plug and socket as well as a SD card slot (micro and mini SD).

3. Information encryption using an AES 256-bit key

Key_P1 MultiClet will protect your data using the most secure symmetric encryption algorithm. The encryption process can run in the background when processing large amounts of files.

4. Protection against modified flash drives

Key_P1 MultiClet will disable modified drives (containing spyware or malware) that are able to record keyboard strokes and thereby gain unauthorized access to your information.

5. Displaying the time when the device was last disconnected

Key_P1 MultiClet will display information about the time when the device was last disconnected.This feature allows you to establish when Key_P1 MultiClet was disconnected without authorization; this can hamper the actions of an attacker and make them more easily identifiable.

6. Exchanging encrypted messages and files

Key_P1 MultiClet will encrypt files without writing to disk, and later you can choose to save and send this data. Identical keys can be generated for an employee on a business trip who is exchanging encrypted files with his head office (or a user exchanging encrypted messages with foreign friends).

7. Restoring information in the case of a lost Key_P1 MultiClet and drive

If a device is lost, then you will be able to use previously created backups of keys in order to restore encrypted information. In addition, you may from time to time back up information onto storage media. You may encrypt these backups on your own PC, external media or in the cloud.

But that's not all!

We are continuing to develop the Key_P1 MultiClet software.Thanks to our unique MultiClet P1 processor the device's capabilities seem limitless. We are improving the software and developing new device features, meaning that we strive to make Key_P1 MultiClet the best product to protect your data!

Immediate plans to expand the functionality of Key_P1 MultiClet

1. Secure storage and use of personal data

Every user has many user names, pin codes and passwords for various online resources and payment systems. Entering such data using a keyboard is insecure. Key_P1 MultiClet will addresse this problem by automatically and conveniently entering the user name and password for an authorized user in order to protect against spyware (keyloggers/screen-capture spyware).

2. Support for Mac OS X

The Key_P1 MultiClet device will be able to function completely with the Macintosh Operating System.

3. Using the device without storage media to log on to a PC

The user must both enter a user name and password as well as connect the Key_P1 MultiClet to the USB port when logging into the operating system on the PC.

4. Virus protection

Key_P1 MultiClet is based on the MultiClet P1 multicellular processor, which has natural protection against viruses, making the device in turn immune to viruses. Furthermore, in the future Key_P1 MultiClet will carry out additional protective functions.

5. Protection against embedded software

Key_P1 MultiClet will be able to protect against the theft of user information that is transmitted openly across various communication channels.

6. Development of a special browser

You can use our specially developed web browser in order to enjoy even greater security when working with files on the net. This browser together with passwords, user names, browser history and user plugins are stored on an external USB device. Thus, the user does not leave traces of their activity on the PC itself.

7. Encrypted message exchange

Using Key _P1 MultiClet and Key_P1 Messenger you can exchange encrypted messages online. Just add other Key _P1 MultiClet users to your contact list and chat safely! Your messages will go directly to your recipient, not through the server as it usually happens in other apps.

8. Multi-factor authentication

Key_P1 MultiClet is able to generate one-time passwords for multi-factor authentication purposes. Servers such as Google, for example, use two-factor authentication: 1. User name and password 2. One-time key that is sent to and stored on the device.Two-factor authentication provides additional protection of your account. Even if the attacker knows your user password, they still will not be able to access your account.

9. Working with two storage media drives

Key_P1 MultiClet allows for working with two different types of storage devices (a USB drive and SD card) at the same time. You may also expand the capabilities of your device by using adapters that are available on the market.

The idea behind the creation of Key_P1 MultiClet

Beginning in 2010 our team started producing microprocessors based on our newly developed and patented non-von Neumann multicellular architecture. Currently these processors compete across specific productivity and power consumption indicators with such brands as Intel, Atmel, ARM, TI, and Analog Device.

