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Two down and out teen rockers save an ancient bluesman's life and are guided by the ghost of his wife to achieve the fame he never had. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 16, 2012.

Two down and out teen rockers save an ancient bluesman's life and are guided by the ghost of his wife to achieve the fame he never had.

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Magic Slim as I Be King

Grana Louise as Lilly

Bianca Ryan as Layla

Quinn Sullivan as Dustin

Pryce Watkins as Sam

Cee Cee James as Ellen

And featuring the TEARDROPS, Magic Slim's band...



Ahem. Yes. The PLAN. The Plan is to shoot, with this raise, as many script pages as humanly possible, and strategic scenes at that. (See the script to be posted next week and subject to change mind you on the web site We'd like to secure the Kingmobile, I Be King's ratty and broken down old truck, and establish him driving and playing on the northernmost parts of Rt. 61. Then the establishing scenes with Bianca (Layla) and her mean stepdad and encouraging MOM (Cee Cee James), Quinn Sullivan (Dustin) living in a lake hut, and THEN the metalhead scene, yeah...where Dustin and Layla get kicked out of their METAL BAND and head off into the snowstorm (real snow or we'll rent a snow machine) and find I Be King half dead in the snow chatting with his ghost/angel wife. The next day they run away with him, and we'll shoot those driving scenes...AND we'll try to get some scenes with Magic, Quinn, Bianca, Grana and Pryce in the studio...with the Teardrops, got it? 

With this MOUNTAIN of footage we'll have a nice little chunk of the movie shot, which we'll assemble, and then we'll go back to Kickstarter, we'll go to Hollywood, we'll go to New York, we'll diffuse our filmed performances on Youtube and Facebook and the website and we'll get down on our hands and knees with private investors (if I have any skin left on those knees I have to check) and keep raising money in bigger or smaller chunks, and keep going in said fashion until the film is shot. And edited. And delivered.

Remember, we've got the STARS on our side. Magic, and Grana, and Bianca, and Quinn, and Pryce. The fan base is potentially...vast. At one point Bianca had  millions of hits on her Youtube videos. We want them...BACK. And we will provide the material to excite them! Indeed.

In otherwords, multiple platform fundraising, with initial monies funding the content that gets further diffused to an increasingly large fan base that participates in further funding. You can read more about this platform type of Kickstarter raising on Kickstarter via Kyle Henry and his movie called "Fourplay", which he did in stages. It woyked!!!


We Be Kings is a fictional story about an elderly couple, I Be King (to be played by Magic Slim) and his wife Lilly (Grana Louise), who live in the Mississippi Delta and own their own juke joint, Lilly's Lounge and Disco. They sing and play and cook ribs together, are sublimely happy.  And totally unknown except to the locals. They had a song called We Be Kings that played on Delta radio once, it drove everybody in the Delta crazy that summer of l958, but...then it disappeared. Back to the present Lilly dies, and I Be just can't stand the memories any more alone in the Lounge. He takes off in his truck (the Kingmobile) and heads north, playing in K Mart and Denny's parking lots (he's got some beat up jumbo Bose speakers strapped to the roof of the Kingmobile), any place to earn gas and food money to get to the next town. One thing he hadn't expected was the appearance of Lilly riding shotgun. Scolding him, buggin him, joking with him, just like old times. I Be knows talking to a ghost must mean you've lost your marbles but, frankly, he enjoys the company. He keeps heading north against the advice of Lilly. Until one night in a deserted part of Hibbings, Minnesota (Dylan's home town), he slips and falls in a blizzard, can't get up or won't get up, and decides its time to die, go upstairs and join his beloved. "We aren't ready for you yet you got work to do" Lilly tells him. "Can't a man die without bein bugged?" he complains.  She guides two metal heads, Layla (Bianca Ryan) and Dustin (Quinn Sullivan), that have gotten thrown out of their band, to a half frozen/half dead I Be King. They load him in the Kingmobile, thaw him out, and as payback demand I Be King give them a lift south. Officially and unofficially, they're running away from some tough homes. He tries to get rid of them but they stick like superglue, and they learn to play together. An all points bulletin is put out for Layla as a runaway. Out of money, the three play outside a junior high school in Cairo, Illinois, at lunch hour and cause a sensation with the same forgotten song I Be and Lilly sang on Delta radio 50 years before. A student, Sam (Pryce Watkins), running a record company from his bedroom, takes a video with his phone and slaps it on the internet...Then all hell breaks lose. Layla'sapprehended by a sheriff, Dustin disappears, and I Be King heads south. The video viralizes, and the song We Be Kings has the same power it did before. Feets around the world start shuffling, people can't stand still. Everyone wants to know who this crazy band is! Was the bust for real? Is this some kind of Blair Witch mojo? And where are they? Crowds start to congregate at Lilly's Lounge. Even record labels head south. Sam hits the road to  protect his discovery. A Japanese tourist bus shows up. But where's the band? Nobody knows...And will anybody ever know?  Guess you'll have to ask Lilly, cause she seems, you see, to be able to influence things...Believe it...And in the end, that's what We Be Kings is about- having faith in the power of grace that surrounds us, believing in yourself and the angels upstairs trying to help us, and going whole hog towards your goal and destiny.

