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Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton are writing a personal, hand-written letter to every household in the world.
Michael Crowe and Lenka Clayton are writing a personal, hand-written letter to every household in the world.
76 backers pledged $2,181 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jay Brewer on March 8, 2012

      It's funny. I never got my mysterious letter - maybe it's because it's so mysterious.

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      rob cosgrove on March 23, 2011

      I love myself for loving you! This project rocks!

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      TJ Henderson on January 22, 2011

      You guys are awesome !!!!
      I just stumbled on this while looking at a friends kick starter project.
      Has anyone done a documentary on the two of you yet?

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      Kerrie on February 18, 2010

      I have just been reading about your fantastic project and would like to say that it has cheered my day up no end! It's made an otherwise uneventful lunchtime more plesant than one would expect on a Thursday afternoon in February. The very best of luck with your task and I hope that you will come back to Ireland some day to write again. Kerrie

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      Christiane Frinke on February 15, 2010

      Hello you two,

      I received my postcard last week and I am delighted to give it a place on my fridge. Thanks a lot and I love to hear more from you. I am really into your work. Christiane

    6. Bard Judith on January 17, 2010

      The scope of the dream is impressive, considering that if every letter you wrote consisted only of the single word 'Hello!', you would have six billion words to write. Let's say you could write the letter, fold, seal, and stamp it, as quickly as you could pronounce a number.

      According to calculations, you can "count to ten thousand in about an hour, or about 100,000 in a ten-hour day. That would be over 3 million each year, so 6 billion would take about 2000 years." I hope you are also looking for the Fountain of Immortality in your spare time (those other 14 hours in the day). Good luck!

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      Travis on January 11, 2010

      Good luck finding me......;)
      Your even sending a letter to the rothschilds? Might be difficult finding their address.
      I do want a letter from you.

    8. alyssa miserendino on December 18, 2009

      whoop! thank you for the little post card in the mail. it's on our fridge....

    9. Missing avatar

      tanya on November 15, 2009

      currently around 90046 area

    10. Lenka & Michael 3-time creator on November 15, 2009

      Thank-you Tanya!

      Which particular part of LA do you live in? (just for our records)
      Lenka and Michael

    11. Missing avatar

      tanya on November 14, 2009

      you both are truely wonderful!
      if only i knew about this project a little bit earlier.. i wouldve tried to help.
      i can not wait untill you send me a letter, but i live all the way in los angeles,california
      probably many years from now when im out of highschool prbably and when my memory of mysterious letters has forgotten an
      delightful surprising letter will be mailed at my door...
      much love, tanya m.

    12. Missing avatar

      Rebecca on November 10, 2009

      I think this is such a lovely idea! Had I found out about it earlier I would've helped out with a little donation, but alas you have reached your target.. Maybe next time then. Hope you two are wonderful. x

    13. John Lee on November 8, 2009

      Please email me any time at havespacesuitwilltravel it's a gmail address.

    14. Lenka & Michael 3-time creator on November 8, 2009

      Hi John,

      Thank-you very much! We'd love to accept your kind stamp offer. Can we e-mail you somehow?

      L & M

    15. GLR on November 7, 2009

      can't wait for you to come to my town. best of luck!

    16. John Lee on November 7, 2009

      I live in ten minutes from the water front it's called Lincoln Place (15207). If your next town is in the USA I'd love do donate some old lickable stamps. I've got "deep sea creatures" (2000) and some Hubble Space Telescope ones too, I think older stamps are a nice touch, mix up the monotony of peal and stick modern ones. (there's only a few, no seinfeld-esque deaths to worry about)

    17. Lenka & Michael 3-time creator on November 4, 2009

      Gallons of thanks of the comments!

      Paula: Hobart is penciled in for sometime in the next 8 years. We LOVE Australia!
      John: Thanks. Go Steelers! (Where do you live in Pittsburgh?)
      Mariah: Many thanks!
      Kelly: Thanks! We didn't lick any (stumps or) stamps, they were all modern and swanky stickers. Otherwise there might've been a Seinfeld-esque death.
      Joseph: Thanks for the pledge and re-thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Paula Silva on November 4, 2009

      Beautiful idea! Hope the letters get to Hobart, capital city of Tasmania. Yes, right on the other side of the world. All the best with it!

    19. John Lee on November 3, 2009

      Lovely Idea. You're well on your way. I'm in Pittsburgh too, maybe I'll see you around one of these days. Best of luck.

    20. Mariah Carle on November 2, 2009

      This is wonderful,

    21. luvmadevisible on November 1, 2009

      You guys - this is awesome! I was cracking up because at first I thought the news commentator in the video said "a lot of stump licking..." - wha??? And then I realized he said a lot of STAMP licking.. oh!! duh.. ha!
      (I also like that the drunken postcard costs a $1 more than the sober postcard..) Looks like you're well on your way to reaching your goal! How exciting! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph Howington on November 1, 2009

      Super Idea! Best Of Luck. ;)