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A Old School RPG adventure for Halloween
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Little Lord John

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Afternoon Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers, 

Here's the promised preview of one of two premade non-human characters. For a full list of premade characters included with the adventure and another full example (the Magic User Marion of Coggeshall), see Update 8 Pre-made Characters.

Little Lord John is an elf, using the Elf class directly from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess with the suppositions and beliefs about Elves during the Elizabethan/Jacobean period layered on top. 

Lord John De Laney of Harborough Magna

Little Lord John, by Peter Town
Little Lord John, by Peter Town

You are one of the Fae, an Elf to be specific. You don’t know your people directly, having been substituted for an infant in a noble household (the Delaney’s of Harborough Magna in the Country of Warwickshire), but you’ve figured it out for yourself. You are a changeling. You can change your sex at will. You have weird purple eyes, pointed ears and only stand five foot high. Occasionally people see as your true form, but most of the time people look past this, preferring to see you as a human teenager (you are actually 50 years old) from an upper-class family.  

The Church thinks you are a fallen angel who sided with Lucifer and were cursed to be earthbound. You’ve learnt to stay out of the way of Witch Hunters, and know that King James who sits in on the torture of suspected witches is no friend of yours. 

Ordinary country folk are in awe of your magic powers and leave presents to you as offerings for a good harvest or just to leave them alone. 

Cosmopolitan townspeople who have perhaps seen one of William Shakespeare’s plays (such as Midsummer’s Night Dream) think you are a mischievous magical being full of fun, who occasionally curses people who get on your wrong side. 

What do you think about your fellow adventurers?

Peter of Hookness: Keep on his right side, and he will protect you against any source of violence. 

Marion of Coggeshall: Green is her colour. She’s entirely in awe of your magical nature. Wrap her around your little finger. 

Derek Fisher: Be wary of this peasant, he has a cunning that may see through your lies.

Samantha of Lewes: She thinks you are an Angel of the Lord. Play on this, but be careful not to turn her affection into holy wrath! 

Duncan the Dwarf: Oh dear, he’s a Dwarf, an actual Dwarf as in blacksmith of the Fairy Queen’s Court who got chucked out hundreds of years ago and sent to the mortal realm. And my ‘people’ (the Elves) had something to do with it. Oh, the daggers in his eyes towards me! 

“Little“ Lord John, Elf Level 5 

Charisma 18 Constitution 8 Dexterity 12 Intelligence 17 Strength 16 Wisdom 10 

Armour Worn: Leather Hit Points: 25 Alignment: Neutral. 


1st (3) Charm Person, Faerie Fire, Magic Missile, Spider Climb, Sleep. 

2nd (2) Invisibility*, Phantasmal Force, Mirror Image, Speak with Animals* 

3rd (1) Clairvoyance*, Suggestion.

Equipment: Leather, Rapier, Dagger, Wheel Lock Pistol. 

Purse: Empty, usually gets a charmed/suggested person to buy/lend any item they need for them. 

Have a good weekend


;O) Newt


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