A few words about multicellular processor architecture

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Find out more documentation about multicellular architecture and processors at

We originally thought of the idea to create powerful universal devices, for apply the cryptographic advantages of our microprocessors in December 2013. The initial Idea of our CEO, PhD Boris Zyryanov looks like a usual flash drive with USB slot and processor Multiclet P1 in a BGA type small package not more than 14x14 sq mm (see below). Later we expended functionality of device including the possibility to use of SD cards and Key_P1 MultiClet became wider and acquired a modern look since the beginning of February 2014, as you can see on body prototype photos.

We thought, "Why not create something really secure based on our powerful MultiClet P1 processor?" 

Really, Multiclet P1 appliance has some advantages.

Multiclet P1 processor has hardware realization of parallelism that gives possibility for using simple program code and allows to increase the processor performance. Also due to multicellular architecture appliance Multiclet P1 has low power consumption. Crypt algorithms such as DES, AES are well suited to parallel program code.

In addition, this is something that everyone needs and can afford. After all, every user would like to secure their important data and documents that are stored on their PCs and storage media. This type of device is even more essential for organizations that strictly follow a document management system and have policies for the non-disclosure of confidential information. Since then we have come a long way and done a tremendous amount of work in the lead up to the release of our new product, the Key_P1 MultiClet Digital Guardian!

Our project team

Sales Office

Nadia Mierau, Head of Sales Office, physicist,  20 years business experience

Alex Ryzhkov, marketing manager, 18 year of experience (production of device body, boards, purchase of components)

Katia Ismagilova, PR manager

Research Office

Roman Panov, project manager, hardware engineer, work experience 7 years (project management, boot loader, device concept)

Aleksey Kudinov, hardware engineer, work experience 12 years (3D model, Key_P1 Manager library functions for Windows)

Nikita Gorchakov, software engineer, work experience 6 years (Key_P1 Manager library functions for Linux)

Igor Khomutinnikov, hardware engineer, work experience 24 years (Circuit schematic, PCB)

Nadezhda Streltsova, software engineer, work experience 39 years (Crypt algorithms for processor P1)

Dmitriy Kukushkin, software engineer, work experience 15 years (Fabric testing and product release coordination)

Mikhail Vlasov, software engineer, work experience 15 years (Software design and functionality development)

Aleksey Khromogin, hardware engineer, work experience 9 years (Firmware development)

Aleksey Efimov, software engineer, work experience 7 years (Software design and functionality development)

How does the Key_P1 MultiClet work?

We have created a number of programs for the Key_P1 MultiClet in order to maximize the device's operation:

1.The device initiates the Key_Р1 Manager software when it is first used. This software updates its components and generates sets of keys.

2.Key_P1 Server runs software, and it updates the Key_P1 Manager as well as other software (Key_P1 Firmware) and the Key_P1_for_Windows (or Key_P1_for_Linux) application for the storage media.

3.Key_P1 Firmware is the software that runs Key_P1 MultiClet.

4.The Key_P1_for_Windows and Key_P1_for_Linux storage media applications authenticate the user and display the last time the device was disconnected in Windows and Linux.

The user interacts with the device using a virtual keyboard in order to ensure greater security. After you connect the Key_P1 MultiClet to the USB port on your computer, you can run the installed software from our website. Next, you will need to generate a set of keys and enter a pin code for the Key_P1 MultiClet.

You will be able to initialize an unlimited number of storage media drives for the Key_P1 MultiClet. You will need to set the size of the private partition on the storage media device where you will store encrypted files. You will be able to access it in the system after you enter your pin code using a virtual keyboard. After you initialize the storage media, open (for regular files) and private (for encrypted files) partitions will be created for working with files.

And that's all! Now your important data is secure!

Corporate version:

If you are going to use Key_P1 MultiClet to secure your corporate data, then…

Corporate version of Key_P1 MultiClet will include few more programs:

1. Key_P1 Corporate Server

2. Corporate Key_P1 Manager

3. Key_P1 Corporate Security Manager

Key_P1 Corporate Server will upgrade firmware and programs required to work with Key _P1 MultiClet. Company employees will be able to run the program from the corporate server or from removable media drives and install it on their operating system. Then Key_P1 MultiClet will initialize storage media in the same way that it does for the personal version.

