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A Old School RPG adventure for Halloween
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The Treasure Chest of Crypts and Things

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Time to announce the add-on for this campaign. 

With Halloween coming up my mind turned to the OSR Swords and Sorcery game I publish called Crypts and Things. As well as the main rulebook you'll get two of its adventure books and the first issue of its fanzine for FREE. 

Just add £10 (approximately $13) to your pledge. You get pdf with the option to get the books in print on demand at cost at the end of the campaign if it funds. 

What's inside the Treasure Chest?

Crypts and Things. 262 pages of Swords and Sorcery action using a OSR ruleset, 8 character classes (Core: Barbarian, Fighter, Theif, Sorcerer + Exotic: Beast Hybrid, Disciple, Elementalist, Lizard People and Serpent Noble), 66 monsters half of which are new and unique to the game, Read more about C&T here.

  + its two adventures  

Life and Death Zarth Editon. Swords and Sorcery action with a nod to George Romero's Zombie apocalypse movies.  

The Tomb of the Necromancers. A dark tale of an evil sorceress and her minion's seeking a powerful artefact in the icy northern lands. Think Conan meets Hell-Raiser.

+ PDF of From the Shroud #1 a 38-page Crypts and Things zine. 


;O) Newt

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    1. Mike Nusbaum

      I’ve been wanting to pick up C&T for a while. This is a great deal. Thanks!

    2. Missing avatar


      That is a great deal! Unfortunately I already have C&T and Tomb of the Necromancers in PDF and softback. I really like it as a swords and sorcery OSR ruleset. If anyone doesn't already have it, this is a sweet add-on.