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Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
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October Update, Release date

Posted by Colorspace Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Here's the October update, a bit late, with news about the development. 


I am still working on puzzles these days, things are taking more time than planned but progressing well nevertheless. When everything is finished I will go over everything and add things here and there that are missing. If feels good sometimes to work only on visual stuff, it add to the polished look of the game. I also wanted to make things stand out more for my IGF submission.



Last week was the deadline for the IGF submissions, the Indie Game Festival award at GDC 2017 in San Francisco. I was busy with getting a very stable build of the game out to be submitted to IGF in the last weeks, made some more levels accessible to the jury and polished things all around, this took some time but I'm really happy with what I sent them. We won't know the finalist until January. Finger crossed! 

Steam store page

The "coming soon" Steam store page for In The Shadows is now live. It is now possible to add the game to your wish list and get updates announcement on Steam directly. If you add the game in your wish list you will get a notification when it goes on sale. Spread the word! The more people add the game to their wish list, the more people will get the game on release date!

Check out the Steam page here!

Release date and Beta

So about the release date. I didn't give an official date for the release yet, but since the beginning of the year, as you know, I was aiming at December this year. Unfortunately it's becoming apparent that I won't make that date. It was very important to me to hit that date tho, since I budgeted for a December release and pushing it any further complicate things a lot for me. But I really need a bit more time to finish the game. Believe me when I say I wish I could release it before the end of the year. 

I hope it's not too disappointing, I wish I could get the game out in December. I wanted to write about it sooner but since about two months ago I was trying to win back some of the time I lost during summer when I was a bit stuck creatively. Things did move really fast in the last month but not fast enough.

I am now aiming for a February release, not too far away from what I was aiming for. The Kickstarter beta access will happen in January and all the information regarding it will be posted around that time. The console version is still planned for Spring 2017, I don't have a official release date for those yet.

To conclude

I am still waiting for some people to fill out the survey, a few still did not send theirs yet, I will remind people individually at some point about it.

I will send a newsletter to the official mailing list soon, you will see the same things that I say here on it mostly, if you are subscribed. The mailing list will become the official way to get updates after the release of the game tho, so if you want to subscribe you can do so on In The Shadows website, on the subscribe page. 

Follow the Facebook page for important updates, give it a like, share it! You can also follow me on Twitter! With the Steam page now live, it's important to get more people to see the game exist, get more people to talk about it, share the links to your friend, people you think might be interested in the game!

As always, thanks for the support, and see you next month!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sepix on

      don't worry about the delay. everything is going to be ok :)

    2. Colorspace Studio Creator on

      @Sterling Treadwell I will make a backer only post update about the custom frames very soon! I will give a link to let backers send their reference image and/or a description text for the frame. In a week or two

    3. Sterling Treadwell

      Glad to see more progress. I did thre survey but.. what method should we be using to submit ideas for our custom wall hanging image? direct PM here or a central email address or..?