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A Old School RPG adventure for Halloween
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Spymaster Upgraded

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Afternoon Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Just a quick update on what the Spymaster level contains at £100. 

Note as the campaign has progressed I've come up with a few more ideas of stuff to reward our glorious high tier backers, but since Kickstarter doesn't allow me to amend the description on the right-hand side once people have backed that level, in this update I will detail what the Spymaster backer level now gets.

  • A printed version of the book, signed by me. 
  • Nicely printed versions of all the character sheets and handouts. 
  • Printed versions of any stretch goals, that the other levels will only get in pdf format, collected in booklet form. 
  • New! The Dee Report. While Dr Dee is one of the main protagonists who shape the adventure the characters never meet him in the flesh. So there is no need to give him a stat block. In this article, I will provide more detail about Dr Dee, including a stat block, which details his magic and how he uses it to control his agents and manipulate reality. 
  • New! Actual Play Reports. Also included with the Dee Report will be at least two actual plays, one of the one-shot convention game I recently ran at Furnace on Saturday a couple of weekends ago, and another from the Google Hangouts Game I'm currently running. 
  • New! An annotated pdf version of the adventure. This is where I give a commentary on the adventure, giving my design notes and influences for various bits of the adventure in comments throughout the adventure. 
  • New! A pdf draft of the next adventure, The Doorway (working title) when it is written. It this adventure funds, I'll be starting the next adventure based upon the character's employ with Dr Dee. The timeline jumps a year to 1605 and is set just after the disastrous Gun Powder Plot.

As of writing, there are still 3 of 5 Spymaster pledges available.


;O) Newt

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