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This is to fund the 2nd Incarnation of Monkey, the Roleplaying Game of the Journey to the West, a fun and exciting tabletop rpg.
This is to fund the 2nd Incarnation of Monkey, the Roleplaying Game of the Journey to the West, a fun and exciting tabletop rpg.
344 backers pledged £8,059 to help bring this project to life.

More Monkey Magic!!!

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Afternoon Glorious Backers and Curious Onlookers,

We are now in the final week of the campaign, and by Friday breakfast here in the UK it will be all over.

Here’s a quick review of what we’ve achieved so far

  • Main rulebook, in softcover and hardcover with 8 full cover. Each print backer (Big Monkey and up) will be getting two coupons to get a copy
  • If you see Buddha on the Road (Stretch Goal 1) An extra introductory adventure in the main rulebook and also the basis of a set of Quick Start rules available as a separate booklet.
  • Defenders of the Dragon Empire (Stretch Goal 2) An extra chapter in the main rule book
  • Ministry of Thunder (Stretch Goal 3) A set of five linked adventures revolving around the celestial Ministry of the title who bring supernatural criminals on Earth to Justice.
  • Monkey Companion (Stretch Goal 4) A book of short articles and adventures to compliment your games.

Also, note that the main rule book will now be available in hardcover to all print backers, who will also get the option of a softcover at cost as well, and will have eight colour full page illustrations.

It could be argued that I’ve got enough on my plate with the above, but when I ask myself should I rest on my laurels the Monkey King laughs inside my head and goes “Must do better!”

So, with that here’s a bevy of last minute goals for the last five days of the campaign.

Stretch Goal 5 (£7000) Solo Adventure. Become the Monkey King and learn the basics of the rules in a short tutorial adventure included in the main rulebook.

Stretch Goal 6 (£8000) The Golden Register of 101 Immortals and Demons. Deep within the Ministry of Thunder is an index of foul foes and notable friends that the agents of the Ministry have encountered during its time. This standalone book is a collection of readymade demons and immortals that your players can encounter in your games.

Stretch Goal 7 (£10,000) The Mega Monkey! (which is its current working title, although I’m favouring the Mandate of Heaven as the final title). This is an epic adventure that runs over three of the locations in the book: The cloud city of the Western Heaven, The capital city of the earthly Tang Empire, and the 12 Courts of Hell.  A toybox adventure, locations, events and people to meet as your players move between the three worlds, trying to stop a plot to unbalance the heavenly order.

Stretch Goal 8 (£12,000) Defenders of the Dragon Empire as a standalone book and its own game. I’ll add monsters and adventures to the book to make it its own game.

Stretch Goal 9 (£14,000) The Dragon Atlas. A book of maps and pictorial information that you can hand your curious players to quickly introduce then to the Mythical China Monkey is set in.

Stretch Goal 10 (£16,000) Monkey Playing Cards. Finally, after I’ve done everything else I want to do for Monkey, I will ask the artists to produce a deck of cards featuring the characters from the Journey to the West. These cards will be available as pdf and POD to all backers.

Stretch Goal 11 (£18,000) Monkey Red Bubble shop. I will pay the artists usage rights so I can make available T-shirts and other items through a Monkey Red Bubble Shop.

Stretch Goal 12 (£23,000) Special Preview of next game.  Because fans have been asking for it if when we reach the lofty heights of being £23K funded, I will start on The Water Margin, aka the Outlaws of the Marsh, which will be based off the Monkey rules. Obviously, this will need its own crowdfunding effort in 2018 to pay for all the art and other development costs, but backers will receive the first draft before the Kickstarter. This goal will pay for my research materials and time writing the rules.

So, that’s a total of four extra books, a deck of unique playing cards, the opportunity to get your own Monkey T-shirt and a draft of a new spin off game based of another loved Chinese Classic!

Backers, tell your friends and if you are considering upping your pledge now is the time to do it!

Potential backers time to throw your lot in because time is running out!

Here’s to an Awesome last five days of funding full of Win.


;O) Newt

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    1. John Evans on

      Water Margin, nice! Of course...personally, I'm more familiar with that OTHER Chinese classic...I don't know if it has an RPG treatment already, though (it certainly has enough video games!).