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$35,787 pledged of $348,000 goal
By Greg Leyh
$35,787 pledged of $348,000 goal

Progress so far

As of today, about 24,300 people have visited the kickstarter page, where about 0.9% of them have left a donation.  Not too bad, considering the hit rate for a full-page magazine advert is about 0.1-0.25%.  At this hit rate, a mere 326k visitors would fund the project.

Recent coverage:


The Bay Citizen:

O'Reilly Media Kickstarter page:

and a *second* Slashdot hit:

Meanwhile I am busy scouring the surplus markets for deals.  One challenge in building a large project from 'obtainium' is that finding a major bargain can result in substantial design revisions.

Thank you all for being the steadfast minority that appreciates the scientific potential in this project.   -Greg


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