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An Epic Adventure for Monkey the Roleplaying Game
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Dragons Ascending to Heaven

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Evening Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

It occurred to me that this All in One Kickstarter, with one stretch goal lasting one week, was missing one thing. Why an Add On! In previous Kickstarter's I've offered existing D101 Games books or adventures. This time I thought something up a bit cooler.....

“In one night of terror your entire clan was wiped out on the orders of ‘Emperor’ Wu. Somehow your clan, who have lived in the capital city of Chang ‘an for hundreds of years, have fallen foul of the usurper Wu which has led to the slaughter at the hands of the imperial guard of every last man, woman and child.  

Except a handful of you, who are now in hiding. You brood trying to work out the reasons behind such a sudden and violent fall from grace.  

Which of your enemies have had the ear of the Emperor whose paranoia has made unjust and cruel?  

 Up most in your mind is how can you exact revenge on those responsible and redeem your family name from infamy?”  

Dragons Ascending to Heaven is a complete mini-game of revenge and redemption using a modified version Monkey RPG rules. Set the Tang capital of Chang 'an during the reign of Emperor Wu, a group of Wuxia Heroes attempt seek revenge for the massacre of their clan. It will be a standalone book complete with rules and adventure. The adventure can be set up to be different every time and the rules can be used as a basis for similar Wuxia tales. This add-on is delivered as POD printed version with complimentary pdf or as a pdf via  

Print/pdf - £10  

Pdf only - £5  

Simply add the cost of the add-on to your pledge and I will identify which format you have bought using the Backer's Survey. Note my delivery date of this is the same time as the Mandate itself, so December 2017.


;O) Newt

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