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A sandbox SNES style RPG! The vintage graphics of Final Fantasy 6 combined with the genre of Fallout & the gameplay of modern RPGs.

A sandbox SNES style RPG! The vintage graphics of Final Fantasy 6 combined with the genre of Fallout & the gameplay of modern RPGs. Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on July 2, 2012.

About this project

Cold Fusion: Secular Equilibrium

Cold Fusion: Secular Equilibrium predicts a grim future awaiting mankind.  Environmental disaster, uncontrolled technology, and war have left the earth barely hospitable.  You will explore a world where mankind struggles to survive, recorded history is scarce, answers are hard to find, and people aren't always who they seem.

Foreseeing Earth's troubling trends and inability to support its population,  American space exploration teams developed cryogenic sleep as a way to distribute mankind throughout the galaxy to colonize new planets.  The technology had been perfected in 2027, but this proved too late.  The project died along with the rest of civilization.

Civillian physicist Thadeus "Thomas" Manhattan was selected for the cryogenic sleep chamber's experimental maiden voyage, and from his vantage point in orbit he was the only man to witness the demise of earth from beyond its reach.  First he saw the blasts, then the radio went silent.  Though he couldn't hear them, Thomas Manhattan felt the screams of pain as he gazed helplessly back at the only home mankind would ever have.

Now unable to return home until radiation levels recede, Manhattan is entering cryogenic sleep for an unexpected extension.  He doesn't know what is awaiting the future of mankind, himself, or the planet.  What he will discover will change everything he believed about the world he left behind, and leave him with the ultimate decision of how it will proceed.

What makes Cold Fusion different from any other game?

  • An old west motif creates a steampunk inspired dystopic setting.
  • Multiple-solution format supports diverse play-styles and replay value, and multiple potential endings dependent on the players choices.  These will be REAL separate endings.  Not a "different color explosion" ending, and not a "which button you pushed in the last 30 seconds" ending we've seen in some recent games.  Who is in your party, who lived and died in your adventure, even what items you decided to bring along will affect your end of game options.
  • Enemies will detect and pursue the player, confrontation is not always the best option.
  • All enemies are in-map. Combat is a tactical choice and there will be no random encounters. Cold Fusion is a puzzle/mystery game at its core, and random encounters would interrupt the player's thought process.
  • Survivalist skills of the player will be tested, poor decisions will result in real, permanent consequences to the player and their party.  For example: Using a found whiskey still correctly can yield liquor, however mistakes can create poison or possibly explosions.
  • Leveling system is based on equipment and skills growth, not battle experience.  This is to encourage the player to scavenge areas and make survival choices.
  • Player interactions with NPC's significantly influence gameplay.  To do  what it takes survive, you will need a silver tongue, fleet foot, deep pockets, or an itchy trigger.  The choice is yours.
  • Party members are the choice of the leader, but be warned that in this harsh and lawless world, you will not be able to bring everyone with you and situations may force the player to choose between being a friend and being a survivor.

Game Specification

We want this game to be available to all players, so we've done our best to keep system requirements at a minimum.  The resolution is low by modern standards - which helps to mimic classic console graphics.  Our goal is to make it possible for anyone with a base model PC or laptop to play!

  • Available on all Windows OS.  Sorry, no mac or console support
  • Classic 640x480 VGA graphics, 24-bit color
  • Playable full-screen or in-window.
  • 500MB or more hard drive space recommended
  • 256MB or more of RAM recommended
  • Digital download or CD versions will be available
  • Single-player
  • No save points - you can save at anytime during game-play
  • Estimated release date December 1st, 2012 

Illustration Samples By Diego Candia

Diego Candia will be creating the custom cutscene artwork for this project.  The end product of Cold Fusion will include hand illustrated cutscenes.  The scenes will fully voiced still frames, making each an in-game mini graphic novel.  Here is some of Diego's work from previous projects:

see more at

Game Concept Screenshots!

