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A  science fiction role-playing game set in the 28th Century, using a modified version of the OpenQuest D100 system .
A science fiction role-playing game set in the 28th Century, using a modified version of the OpenQuest D100 system .
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Nice things our backers have said about the game.

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Here at D101 Games we like River of Heaven, we wouldn't be putting long hours into getting it published if we didn't , but what do our backers think after they've seen the current draft?

River of Heaven, here's some cool stuff  our backers have said...

"Thoughts on the "River of Heaven Sci Fi RPG": My initial impression of the game (& the reason I decided to become a supporter) is that it has a firm hard science fiction foundation, but within that chitin of chemistry & physics beats a warm heart of humanity...the wonder of discovery, the desperation of conflict & the fascination of innovative technology. I believe that my group I'll clamor to play it, & that it will find a place of honor on my bookshelf in close proximity to the other greats of Sci Fi gathered over a lifetime of gaming an collecting."  Ken "Professor" Thronberry via email

"Reading through the vehicular (including space) combat - I can almost see the final battle from The Wrath of Kahn!" Vaughan Cockell on G+

"I'm really enjoying the draft! I like the way transhumanism is handled; the universe is very engaging--great writing style. I think this is the sci-fi rpg I've been waiting for for a long time. Looking forward to more!" John Gardner on Kickstarter

"This game is looking incredible. Reading through the "fluff" now, and getting strong vibes of Dune from it (which to me is a great thing), as well as shades of Revelation Space (also a great thing to me). I'm really digging the "harder" sci-fi aspect of the setting. No anti-grav, no "space fighters". I also really appreciate the authors comparison of space flight/detection/operations to submarine operation/warfare. My Dad was a career Navy man (USA) and spent over half his career in submarines, which means I've had an intense interest in them pretty much all my life. I have thought many times that space travel/warfare would be most like submarine operations, so this setting really clicks with me. I can easily and happily envision ships hunting each other through the void, "listening" intently for any hint of the opponent, and when they detect the enemy, dropping into their "baffles" and angling for the perfect shot with their "torpedos" (which I envision as more like "smart" missiles with limited robot brains and tipped with advanced active sensors to "ping" their targets). Fantastic."
Christopher Sigmund on Kickstarter

"I’m a backer and have looked over the early release PDF, and I find a very high quality product. Folks who haven’t backed this yet should consider doing so, as the game appears to be in an advanced state of development and the wait for a finished product should not be long. The writing is clear and rock solid, with a surprising amount of good advice for good gaming."
Lemnoc on Basic Roleplaying Central Forum.

"I had the assumption that this game would be like Mongoose’s Traveller book; big on rules, brief on setting, with supplements to flesh things out later. There is a ton of backstory, information on planets, stars, etc. included in the book. I would say that it takes up the majority of the space."
Ned Leffingwell from a blog post,"Things Iam excited to see in River of Heaven"
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Only Two weeks of the campaign left at time of writing, with more excitement yet to come :)

If you are a backer please help spread the word. If you are not currently a backer please feel free to come and check out the campaign :)


;O) Newt

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