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BRIGADE and creator Rob Liefeld are returning to comics and we want everyone to get a FREE copy of the re-imagined Brigade!
562 backers pledged $35,343 to help bring this project to life.

Same product

Posted by Rob Liefeld (Creator)
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in case it was not clear, Brigade Indiegogo is same product. Thx 

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Zuzelo on

      I finally found the IGG campaign. It is not claiming to have the same stuff. I pledged for this (and added 75 more for a sketch cover).

      Best Brigade Value Package! You will receive an Exclusive Brigade vol. 1 collecting Brigade #1-3 of the new series plus loads and loads of extras. Sketches, layouts, variant covers, scripts and more. All backers of this value package will receive a PDF file of the Brigade Hardcover for you to read on the digital platform of your choosing. Also, you will receive one of our Exclusive Brigade #1 Rob Liefeld line art variants signed by Liefeld. The hardcover and the signed variants are exclusive to this Kickstarter initiative. This is the most bang for your buck! Add $10 for international pledges. In summary, Exclusive Hardcover, signed variant and PDF file.

      So, that is three issues, not a pack of 1 book over and over. So, not the same thing promised. At all.

    2. Jt Rodgers on

      Instead of reselling to more people, please worry about the people who pledged like 5 years ago. Half the people who pledged are probably dead by now.

    3. John Davies

      Lmao please refund my money. This project is a sham. It will never be produced.

    4. Bryan Evans on

      We’ve all been suckered.

    5. Bryan Evans on

      Rick Flag, you hit the nail right on the head. Welcome to the first days of year six since this book was supposed to be delivered. One of the biggest scams I’ve ever seen.

    6. Rick Flag on

      Lol...more suckers?

    7. Comic Crusaders on

      Real Question is WHEN are we getting the book? A REAL timeline? Can you please provide that? I'd appreciate that as I'm sure everyone else will.

    8. Gino Pagliuca on

      To make things easier for everyone, here's what you're getting (copy/pasted from the original campaign). Could use confirmation if its 1 or 2 issues, how many pages, dates, etc... Should all be locked by now, but not seeing any info here or on IGG...?:

      "100% of the funding is going to PRINTING the comic and the hardcover. My personal goal is to produce at least 100,000 copies of BRIGADE #1 or 50,000 each of issues #1 and #2. That is the purpose of this Kickstarter. I draw every day wether I'm paid or not, it's what I do, but printing comics and giving them away for FREE must be budgeted and accounted for."