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The 52 Weeks Project is a hardcover book collecting drawings from the weekly, 2 year-long drawing series by Greg Ruth.
The 52 Weeks Project is a hardcover book collecting drawings from the weekly, 2 year-long drawing series by Greg Ruth.
130 backers pledged $11,150 to help bring this project to life.

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Good Afternoon everyone-

To celebrate the premiere of THE 52 WEEKS PROJECT BOOK at this year's Comicon in San Diego in a few weeks, I have concocted a small, 32 page e-book collecting the work from the sub-series, "Logs I have Know" entirely for free to download as a pdf here:

Please feel free to download it to your Kindle, Ipad, Nook, phone or view it online on your computer. Read it, share it, print it out... it's up to you. This is entirely free of charge and gift to everyone who pledged, encouraged and supported in all ways this weekly drawing effort. I hope you enjoy it.


Greg Ruth

The Project Made Physical!

Hello Everyone-

Two copies of the final form of our 52 Weeks Project Book just came in prior to the full shipment and lemme tell you it looks marvelous. The full shipment is getting packed up and put on to a boat as I type this, and should be arriving here later in August. After which we'll start getting our Kickstarter packages out to everyone after it's all catalogued and sorted and all the extra goodies are applied. 

Can't wait for you all to see what you helped bring to life- this was always a project that was about engaging with its public, and having that same audience come together to make physical an act of love like this makes me proud and honored to know you all. 

Warmest Regards,

Greg & Allen

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Proofs from the printer!

Good Morning Everyone-

Thought you might all be interested in a peek behind the curtain of the book as it's being made-

We've just gotten the wet proofs, ozalids, jacket and dummy of our forthcoming 52 WEEKS BOOK, that you all so generously helped to make a reality. I've posted a quick snap of it all in the studio for you to see below: On the left is the full cover spread with the hi-quality wet proofs (which are as close to the final book as we can get), above that are the ozalids, (which are low-rez bound sections of the book as it will be cropped and paginated), and to the far right peeking off the edge there is the dummy (which is the book in its final form in terms of cover and paper, but without anything printed).

 In all the books I've done, I have never before been privy to this entire process and it has been wonderful to see. drawings the drawings on paper, building the book on the computer do little to prepare for being able to hold it in your hands and see it in person. This is the final stage before it goes through press and binding, but I think it looks absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to see it in its final form. This will be really something indeed-  I hope that when it's done, it meets the honor you've bestowed on us by your support.


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Well, we made it- MORE than made it in fact, and it's all thanks to you. The book is currently at the presses, and we're awaiting proofs. Will have more exclusive updates and the like here soon, but for now let me just express our profound gratitude to all of you who joined together to make this possible. We are honored to know you. 


Greg & Allen

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Just Two Days Left!

Hello Everyone!

We're so very near the very end of our Kickstarter campaign and SO very close to meeting our ideal funding goal. You incredible help and support has made sure we'll receive our funds, now let's push just a teenie-tiny bit further before it's all said and done! We're just two days out from the end, so please get the word out and see if we can't cover our whole printing costs!

The perpetually stylish Ryan Graff has generously designed for us the actual bookplate that will go in our special Kickstarter only bookplate edition for you all. I think he did a splendid job (Thanks Ryan!):

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