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Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
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In The Shadows delayed For one more week

Posted by Colorspace Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone,

So I will need to delay the game one more week. The game will be released Friday the 20th. 

Why the delay? Well a couple of things. I was not very well prepared I suppose, and ran into some problems and technicalities. I don't have much excuses, but I guess I was a bit overwhelmed in the end. The game at this point is complete, but the couple of days that I get will be put to good use and I can test some more and fix some remaining things. There is always things to fix! 

For all backers

Some good new tho, for all backers of any pledges, I will make the game available Tuesday the 17th. You will receive an email with your Steam key, so don't forget to check your spam filter just in case, I had reports of people missing emails in the past!

This time I mean it!
This time I mean it!


So that's it for this post. I will probably talk about all these stories and the last leg of the development in details once everything is done, in a couple of weeks. There is a lot to say about finishing up a game, and in my case things got a bit crazy.

On a side note, I have to share with you that when I played the whole thing from start to finish in its completed form, I felt very proud. Seeing the whole thing complete is hard to describe, from my point of view. After working on this project for so long you know, sometimes you wonder when things will be done, and you kinda stop thinking about it. Working on In The Shadows as been my everyday life for the past 3 years, and thinking that it is done is a strange feeling. But I couldn't be happier that it is now completed.

Thanks for your continued patience, I think that you will enjoy the finished game and that all the wait was worth it!


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    1. Akule

      I look forward to reading about the development after you are done.

    2. Dave247 on

      Launch time can always be the most daunting especially for smaller indi projects. It really is worth the delay to get as much fixed as possable as the more stable the game is when people play it for the first time the better.

    3. Colorspace Studio Creator on

      @Michael Dinelle I will post about information on the console version right after the release on PC

    4. Simon Ouellet on

      This is an excellent news!!! Can't wait to play the game! Thank you for the amazing work!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Dinelle on

      Awesome news. Just curious; any update as far as timelines go for the PS4 version?

    6. Adam C. Hartling

      Congratulations and good luck on the imminent release!