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Viking-themed a cappella music telling stories of the Norse Gods, focusing on Odin, Loki, the murder of Baldur, and Snorri Sturlson.
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New Kickstarter, new CDs, new recordings streaming online!

Posted by Ada Palmer (Creator)

Hello, friends!  I am delighted to announce the launch of a new Kickstarter Campaign to bring out two new albums of Sassafrass music.  And most of the songs are already streaming online for you to hear!

"Stories and Stone" is a companion album for Sundown, containing variant recordings of our Norse pieces, including alternate arrangements and live recordings, plus two versions of our Space exploration anthem "Somebody Will".  The entire album is finished and already streaming through the new Kickstarter page.  And if we make our stretch goal, we will follow it quickly with another CD, "Friend in the Dark" the first CD recorded by Ada Palmer and Lauren Schiller performing as the duo "Sassafrass: Trickster and King."  Half of this second album is also finished and streaming online. It includes new recordings of several of our older pieces which have been out of print during the Sundown project, and new guitar arrangements of "Hearthfire" and "Somebody Will."

We learned a lot from our first kickstarter and are doing things differently this time. The music and design for "Stories and Stone" are finished, so we will produce and ship immediately after the campaign ends.  We expect our backers to have "Stories and Stone" in hand by the end of September, and backers will also get a digital download of the music as soon as the campaign ends in August.  

Your support helped us make Sundown a better and more ambitious project than we ever imagined. We hope you will join us in enjoying the new music and seeing us through to the next stage.  Please spread the word!  And once again, thank you for what helping get us this far!


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