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Sinus Melody Octave

~ The Story
~ The Technique
~ Minimal Electro Music
~ The Album
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~ About Me

The Story

I'm not musician, I can't play musical instrument either. I believe, this could be due to with my unsuccessful music experience in the past. But looking back I confess other reasons without my fault. Perhaps the classic music theory is too complicated, learning takes too long or even is contradictory. How is it possible to learn music easier, faster and transparent in the same time? How did Mozart it?  

Mozart was a genius. At the age of 6, this little child was ready to play piano like older famous musicians. But how could that be? What was his secret? Certainly, the father do lot of things and invest musical education in his son, probably strong but very efficiently. Remember at this time (1762), there was no internet, no tv, no smartphones, no computers, no cars, no planes, no washing machines, no electricity, no mp3 player, no hamburger..completely nothing.  

I think, we should understand the core technique like Mozart's father did. Is there a simple way to learn and play music? That's why I'm trying to develop a simple technique to making music. This technique is not revolutionary, it's a common method with realy simple instructions. I made very good experience with beginners, children's and students. And now, I would like share it with you.

The Technique

The European music system is relatively simple, in core it consists 12 single tones. In classical music theory, the names of notes, full-/half tones, intervals are confusing, maybe illogical. Even more confusing are these interpretations in others cultures or countries. The music notation is a very powerful language, but most melodies are very difficult to understand. Furthermore you need practical knowledge and lessons to use a music instrument masterfully. All these jobs requires hard times, maybe months or years.

Now, we are able to play music relatively easily with "Minimum Playing Technique". We are limiting melodies to a minimum and set 4 strict rules. This rules have a important positive effect for beginners: People are not overrated.

§1 - Play only one octave (only 12 tones, further tones are forbidden!)
§2 - Play only monophonic (several sounds simultaneously forbidden!)
§3 - Play only monotone (chords or harmonization forbidden!)
§4 - Play only sine wave (other instruments or sounds forbidden!)

Minimal Electro Music

The minimal playing technique produces sine waves, especially frequencies, intervals, tone duration and breaks. With the limitation to 1 octave, melodies may sounds boring. This is completely normal and for beginners rather welcome.

The minimal music playing technique allows you to listen precisely. The goal is here to understand each melody while listening. You should think in intervals and work with timing. These two attributes can extend your musician knowledge while playing with it, especially on a simple pc keyboard. 

The Album

This album consist approx. 16 simple and playable melodies. The project is divided into 4 sections: audio, video, pdf & Web-App. Melodies are in .mp3 audio files, they are excellent for playing in endless loop. Melodies are also played live and recorded as .mp4 video, while you can easily watch and learn how you can play it on a PC keyboard. In addition, all music notes are written in QWERTZ Keyboard letters (not in classical music notation!). At last you'll find the presented piano as a self-programmed Web-App. This is a HTML application, that you can use it on a Web Browser which supports Audio API (Please check your Browser before!). For instance: it works well with Google Chrome Web Browser.


23.07 - 21.08.2017 - Campaign
22.08 - 31.08.2017 - Production
01.09.2017 - Finishing & Download

About Me

my profile..

Risks and challenges

I would like to share my work and experience with music interested people, especially with none-musicians like me before :-) This project is only available as a digital album for download, therefore the risk of self made production is low. The biggest challenge is to produce a digital education content, to learn this stuff fast and easily. The Production don't need professional Equipments, so I think my private stuff is sufficient for it (sorry for bad video & audio quality in this project). The support goes directly into my work. I want invest into more projects if this going to be successful. Thank You!

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