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Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton are writing a personal, hand-written letter to every household in the world.
76 backers pledged $2,181 to help bring this project to life.

4 seconds left....

Hello again!

It looks like we've somehow done it! Is it really possible? We already love the internet far too much but this will take that lovin' over the edge and crashing down down down into the rocky wavy megabits.

Palpatations are pa pa pa-ing here and we don't quite know how to sit still or stand right. And who knows, we may even get a last gasp $100000 bid from Donald Trump...

Imagine our arms extending quite horrifically around all of you and bringing you in for a warm bear hug of tender ferocity and perky ah.


Michael & Lenka


    1. Creator Cassie Marketos on November 9, 2009

      Congrats you guys!!!!!!

    2. Creator Lenka & Michael on November 9, 2009

      Ha, thanks michelle!
      PBR please

    3. Creator Lenka & Michael on November 9, 2009

      Thanks Jennifer,

      So do we! It's the best group of 74 people we could imagine. 97% strangers! (2% siblings 1% misc.)
      L & M

    4. Creator Michelle Illuminato on November 9, 2009

      Wonderful wonderful! So glad to hear! Can't wait for a letter! If you want, I'll supply the beer!

    5. Creator Jennifer Day on November 9, 2009

      hooray! I love that 74 people can band together and make sure people get mysterious letters! you guys rock!