Authorized company employees will generate a list of company departments using Key_P1 Corporate Security Manager, and the manufacturer's system will be configured in consultation with us. 

Employees inside the department will be able to exchange encrypted information by encoding files using the program and send them to the operating system and Key_P1 MultiClet.

Key_P1 MultiClet assigns access privileges to encrypted files. The company's security service will be able to assign various access privileges by department. For example, the Programmer Department will be able to encode files for the Accounting Department, and the Accounting Department will not be able to read files from the Hardware Engineering Department. At the same time the manager will be able to access all files.

Employees will use Corporate Key_P1 Manager to encrypt files for their colleges, in case when they have special access permit.

Where we are now

We have a good progress for the initial 3 months of the work!


We already have a working prototype of Key_P1 MultiClet and a scheme of the industrial prototype PCB that we will use to perfect the software, work on the device's new capabilities and preparing the mass production. The order for the 5 pieces of industrial prototype of our device has been sent to the factory and we'll get it in April 2014.

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Body design

Software Development Status

1) Server – Apache module development

2) Key_P1 Manager – improving of the Windows (forms) design and interaction between forms, library functions for key_p1 device development (functions for OS Windows and Linux)

3) Key_p1_for_windows - improving of the Windows design and interaction between forms

4) Key_p1_for_linux - improving of the forms design and interaction between forms

5) Key_p1 firmware - last stage of the USB boot-loader development, testing functions for SCSI commands, implementation of the firmware main blocks.

 The List of Components

We have undertaken everything necessary to facilitate the next stage of the creation of Key_P1 MultiClet, and in particular to produce the first commercial batch of devices. MultiClet P1 microprocessors are already in our warehouse and completely ready for assembly.

Now you can take steps in order to get your hands on the Key_P1 MultiClet!

Production plan

Our device consists of 3 main parts, each of them requires a separate manufacturing. 

Device Body. First of all we need to make the molds due to original design of all body parts. Today we have developed and tested a prototype, and three plants approved manufacturing of the molds and mass production of the Key_P1 MultiClet bodies. After tender and comparison conditions of payment, times and quality we have main and additional variants of manufacturing. Molds production is an expensive and the most time-consuming component of the production process requires $10,000 and 3 months. But of course we can do other parts of the device at the same time.

Boards and components. We need to buy all components in finished form, except processor MultiClet P1, waffers of which are produced at the foundry SilTerra according to our masks and packaging is produced at the factories ASE Electronics or Amkor. Also we need to use a service of the electronic factory for mass production of the boards with soldering of the components and testing. So after tender we have a good prices and times of delivery as for the components and for the boards mass production.

Software. Software of Key_P1 MultiClet is completely our design. It includes both programs for support server, device programs and all interactions between PC, Key_P1 MultiClet, storage drives. We'll do yourself all final testing before delivery both for software and for mass production devices.    


Why do we need funding?

Your contributions will help us produce the first commercial batch of Key_P1 MultiClet devices so that they can make their way to our first customers. The more funds we raise, the more people will be able to try out the product and see the new devices on the base of new multicellular processors in the future! Thank you very much for helping us make our brainchild a reality! We also welcome any comments to further improve the results of our work.

Invest your money now and get a greater safety for the best good-looking price!

Some images of rewards: "3 in 1" Smart Ruler, Souvenir Chip, Prototype Body of the Key_P1 MultiClet, Corporate Set Gift Box.

Risks and challenges

We’ve done a great job, and the creation of Key P1 MultiClet industrial prototype is coming to an end now. Since that our team won’t face any technical problems in the process of manufacturing.
We know that product production process may cause some delays. To be sure we can deliver your chosen rewards on time, we added some time backup to our production plan.

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