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A Old School RPG adventure for Halloween
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58% funded after two weeks and The Life and Times of a Jacobean Adventurer

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Weekend Competition Result

Alas, we did not reach 66% by 9 pm GMT last, so you don't win the extra 10-page pdf of OSR Sandbox :(  Thanks to those people who joined us as new backers, upped their pledge and reposted my post about the competition. When we fund, and there is no indication that we won't see its just a matter of when you might still get it as an early stretch goal ;)

In the meantime, the latest content preview...

The Life and Times of a Jacobean Adventurer

The pre-made adventurers that are included in the book have their own prewritten backgrounds. But what if you are intending to create your own adventures, or have to roll up a new character quickly? Roll three dice and look up the result on the following lists, to determine what the character was up to before this adventure.  

Dice Roll 1. Tell me about the Good Times?  

What fun and games were the adventurers involved in during Elizabeth's reign.  

1. A licenced Privateer, preying on Spanish shipping and exploring the new world.  

2. A Spy in Europe, working for Walsingham.  

3. A Professional Assassin, removing enemies of the Queen and other nobles.  

4.A Witchhunter, bringing heretics and the damned to justice.  

5. A minor player at Queen Elizabeth's court heavily involved with the intrigues there, or professional hanger-on during one or more of Elizabeth's annual processions of the realm.  

6. A mercenary fighting in one of the company's raised to fight wars in Ireland or the Netherlands.  

Dice Roll 2. Name me a memorable mission you did for Dr Dee back in the day?

The adventurer did many minor jobs for the Court Astrologer John Dee, but this one sticks out in the characters' mind.  

1. The Rescue of William Shakespeare from Queen Titania. You were part of the Dee's Embassy to the Fae realm, that time William Shakespeare was kidnapped by an overly amorous Queen Titania. 

2. A Spanish Werewolf in Newcastle Upon Tyne. You were one of the hunters who tracked the Spanish Werewolf across the North Yorkshire Moors and was involved in the showdown in the city of Newcastle.  

3. The Haunting of Hampton Court. You tracked down the Invisible Spy, a Spanish Sorcerer, who was collecting state secrets in the Royal Palace.  

4. Undead in Warwick Castle. You laid Richard Neville's (the Kingmaker from the Wars of the Roses) ghost to rest, so he wouldn't back Mary Queen of Scots claim to the throne.  

5. The Roanoke Affair. You are part of the crew of Ship sent by Dee to find out if there was a supernatural reason for the disappearance of the colony of Roanoke in the New World. 6. Neptune Rising. You were part of the group that protected Dee and the other English magicians while they raised the ancient water elemental Neptune to defeat the Spanish Armada.  

Dice Roll 3. Tell me about the Bad Times?  

What misfortune has the adventurer suffered since James I took the throne last year?  

1. Accused of being a heretic/witch and thrown in prison for a good 2d6 months until Sir Robert Ceil secured your release.  

2. Currently, on the run from the law for a crime you didn’t commit.  

3. Suffered poor health.  

4. Lost home and fortune.  

5. Members of your family where murdered by brigands.  

6. Lost any social standing gained during Elizabeth's reign, due to new favourites at King James' court.  

Aside: if any player rolls 6-6-6, tell them that their character is "Marked by the Devil". What Marked by the Devil means is explained in the book...


;O) Newt

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      Fantastic character background tables! They bring to mind the gritty stories of Defoe from 2000AD. Shame we didn't get the sandbox PDF; it would be nice to get a second shot via stretch goals.