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    Exclusive newsletter with "the making of We Be Kings" updates, streaming video of action on the movie set and recording sessions with the We Be Kings band! Be a fly on our wall!!! Plunge into the future of cinema and rock and roll! Dig the deep and heavy blues action of Magic Slim. Be there with us every step of the way as we make WE BE KINGS!

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    All of the above PLUS a signed DVD of the movie, PLUS a signed limited edition movie poster, PLUS an official Executive Producer digital document with thank you from the cast, PLUS your name in the end credits of the movie in a special section marked Executive Producers that will read your name plus a "K" (for King) as your middle initial. We ALL be Kings as the saying goes...So become an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER with us. And its true. You ARE getting this thing produced, so take credit will ya? I know it sounds over the top, but for the rest of your life you'll be able to say...I produced a movie named We Be Kings...Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Advance pre-release download of the movie and the SOUNDTRACK. Oh my gosh you're...loaded! Have no doubts THIS is a first class ticket climb aboard the Kingmobile ( I Be King's truck) and ride south with us on Rt. 61!!!! OH, last but not least. You will be able to download an exclusive MINI MOVIE/DOC called The Making of We Be Kings Stage Uno that will include outtakes, teasers of footage, music recording sessions, interviews, a fun assemblage of what happened on this first stage raise. Holy Cow lets hope its not better then the completed movie!!!! Stage Uno delivered beginning MAY.

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    All of the above but a Blu Ray DVD with exclusive interviews with cast/director on "the making of We Be Kings", exclusive video outakes of production and recording sessions, PLUS a signed and mailed version of the Exec Producer document, PLUS a We Be Kings bracelet, PLUS a signed CD and YOUR NAME in the liner notes of the CD in a special thank you section. If the $25 dollar reward was the first class ticket on I Be's raggedy sofa in back of the Kingmobile, then this puts you in the Kingmobile driver's seat! Oh and get this, a copy of the handwritten lyrics of one of Bianca's original songs (her choice) but SIGNED (we're talking ink) by Bianca herself.

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    All of the above PLUS a limited edition of the We Be Kings band tee shirt! Wear it proudly and hold on to it til it falls off your back because only a few of the lucky and foresighted get this one. PLUS two free tickets to a advance PREVIEW of the film, we will screen in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York so grab a date and strap on your tee shirt and join us! Popcorn, live music, dancing...come get all the way down Delta style.

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    All of the above PLUS you are invited to be an extra in a scene on the We Be Kings set, as long as you can pay your expenses to and where we're shooting. Chicago? Illinois? MIssissippi? We supply the road map for Rt. 61!

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    All of the above PLUS join us wherever we are shooting and whenever you can and become a part of the crew and WORK for a few days on the movie, live with us and eat dinner with us, help us get Slim up in the morning, help get ME up in the morning, there's always some set work to do like driving or getting the crew victuals etc etc, and we always need somebody snapping pictures and taking video. Sound like fun? You gotta pay your own expenses though but maybe we can get you a $50 room at Slim's favorite Chicago hotel, I'll be staying there too..And if we're on the road we're talking Econolodge big time. To me this is one of the coolest rewards. If you're a Slim fan, or a Bianca fan, or a Quinn or Pryce or Grana fan, what's better and more fun then pitching in and helping the effort!!!!

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    All of the above PLUS you will receive one of the guitars provided to the production by a guitar company and AUTOGRAPHED by the cast. We can't guarantee you'll be playing like Magic Slim or Quinn Sullivan but its a hell of a good start...

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    All of the above PLUS Magic Slim and the Teardrops will play in the venue of your choice, subject to his schedule and availability, in your hometown, or your home, or your favorite bar or club, invite your friends or high school class, your company employees, your girlfriends, or your boyfriends, and take the stage with Magic and stand in and sing your tailfeather off and trade licks with Magic. We'll provide the videographer to immortalize you and Magic. Just pay the band's expenses to get there ok?

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