Please note that these may vary slightly in the final cut.  The content and theme will not change, but the map appearance might.  These are only mock-ups.  To those familiar with RMXP and Ruby scripting, we will be using original and user-created mapsets (such as in screenshot 1).  We will NOT be using the stock display or engine, and will absolutely NOT being using the RTP tilesets.  You are paying for an original and unique game, you will be getting nothing less!

Fighting is always an option, but talking or escaping is as well.  Start the fight yourself and take your opponent by surprise, or try to escape and risk discovery. Cold Fusion supports your play-style!

Explore immersing and complex maps, uncover secret locations, and find your way through the unfamiliar new world.

Stumble upon mysteries and work to solve them - if you believe the task is worth the reward. There won't be any arrows pointing you exactly where to go, so the sleuthing is up to you.

As you can see, we're really exited to get building this expansive and intriguing world.  There will be several optional story divergences and plenty of side-quests to reward the thoroughly investigative player.

Voice Talent

All cut-scenes in the game will be fully voiced.  These actors will be directed by the creator and script supervisor to ensure that the performances are in harmony with the personalities and motivation of the characters.   While voice talent casting is still pending auditions, a few actors we would prefer have already been solicited.  To save costs, we will be recording at our local Western Washington University audio lab and editing the voice samples in-house.

Original Music Score By Will Phillips

Will Phillips (AKA Willy Mojo) is an electronic composer with 10 years experience who is currently working with Elite Sync Lab.  We picked him because of his dynamic flexibility and excitement to work with small independent operations. However, there is nothing I can say that will speak to his talent as well as his music, Listen to Will's amazing compositions for yourself:

Why do we need your contribution?

Members of our team are capable writers, programmers, scientists, RPG fans, steam-punk artists, and graphic designers.  Unfortunately we are not musicians, we are not voice actors, and we are not illustrators.

Our creative image for the final product will be rich with hand illustrated and professionally voiced cinematic cut-scenes and full-length musical tracks which express the ambient dramatic emptiness and tension of the post-apocalyptic world.  These will require a world-class illustrator, a talented musical composer, and a top notch crew of voice actors and recording artists.   These are the details which differentiate amateur projects from professional independent productions.

Your backing will provide the funding to hire these talented individuals to provide a more immersing experience. These funds also pay for the recording equipment and software used to record and polish our voice talent.  Because we are just a few people who love video games and don't have access to the huge budgets, production studios, and advertising media of the huge corporations which dominate the market, we can't accomplish a game of this quality without support from the community.  Funding beyond our requested amount will increase the frequency and quantity of cut-scenes and allow conversations and events previously planned as in-game cinematic to be fully illustrated and voice-acted. It will also allow us to expand our quantity and diversity of original music.  All to improve the quality of experience for the players!

Most importantly, we are asking for you to help fund our dreams.  We are new to the world of game creation, and want to take part in an industry which is overwhelmingly dominated by the big corporations (though we are huge fans of valve and steam) and we believe that is most cases fans make the best games in the world, not companies.

Boring Business Stuff

Let's get one thing straight - we are not in this for the money.  The amount we are asking for covers the expenses of our creative team, recording equipment, and distribution overhead.  It does not pay for the 6 months of full-time effort that Cold Fusion will require.  We are currently only seeking support for this, our first project.  Once Cold Fusion is ready for distribution our goal is to earn enough from sales of this game to fund future gaming projects unassisted.  Our marketing strategy of the finished product will be focused high-impression ads towards the single-player PC gaming community.  We will specifically hit heaviest advertising via Facebook and Google Adwords towards users with interest in similar titles such as modern post-apocalyptic RPGs, and a variety of classic RPGs and classic gaming consoles.  We will also be relying on a social media campaign to spread word of mouth among the gaming community.  We will be distributing digital downloads and hard-copy orders from our a private website and will be seeking steam support - however this can't be verified in advance.  We also seek to distribute hard copy editions of the game via local distributors, conventions, and trade shows.  We are telling you this so that you know we aren't just jumping straight into this project without any forethought.  We have budgeted our need appropriately, and we do have a plan once the game is finished!

