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Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
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April Update, In The Shadows Beta!

Posted by Colorspace Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone!

April is almost over, time go by so fast it's crazy. Like always, I've been really busy since PAX East 2017 and I got a fresh build ready for those of you who in the Beta tier pledge. It's time for some more serious testing!


Post PAX East 2017

Last month I was at PAX 2017 in Boston and I had an amazing time, one of the best show I presented the game to so far. The booth looked really nice, more space for people to play and many many players enjoying In The Shadows. I've said this before but attending a show like this gives me a HUGE boost in motivation. Seeing people enjoy my game so much and sometimes for more than an hour at a time is very inspiring, it pushes me to make it even better and often helps me figure out problems in general.

Compared to last year, when the demo was very early in development, the game is so much more stable now, a lot easier to pick up and understand and offer a better experience overall. I am planning on posting a much more detailed post on my main website about PAX pretty soon, so stay tuned, ill post an update here when I do so.


Beta phase

What is the Beta phase? Well I need a lot more people to try the game to find some remaining bugs, visual glitches, game play problems, difficulty balancing etc... The first phase is to give access to the Beta pledge backers to the first "public" beta which include the first 11 levels of the game. This will give me a smaller group of people to test the game with and will be easier to manage at first, and I'll see about expending to more people later on depending on how things go.


Beta tester

As a Beta pledge backer or higher, you can use this opportunity to try the game in advance and/or you can also participate actively and help me find bugs and problems. You will be given access to the forum on Steam and the Beta thread where you can freely talk about, share and otherwise report bugs. This will be the main place where I will interact with Beta testers. There will be also an online form for you to fill up to give me your feedback on the game, your impressions etc...

The Beta will be available for Windows on Steam for now, I'll keep you posted about the Linux and Mac build when I get the time to test those myself. The Beta is playable in English or French.


Concerning postings things online publicly, I don't mind people sharing screenshots or making videos of the beta but please keep in mind to not spoil anything too much. Sharing things on social networks will help in giving more exposure to the game but if the puzzles are spoiled before it's even released it will have the opposite effect.

Check your emails

So for those of you in the Beta pledge or higher, you will receive an email shortly with a link and instructions on how to get the Beta access and much more details about the whole things. If you don't receive an email in the next hour or so, check your spam folder and check if you filled up the survey, there is 4 of you in the 35$ pledge who did not fill out the survey yet! I'll be sending it in the next hour or so.


I'm very proud of the game right now! It took a while but this is a huge milestone for me and one step closer to the final release date. I have yet to figure out when the game will release precisely, but this beta test period will help me a lot in figuring this out.

Like always, thank you all for backing!

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    1. Colorspace Studio Creator on

      @spencer I'm still working on the game pretty much everyday. The game does take much more time that I had planned and I hope you can understand I am doing all I can. This project has been very much my whole life for more than a year and I wish I could release it as soon as possible but its just not ready yet. I was planning to post an update during the week and I will talk about the Beta.

      I don't mind more people trying out the beta, the only thing I was scared of is that, as much as I learn from everyone trying the beta I feel that the experience get spoiled for them. I did get messages from some beta backers saying they did not test the beta for that exact reason.

      I could expend on the beta and have more people try it, maybe as a limited key and opt-in for people who really want to try it? For me the beta is very much about finding bugs and having some feedback but I understand that you want to see it in action and experience if first hand to see the progress.

    2. Missing avatar

      Spencer Huvers on

      Where we at with this game? Just asking since its well past the original date and awesome youre offering betas to those pledges but at this point maybe give the beta to everyone since its so very late and then more people can give their input? I appreciate what youre doing and understand the process but as a backer, its tough when you dont get too see the progress when its well beyond the original date

    3. Missing avatar

      Tony Tkach on

      Looking forward to kicking the tires!