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A feature-length documentary about our fascination with what's in the dark, what's under the bed, and what's stomping Tokyo

Kings of the Monsters (tentative title) is a feature-length documentary exploring our fascination with monsters of all kinds. It will be a look at depictions of monsters throughout folklore and legend to modern literature, film, television, video games, and popular culture. It will feature interviews with scholars, fans, cryptozoologists, and writers and filmmakers known for their work with monsters.

Your funding on this project will go toward equipment (lights and microphones) and travel expenses.

For an example of previous documentary work I have done, check out the link below.

The above clip is from Through the Lens of History. Credit goes to Anne Lukeman, Chris Lukeman, Joey Burgess, and myself, but mostly to Anne Lukeman. I was executive producer and chief camera operator.

NOTE: The picture for this project is just a screen shot from Night of the Living Dead. That is not actual artwork for the film.


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