Kicking It Forward:

Kicking It Forward (a voluntary progam not created by kickstarter) is a promise by kickstarter project creators to return 5% of any profit made from this project to other kickstarter projects.  We have a lot of faith and fun with kickstarter so we will be doubling that pledge and returning at least 10% of all profits to other kickstarter projects once Cold Fusion is complete, to give other indie developers a chance to pursue the same goal!  It's an easy promise for us to make because we already opt to support other projects and probably would have done so anyways.

Thank you very much for your contribution to Cold Fusion: Secular Equilibrium, you are helping make indie gaming happen!


  • Hang in there. Just give it a little time, everything will work out. You'll see.

    Last updated:
  • We are located in the USA, so for rewards including physical gifts ($50+) please add $5 for canada/mexico and $15 for all other countries. For USA backers, your shipping is included.

    TL;DR Yes please.

    Last updated:
  • Our budget has been agonized over to create an optimized level of game quality return. Any funds beyond our goal will be used to help maximize the quality of Cold Fusion. Part of the months of planning this project was finding creative talent capable of the quality we expect without breaking the bank. To ask for more than we need would be ingenuine to our backers. That said, all of the funding we are asking for is going to pay for the overhead costs of game testers, artists, distributors, and reward fulfillment. The creators of the game are not being paid upfront for their effort, Dustin and Gemma just love the craft! Nobody is quitting their day job to produce this game. Sales of the finished product will go to the producers, just one more reason you can be sure we will deliver!

    TL;DR We planned it out first.

    Last updated:
  • As a former game tester, Dustin has contacts in the field able to participate in the QA process as well as a supportive group of friends and family ready to take his punctuation and grammar to task, but because you can never have too much QA or experience testing, we're also offering preview versions with feedback welcome to Special Edition level ($75) plus backers. Make no mistake that quality comes first, and if the decision came down to releasing in December or dealying to fix known issues, we would delay release before we let anyone pay for an inferior product. In the absolute worst case scenario where an error makes it past the final cut and is detrimental to the player experience, we will release an update or patch to correct the issue.

    TL;DR We got plans and backup plans. We think it will be done by December but If you have to wait, it will be worth the wait.

    Last updated:
  • We're focused on the project at hand at the moment, but our next step would be a much more "from-scratch" game. Most improvements would be on the technical end. We would hire programmers to create the game in C++ instead of using RMXP which is limited to it's own stock abilities augmented with ruby script. Our future visions involve multiplayer support, console and mobile device support, and greater opportunities for distribution! Remaking or modifying Cold Fusion with these capabilities is possible, but not a priority. We would be more interested in creating an entirely new project first.

    TL;DR Another game, even better.

    Last updated:
  • A real time turn based system which will be familiar to Final Fantasy 10 players. A character's turn frequency is determined by their stats, primarily agility. Once it is a player or enemies turn, the progress bar will pause for all other characters, ensuring that the player can make calculated decisions during combat.

    TL;DR Like FFX, but probably without character swap-out.

    Last updated:
  • It's probably vapor-lock, but if you let it cool down and it does it again, try replacing the fuel filter. I'd prefer to stay on topic about the game though.

    Last updated:
  • Maybe. Unfortunately we aren't able to guarantee Linux support; Only Windows at the moment, but there may be workarounds.

    I am an ubuntu user myself and have seen success running early tests using WINE ( WINE stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. But it behaves pretty much like a windows emulator. The major issues we are encountering is that WINE does not have the fonts used by RMXP and it also does not want to play any audio not in WAV format. This may be unavoidable, we would like to attempt to resolve it, though its unlikely we will find time before the release. At the moment users can enable mp3 and midi support themselves with a few simple packages and scripts. So while I can't guarantee it will work, I would be confident enough to try myself as long as you are using a 32-bit version and are willing to play with WINE...but it's admittedly difficult.

    One possibility we have seen conflicting reports regarding is to create a version of the game embedded with a ready-to-go WINE box (no pun intended). Similiar to what has done with dosbox. It's all speculative at this point though, its hard to do and the wizards capable of making it look easy are expensive. Pursuing Linux/mac/iOS/xbox support is not a top priority for us at the moment and is unlikely to occur before the Windows release.

