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A Old School RPG adventure for Halloween
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Off on an Adventure

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Afternoon Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

Later this afternoon I'll be taking the Road to Furnace, the RPG convention that I'm off to in Sheffield UK this weekend. On Saturday night I'll be running The Road to Hell for a party of up to six players.

As well as their character sheets and backgrounds, they will each be getting a copy of the letter that Dr Dee has sent their character regarding joining his employment in Manchester.

Dear Sir,  

I understand from our mutual acquaintance, Sir Robert, that with the passing of our most generous benefactor, Queen Elizabeth of England, that you have fallen out of regular employ. Our new King James is not as flamboyant with his coin, and I understand your patrons have fallen out of favour with him, as he balances the realm’s books. Some have even lost their heads over this matter! Blessed Fortuna is with you, my good friend! Once again, I am in the position and to offer you patronage, since I have need of your unique talents. I promise you steady employment this time, of no less than five years, instead of the occasional commission as was our previous arrangement.

Please make haste northwards and meet me in my chambers in Christ’s College in the city of Manchester, where the good Queen Elizabeth saw best to send me and our current monarch King James I of England and Scotland sees fit to keep me. I find myself in an unfortunate position where the priests of the college try to undermine and sabotage my efforts at every turn. They have even claimed that I summoned Satan to my chambers in my quest for wisdom! You can see that I have need of your services when surrounded by such spineless and judgemental fellows.  

I’m afraid you will have to make your way to the nearby city of Westchester under your own means. However, once you reach the outskirts, look for a house with a Cockrell as a sign. This is the Inn of the Cock, and despite its regular appearance specialises in giving lodgings to people of an extraordinary nature who do not want to scrutinised by the law of the land. Upon arrival mention, my name, and the innkeeper, one Mr Samuels, will provide you with lodgings and food for the night. Please note I have previously hidden a magical weapon, a dagger, which I blessed on All Saints Night against the powers of Satan under the bed in the attic room when I stayed there three years ago on All Hallows Eve. I was advised to do this by angelic powers, who aided me in the somewhat rushed enchantment, who despite not being clear on the reasons why were insistent that it would be necessary on the date that you are to visit the inn.  

In the morning, after breakfast, depart with great haste. Follow the road north to Manchester. It will take you the countryside, and you must ensure that by no later than midday you are at a certain great oak where the travelling servants of Saint Christopher have made a bench out of wood for the good of weary travellers. There you will find buried a bag of gold, part payment of work you are to do., Then if my calculations are correct, you should see from your vantage point a strange sight, that I wish you to investigate upon my behalf. I asked my angels what this matter related to, and all they said was “A Road to Hell will open in this world, that if not closed will drag in innocents to feed its need for blood and souls.” Do not be afraid, proceed down the hill with the full knowledge that the Lord is on your side.  

After you have concluded your business with the infernal powers and all is well, return to the Manchester road and complete your journey. Report to me at the College, and I will pay you the rest of your monies, heal whatever wounds you have suffered to the best of my abilities and establish you in lodgings, so you may enter my service in a position of financial security.  

Yours sincerely  

Sir John Dee  

Warden of Christ’s College, Manchester.

Dr John Dee
Dr John Dee

This week in itself has been an adventure and with your help, we've gone from 0 to 47% funded, with just over three weeks to go. Next week I'll be posting more previews of the premade characters, excerpts from the adventure as well as giving details of an add-on bundle which will appeal to you if you like OSR Swords and Sorcery.

Since I'm away this weekend you are unlikely to get an update from me, but please keep on spreading the word of the Kickstarter far and wide :)

Have a good weekend.

;O) Newt

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