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Defend your tower against hordes of monsters in this 2-4 player card game!  Help and hinder your opponents!  Over 170 different cards!
Defend your tower against hordes of monsters in this 2-4 player card game! Help and hinder your opponents! Over 170 different cards!
370 backers pledged $14,300 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Ordering For Non-Backers and RinCon 2012 Gaming Convention

Hey guys this is the 2nd post-Kickstarter update. Today I'm going to talk about pre-ordering the game (for non-backers), and the RinCon Games 2012 convention!

Pre-ordering From The Super Mega Games Store

A lot of people found out about Mage Tower after the Kickstarter was over or just didn't pledge before it ended.  Now you can pre-order the game from the Super Mega Games store:

Pre-orders get the game first after the Kickstarter backers, as well as a discount on the final retail price of the game.  They also receive the co-op monster deck and a free print and play copy of the game in October.  You may be wondering why the cost (which includes shipping in the U.S.) is higher than originally planned.  We originally planned on using cheaper components due to the sheer quantity of cards and stuff in the game box.  Thanks to the huge response to the game and investing our own money, we've decided to use higher quality components including the equivalent of 300 gsm glossy cardstock for the cards and a two piece chipboard setup game box.  Mage Tower will be as high quality as any game you would buy from a gaming store.

RinCon 2012 Gaming Convention

I will be attending the RinCon 2012 Gaming Convention here in my home town of Tucson, Arizona. I will be there on Saturday, September 29th.  I have one prototype copy of the game (with the pretty new card templates!), and me and my gaming associate will be showing off the game and playing it with YOU GUYS.  We're scheduled to do this at 4PM on Saturday the 29th, but plan on showing it to people throughout the day as well as checking out other stuff at the convention- like a Kickstarter panel run by the Eminent Domain and Tasty Minstrel Games guys.  Sweet!  (I am not part of the panel I'm just attending haha):

I'll be checking my twitter which is @supermegagames1 throughout the day, so if you're there let me know if you want to try out Mage Tower, or just show up at our scheduled time!

Print-and-Play Version Coming In October!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I will be finalizing the card files and getting them printed in early October, and when that happens I will send everyone the print-and-play files for the game via e-mail!  That's soon!


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    1. Matt LaChance on September 15, 2012

      I really appreciate these updates. I mean you said that you didn't want to just go totally silent once the kickstarter ended, but it's one thing to say something and another thing to do something, and… so thanks.

    2. Brett Brimmer 5-time creator on September 14, 2012

      Yeah if I make a less graphics intense version I'll definitely include it as an extra along with the full art version.

    3. Echelon Game Design
      on September 14, 2012

      Thanks Brett. If the graphics-rich version is available I like to see it, and I think it's a great tool for building excitement among the viewers. My primary concern is that in my experience they generally aren't usable for the described purpose if they're the full glory version.

      I'm prototyping some cards for something else at home, so I'm running into this really hard right now :)

    4. Rodrigo on September 14, 2012

      Actually, I do like the powered PnP version. So if you could send both...

    5. Brett Brimmer 5-time creator on September 14, 2012

      The print-and-play will include every card, and will be formatted in 8.5" x 11" pages with 9 cards per page and black lines in between each row/column of cards so you can easily cut along the lines after you print it out. There won't be any bleeding outside the card images, this is just a pdf created by my card image compiling program and isn't designed for the printing of the physical cards (which will be full bleed on 11" x 17" card stock sheets.)

      The less graphics-intense version is a good idea, I could pretty easily blank out the artwork... I could also potentially exchange the real template for a line art template to make it really minimalist, since all the actual important card data is added in my card compiler from an Excel file later. I'll work on doing that, it's a good idea and I don't think it'd be a lot of work.

    6. Echelon Game Design
      on September 14, 2012

      Cool beans, Brett.

      Regarding the print and play version, will it basically be the full game? Or will it actually be printer friendly? I've seen and gotten a few print and play items I had to decline actually printing and playing because the cost of doing so would be more than the game itself. I'd much rather have something in black and white with minimal graphics (maybe line art, if it exists) and the information needed to play, that I could actually print and use.

      To use two specific examples, the Heroes of Metro City print&play is full color, full bleed for all the cards (and doesn't even have the art yet, so they're just filled with patterns and color). It was enough to get me to back at a (much) higher level, but I'm not about to print&play it as-is. Serpent's Tongue is even worse -- full color, full bleed, does include art, but laid out on 12"x18", double-sided. As near as I could tell, to get it printed to those specifications would cost me more than I'm paying for the finished product!

      Now, if there is a graphics-intense version done I'd like to see it, but for actual print&play I think a simpler form works better.