    And in worst case scenario, you try to get it going in WINE and find that it is unplayable, we will give you a full refund.

    TL;DR No, but you might get it to work in WINE.

    Last updated:

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

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    Digital download of Cold Fusion: Secular Equilibrium. PLUS your name in the credits, thanking everyone who helped make this game a reality. Cold Fusion downloads will be sold at $15 when released!

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    Limited Edition Photobook Level:

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    PLUS a kickstarter exclusive limited edition photobook of illustrations from the game, written cast and crew commentary, and in-depth behind the scenes looks at the making of Cold Fusion.

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    Pledge $60 or more About $60 USD

    Last minute backer bonus level:
    Previous rewards PLUS your likeness in-game as a custom made character sprite. Just give us a photo and we will let you know where to find yourself in the game!

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    Pledge $75 or more About $75 USD

    Special Edition Level:

    Limited edition level rewards PLUS exclusive invitation to beta test preview versions of Cold Fusion: Secular Equilibrium. PLUS if you choose to participate, your name will be included in the credits as a "Play Tester"

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    PLUS you don't have to choose between the game CD, soundtack or the photobook, you will receive all three!
    PLUS a handwritten thank you from the creator and crew.
    PLUS your name in the "extra special thanks to our $200+ backers" credit to show every player that you supported this project from the start and serve as an inspiration for others to support indie gaming.

    PLUS a Cold Fusion Logo T-shirt with your choice of in-game illustration

    PLUS an NPC in the game will be named after you (or your cat, child, imaginary friend or whatever. Anything within reason.)

    PLUS you will be invited to attend an exclusive wrap party held in Everett, WA to celebrate the release!

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    Pledge $200 or more About $200 USD

    Ultimate International Edition:

    For overseas backers who want the full experience, but don't want to deal with customs: Two digital downloads of the game (one to gift), one digital soundtrack, and one digital photobook PDF. PLUS your name in the "extra special thanks to our $200+ backers" credit to show every player that you supported this project from the start and serve as an inspiration for others to support indie gaming. PLUS an NPC in the game will be named after you (or your cat, child, imaginary friend or whatever. Anything within reason) PLUS you will be invited to attend an exclusive wrap party held in Everett, WA, but understand if you regretfully decline. PLUS we can send that Tshirt to whoever you want in the USA. Maybe another deserving backer who couldn't afford it? Maybe you want the cost donated to an orphanage instead? Up to you. PLUS a video thank you from the cast and crew.

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    PLUS one of ten limited print run wall posters
    PLUS Producer credit
    PLUS a one-of-a-kind Logo hoodie screen printed with your choice of in-game illustration. We will not be selling hoodies at any time, so these are unique and custom ordered just for you! Wear it to the wrap party and you'll be the belle of the ball.

    PLUS your own dedicated screen in the credits featuring a map custom made to your specifications. Want a little puzzle where everyone has to look at your name and picture until they are done? Everyone on screen dancing thriller? A preview of your own video game project? As long as it doesn't offend anyone, it will be done!

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    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

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    Sponsor level rewards PLUS a one-of-a-kind wall poster of your choice of in-game illustration. PLUS a VIP invite to the wrap party where your drinks for the evening will be provided by the host and you will receive a special swag-bag full of Cold Fusion goodies you can use to brag to your friends about your philanthropic nature and support of indie gaming.

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    In addition to being an amazingly good person and winning huge karma, you will have unlimited free downloads to gift as you please PLUS up to 100 free CD copies, photobooks, or soundtracks shipped throughout North America as you so desire.

    PLUS Executive Producer credit.

    PLUS you will be allowed to pet my corgi, Lulu.

    PLUS we will fly and drive you out to Everett, WA to attend the wrap party as our guest of honor.

    PLUS whatever else you want that falls within reality, the law, and kickstarter's guidelines. For nearly funding this entire project yourself we owe you big time.

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