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Viking-themed a cappella music telling stories of the Norse Gods, focusing on Odin, Loki, the murder of Baldur, and Snorri Sturlson.
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"Somebody Will" Teaching Album, Summer Concerts, Add-On Ideas

Posted by Ada Palmer (Creator)

We are delighted to announce that today we finished the final editing on the "Somebody Will" Teaching Collection, which was up for pre-order, and is now finished and fully downloadable from Bandcamp.  As promised, we've added a (stunning!) new polished version with guitar, in addition to the duet and house concert recordings, versions of the duet taken apart to make it easier to learn, and the live Sundown Finale from Balticon where you can hear many of your own voices come in on the final chorus, an experience which never fails to make me tear up when I listen. 

This song and its message mean a lot to me, and I'm always deeply moved when other people feel the same way. The community of people who read, produce and love science fiction and fantasy is not about escapism, but about excitement, creativity, thinking about many different worlds, societies and possibilities, and working hard to create the best future we can.  I have had the privilege to meet many people who feel as I do about our community of future-building. For that reason, I love sharing this song, singing it with new people, and passing it on to others.  As you can hear from the live Sundown encore recording (especially in the Youtube Video where you can see our faces), it is difficult for any of us get through this song without crying, especially when the audience joins in with us, at moments like the one you can hear so clearly in the recording.

We love when people share and pass on the song's message about hope and collaborative progress, so I'm especially excited by the new "Sing with Us!" track, which has the guitar plus the harmony harmony, waiting for you to join in and sing the melody along with us.  Especially powerful for me is the fact that the guitar parts in these recordings were played by my editor from Tor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, who feels as I do about helping to build the future future, and teams up with authors like me to make our messages stronger, and help them reach farther. So I hope the collection will let you join in and sing along with us as we all share the anthem that banishes doubt! 

In addition to offering it for direct sale, we're making the Somebody Will Teaching Collection available as an Add-on for the "Stories & Stone" campaign.  If you back it at any level (even $1) simply add $5 to your pledge and, when the campaign ends you'll receive a download code.  It's a great way to help us make the "Stories & Stone" CD a reality, so we can finally have a CD in print with "Somebody Will" on it.  "Stories & Stone" is currently 94% funded, with only $307 to go, so we could hit our target today if just 1/6th of the people who backed "Sundown" support us with a $5 pledge.  If you want the "Somebody Will" add-on, simply make  pledge and then send us a message to let us know you you want it, or any of our other Backer Rewards & Add-Ons, and you'll get a download code when the campaign ends.  

Meanwhile, Lauren and I are preparing for our summer "Trickster & King" concert travels, which begin in two days when we set out for Mythcon.  We have two concerts at Mythcon and are looking forward to seeing several of you there, and more at Worldcon.  We really hope "Stories & Stone" will hit its goal before we set out, so we can finalize everything with the company, and we need just $307 to make it, so please spread the word today so help us have "Somebody Will" on CD ready by Worldcon!

Finally, we've had a lot of enthusiasm for our Add-Ons for our new campaign, so we are starting a discussion thread in the "Stories & Stone" messages area to invite suggestions for more Add-Ons, whether digital (music, downloads) or physical (a Sundown-themed Cookie Jar anyone?...)  So please join the discussion--we'd love to hear your ideas!

Thank you once again for helping us, through Sundown and beyond!


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