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A Old School RPG adventure for Halloween
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The Pre-made Characters

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Currious Onlookers,

Time for another preview.

Part of the book is a collection of pre-made fifth level characters so you can pick up and play the adventure. This is something I’m in the habit of doing since I often run my adventures at gaming conventions, and The Road to Hell is no exception, having been run at Furnace 2018 just gone.  

These are the available characters included in the book.

Peter of Hookness: A mercenary who fought in Queen Elizabeth’s Army in the Nine Years War in Ireland, and has provided a sword for many a job needing the threat of violence since. Fighter 5th Level. 

Marion of Coggeshall: A merchant’s daughter, with a passion for the magical arts, learnt from her ancestors’ library of grimoires accumulated from their foreign travels. Sort of Dr Dee’s Apprentice. Magic-User 5th Level. 

Derek Fisher: A survivor of the hard times that the poor of Elizabeth’s increasingly indebt England had to endure. Ex-pirate and a cunning rogue from the mean streets of London. Specialist 5th Level. 

Samantha of Lewes: After seeing a vision of the Archangel Michael (the commander of the Heavenly Host), she has taken up her father’s arms and armour and deals vengeance on the wicked in the name of the Lord. Cleric 5th Level. 

Little Lord John: Most people refuse to see the strange purple eyes or the pointed ears, his diminutive five-foot height, instead their minds seeing only a charming, well-spoken teenage boy of noble lineage. Elf 5th Level. 

Duncan the Dwarf: From the enchanted world of the Fae, not bitter about being kicked out hundreds of years ago and forced to live in the lands of the mortals, his actual, noble heritage ignored instead he is seen as a “wee little man” (a short human). No not bitter at all. Dwarf 5th Level. 

Here’s one of the characters in full. 

Marion of Coggeshall 

A scholar by nature, Marion spent all her time in the extensive family library in Peacock House in the Wool Merchant Town of Coggeshall in Essex. There were many exoteric books gathered by her illustrious merchant ancestors over the years, who travelled to the Middle East, as well as holy Rome, where connections in the right places allowed them to study the occult collection in the Vatican itself. Though long dead these illustrious forebears seemed to speak to her as she spent long hours studying the texts they collected and the notes they made. 

Seeing that his daughter was happier with the books than any man, her father apprenticed Marion to Dr John Dee, who he had met when he was Queen’s Astrologer and still based in London. Dee was meant to be teaching Marion the higher arts of Enochian Magic, but he sent her on grubby job, after grubby job dealing with his underworld contacts or arguing and running interference with the meddling priests and scheming nobility, where her superior tact and negotiation skills, learnt from her Merchant family, were an asset to a master who spends most of his time locked in his study or at home with his family. 

Father was not too distressed when Dr Dee fell out of favour at court and had to go abroad to Europe. In fact, Marion suspects that he had a subtle hand in it. Now Dr Dee is back, and while his letter implies a high degree of shadiness and danger, Marion is intrigued enough to have made the hard trip north towards Manchester where the undoubted Magician of the Age is currently Warden of Christ’s College. 

What do you think about your fellow adventurers? 

  • Peter of Hookness: He’s a meathead and a psycho, but he’s OUR Psycho. 
  • Derek Fisher: A honest, hard-working man, reminds me a lot of the wool packers who worked for my father. 
  • Samantha of Lewes: Us girls need to stick together, but Sam just doesn’t get me unless I’m quoting stuff from the Bible. 
  • Lord John: Oh my god! A real-life Elf! A Fae! What wondrous things he could tell me if the poor thing wasn’t scared shitless of being caught by the Witch Hunters. 
  • Duncan the Dwarf: I wish that foul-mouthed little drunkard would stop looking up my skirts. 

Marion of Coggeshall Magic-User 5th Level 

Charisma 17 Constitution 12 Dexterity 8 Intelligence 18 Strength 10 Wisdom 16 

Armour Worn: None. Hit Points: 20 Alignment: Chaotic 

Spell Book 

1st Level (3) Bookspeak, *Charm Person, Detect Magic, *Magic Missile, *Unseen Servant. 

2nd Level (2) *Force of Forbidment, *Invisibility, Wizard Lock, Web, 

3rd Level (1) Dispel Magic, *Phantasma Psychedelia 

Equipment: Clothes normal, Backpack, Jewellery, Leather Bound Spell Book/Notebook, Waterskin. 

Purse: 10 Gold Pounds, 50 Silver Shillings, 23 Copper Pence.

 [The current draft has the characters in this barebones format, the final product will have them in full character sheets]. 


;O) Newt

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