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This is to fund the 2nd Incarnation of Monkey, the Roleplaying Game of the Journey to the West, a fun and exciting tabletop rpg.
This is to fund the 2nd Incarnation of Monkey, the Roleplaying Game of the Journey to the West, a fun and exciting tabletop rpg.
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One Victorious Week on

Posted by Newt Newport (Creator)

Good Morning Glorious Backers,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

I will never be able to express my gratitude to you the Glorious Backers enough.

 You are funding a project that makes me glow with happiness. Dreams are being made real :)

A week into the campaign let’s look at where we are at: 

Main rulebook funded – with a large chunk of money to get the remaining production costs done. 

Quick start Booklet funded – again with adequate funds to make sure its decently illustrated. 

New chapter to adapt the game to play Wuxia movies funded – this has long been a wish of mine, as a fan of said movies but also because people have been asking for it. Its also a easier entry into the world of Monkey for some people.

Let’s be realistic about what we’ve achieved here. Monkey is a niche game produced by a niche outfit. Every now and again I look at the odds of Monkey existing in an Rpg world dominated by Drugons & Dullards, and various spin-offs on that theme of adolescent male fantasy wish fulfillment and I sigh a sad sigh. Then wonderful people, like yourselves, come along and cheer me on and the magic happens.  

I could just sit on my laurels now and lazily let the funds come in, and looking at the dashboard predictions perhaps get another stretch goal or two. But then a voice turns up in my mind and booms “We can do better than this” and a big grin appears on my face in reply :D

So its time to look at what I'm going to do to push things on:

More publicity. I did a chat with the marvelous Dan Davenport, who is adept at pulling out what a game is about via his interviews.  

I’ve got a few more lined up, but if you know (or run) a rpg podcast that interviews game creators like myself get in touch.

Realignment of Stretch Goals: To make the campaign more tempting, and so that you Brass Monkeys get your pledges worth of printed books, I’ve made the Stretch Goals less ambitious. Ministry of Thunder is a more quickly achievable goal of £5000, which the Oracle of Kickstarter dashboards predicts will happen by the end of the week, and the previously advertised mini-monkey goals are now all gathered up in one book – The Monkey Companion. This means that if my predictions are right we should have coming to print by the end of the campaign: The Main Book, The Quick Start rules/adventure, The Ministry of Thunder and The Monkey Companion.  

Investigate a Hard Cover via POD: at the moment, the final rule book is going to be a US Trade Paper back softcover. Initially didn’t even consider doing a softcover because a couple of years ago when the DriveThruRpg POD scheme was new, I did a test with another title of similar format in and was severely disappointed with the results. But I’ve been reassured by friends that they are much better now. So I’m going to send a copy of the current edition off to proof today and by next week I should know whether its viable or not. If it is I’ll tell you and let you know if you need to change your pledge to get the hardcover. My current thinking is to create a new Copper and Iron Monkey Backer Level, for soft cover and hard cover respectively.  

Investigate doing Monkey Card Decks via POD or other means. I’ve had a couple of requests for a deck of playing cards from the campaign. Initially I was a firm NO , but now I’ve softened so I’ll be looking into it. Like the hardbacks I should know next week.

I’ve got a couple of other things on the boil now that you’ll enjoy, but I’m not going to announce them until they are ready.  

So for now, pat your self on the back, tell your friends so we can grow this thing and get the stretch goals landed :D



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    1. Steve Hammatt on

      It seems somehow insufficient to "Like" this update. I *love* it and your passion, Newt. On to the next Stretch Goal!