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Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
Dive into a childhood fantasy world, use lights to scare away monsters! Puzzle platformer for Win, Mac, Linux, Steam, PS4 or XBox One
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August update!

Posted by Colorspace Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone! It's time for the August update!


In the last month I worked on some more multiplatform support. I now have the game running on Steam, on Windows, Mac and Linux. I am a bit limited with the testing I can do on Mac at this point since I only have access to an old MacBook from 2010. The minimum specs for the game are not established officially right now but I think it is safe to say that you will need at least an Intel HD 5000 if you are on a laptop (Windows or Mac), and a high end graphic card on a desktop that is not older than say 5 or 6 years old. 

Once the game is in beta there will be a way for tester to send statistics about their gameplay and computer hardware, this will help me get a better idea of what the minimum and recommended specs for the game are. 

I have also completed the localization system this month, which lets me translate the game in any language much faster now. The game will be initially available in both English and French but I am planning on getting translations in other language as well later.

Now also in French
Now also in French

I've been working on new environments also, you can see a preview here, testing out some new tiles!

New environment preview
New environment preview

On a non-game related note, I also re-purposed an old PC I had as a server to setup a better backup system in case of any possible hardware failure. I now have three different backup system in place so I feel pretty safe.

Next month

So what’s coming next? I struggled a little last month with some concepts in the game that I thought I had nailed down but I think still need some work. It's part of the reason I worked on more code than what was planned for later initially. It's one of the advantages of working alone; I can switch gear and work on code, then switch again and work on design or art. Next month I still need to make more puzzles, more environments, and get the game in a "complete" state for late October. I am still aiming for December for the release of the game.


If you are a backer, you will receive a survey soon. You will be asked for information regarding your rewards, mainly on what platform you want to receive your game unlock key. Please check your email inbox associated with your Kickstarter account. If you have not received it by the end of the day, check your spam folder just in case! 

So that's it for now. Thanks again to everyone who backed the game. Don't forget to fill out the survey and see you next month!

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    1. Colorspace Studio Creator on

      @Mark Warner Hey thanks for the offer. I have something in mind for people who want to help with hardware testing related to the game, but I will talk about that later, when the beta will be ready.

    2. Mark Warner on

      Looking good!

      If it would help, I could spare a few hours a month to test on Mac. I've got a recent (2015) iMac with an Nvidia GPU and I understand what a test build is... ;-) I could also dual boot and compare on both platforms running on the same hardware.

      Just putting it out there, you can message me through Kickstarter if you're interested. If not, no biggie. :) I confess that part of my motivation is just wanting to see the parts move, heh.

      I love the look of this game and your progress! We've spoken on reddit really briefly before. You're the guy who put me onto Qubicle for my own project.

      OK, got a survey to do!