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A  science fiction role-playing game set in the 28th Century, using a modified version of the OpenQuest D100 system .
A science fiction role-playing game set in the 28th Century, using a modified version of the OpenQuest D100 system .
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New Stretch Goal #2 The Last Witness scenario

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Until now thought lost, we've just found this gem of an adventure, The Last Witness, that has previously been run at UK conventions. I've inserted it as a Stretch Goal at the nearly achieved point of £3000, partly as a thank you to our existing backers and partly to help the campaign on its way through cold dark space to the Colour art Stretch Goal (which remains unmoved at £4000).

The Last Witness is a self-contained adventure for River of Heaven, a search and rescue mission out in the black tombs of space far from home.

It uses the default campaign background but with a little work can easily be translated to another setting. While being quite self-contained, it still has potential as the starting point for a campaign.

Here's the quick description as used in the Furnace convention promgramme where John previously ran it.

The Last Witness

Almost a century ago, against the better advice of the Hegemony, a small minority relgion called the Solar Witnesses despatched the Revelation – an antimatter torch ship – on a pilgrimage to the Machine Civilisation Polis in the Altair star system.

It never came back.

That is, until now.

You are members of a freelance search and rescue team hired by the Solar Witnesses to salvage their ship, and find out what exactly happened out there.

This scenario is designed to play within a 4 hour convention game slot, although playing it with a home group you are welcome to expand the running time.

It currently contains the followiing:

  • 12 pages of player hand outs.
  • 6 Pre-generated characters
  • Maps including deck plans for the two ships involved in the scenario.
  • 22 page scenario.

A total of 46 pages without art.

Upon reaching this stretch goal, all backers who have pledged £6 or more will receive a pdf copy of the adventure. Guildmasters will receive a copy of it in print format. At the end of the campaign all backers, will get immediate to the current draft and when it is ready a copy of the final illustrated version.

While not exclusive to the campaign, the scenario will not go on general release until the core rule book has been out for 2-3 months.


;O) Newt

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