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Viking-themed a cappella music telling stories of the Norse Gods, focusing on Odin, Loki, the murder of Baldur, and Snorri Sturlson.
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"Stories & Stone" CD arrived from factory; Worldcon Concert

Posted by Ada Palmer (Creator)
Hello, friends of the "Sundown Project."  We're delighted to announce that the CDs of the Sundown companion album "Stories & Stone" are finished, and arrived from the factory last night.  We can't thank you enough for your support at every stage of this project, and are overjoyed to see it in this final form.  

For those of you who will be at Worldcon, please let us know if you want to pick up CDs from us directly.  Ada and Lauren are also doing a duo concert at Worldcon as "Sassafrass, Trickster & King" currently scheduled for Saturday at 2:30 PM.  We hope to see many of you there.

Meanwhile, we have 50 hours left and only $608 to go to fund our second new CD, "Friend in the Dark." It's a tantalizing count-down, so close to making our third album a reality, so if you aren't part of the new project yet, please consider joining in with a $15 pledge, which will get you digital downloads of BOTH new albums, or $25 which will get you digital downloads plus a physical CD of "Stories & Stone" shipping by early September.  If you aren't interested in the music, just spreading the word is also a great help.  And, once again, thank you for being such enthusiastic supporters, and helping us bring these Viking stories and other science fiction and fantasy messages to new audiences!

You can here the third album's preview tracks streaming here. Enjoy!


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